The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet Dr Pierre Dukan has spent his career helping people to lose weight permanently In The Dukan Diet the author offers clear and simple guidelines for weightloss success

  • Title: The Dukan Diet
  • Author: Pierre Dukan
  • ISBN: 9781444710328
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dr Pierre Dukan has spent his career helping people to lose weight permanently In The Dukan Diet the author offers clear and simple guidelines for weightloss success.

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    1. The Dukan Diet got me pregnant. I am wholly convinced of this “fact,” for a variety of reasons, both scientific and personal, albeit liberally spiked with a tumbler full of magical realism. Of course, it’s important to take into consideration the cold, hard facts of the situation. The backstory involved is nothing too tawdry, just a regular girl planning a major overseas trip to visit friends and family she hadn’t seen in twenty years. Most of the time I was okay with my body, but I face [...]

    2. I've been shopping around for a diet. I read the book "The Dukan Diet" by Dr. Pierre Dukan. I was utterly enchanted by his writing style. His somewhat stilted Gallicisms are adorable and I love being addressed as "Dear Reader". Some of the things I like about his plan are its specificity, the smattering of recipes included seem good, and the book is well-indexed. Dukan does not make grandiose promises and exercise is a must with his program. But I wonder about the validity of his claims. Would o [...]

    3. Hayatımda ilk defa diyete başladım. Kitabı okuduktan sonra bir gıdacı olarak inanılmaz mantıklı buldum.Bazı arkadaşlar kilo kaybının kaslardan olduğunu yazmış yorumlarında , protein indeksli bir diyette kas kaybı olması mantık olarak imkansızdır. Kasların yapı taşları protein olduğunu düşünürsek , nasıl kas kaybı oluşabilir ki. 2. olarak bir aydır düzenli spor + bu diyet sayesinde 7 kilo verdim. Hala seyir dönemindeyim. Ne halsizlik ne de sağlık sorunu. Hat [...]

    4. Dr. Dukan leaves me cold. Partly because he suggests that being cold is good for dieting. On Page 118 he says "Eat Cold Food as Often as Possible. He also suggests we suck on ice cubes and take cold showers. All this in an effort to make the body work harder to keep us warm which takes more calories. Give me a break!He repeatedly points out that to lose weight on his diet you must follow his instructions to the letter with no exceptions. He then goes on to ask you to do weird things - eat this, [...]

    5. 6/2011 Seen this on Dr. OZ show. Three doctors reviewed it. One loved it, one hated it, the other was right in the middle. I lost only 4 in the attack phase I really stayed on it good. I was a little disappointed I did not lose more. I have been on the cruize phase and will have to be until the fall to get to goal weight. I am losing slowly. I am realy missing the fruit. If I go off I immediatley put weight on. I had pizze with Jill and kids put on 1.8. But if I do it I have lost between 1.5 to [...]

    6. I did lose weight on this, but is such an unhealthy way of eating that I gave it up. The lack of fruits and vegetables, the advocation of sweeteners and the high red meat consumption were all things I now disagree with completely. I much prefer to eat natural, unprocessed foods as much as possible and feel much healthier now.

    7. One thing to understand about Dukan Diet: it is not a two week project to quickly lose some weight that you will eventually just gain back. It is in for the long haul.I picked up the book, because my wife read about the diet. My weight has been going up for past 15 years, and as it was creeping closer to 90kg, I decided that I was not happy with the situation. I've tried these other types of diets and managed to drop a few kilos, but the general trend was always there. Problem being that I like [...]

    8. This is a terribly biased book review - in fact, it isn't really a book review at all because I am too upset that the diet is useless for me and so I can't even think about whether it's well-written or whether it sets out to do what it says it's going to, or any of that.The reason I'm upset is because this diet was highly recommended by 2 women I know who are on the diet as part of workplace initiative, and I could see myself that they have both lost a lot of weight. I could do with losing a lot [...]

    9. This book was right up my alley because I am trying to diet with heavy protein and low carb, so it is very helpful. I have some new good ideas and recipes and it is pretty simple. What I really like is the plan (which you really almost never see) about transitioning back to "normal" eating when you have lost the weight. As a person who has gained, lost and regained plus extra more than once, this is the most invaluable part! I am truly trying to change my lifestyle, so this is a long process, an [...]

    10. I've done a lot of diets in the past 5 years trying to get off the extra weight I've put on since high school/college. I am not one to jump at the chance to take diet pills or look for the easy way out (welle easiest way out), but I really do try to find diet plans/information that will be relevant and applicable to longterm/healthy living. This diet plan has some hints at a South Beach diet, Atkins diet, low car/high protein lifestyle; however, it's organized in a very clear and prescribed mann [...]

    11. If you are curious about what exactly this diet is, then this book obviously will fill you in on it.The book takes your though the diet, the author's philosophy of the diet, healthy eating practices (according to the Dukan diet) and a sort of step-by-step guide to applying the diet to your own life.The Dukan Diet is the infamous diet that Kate Middleton followed to shed all those pounds of her already quite slender waistline. I was curious as to what exactly all the fuss about this diet was, and [...]

    12. I liked it. It's a hard diet, but it totally worked for me. Lost 25kg in 6 months. You've got to stick to it though, (the phases) or else you will put on the waight again. Still, I like it, because you don't have to limit your eating (as long as you're eating what you're allowed to eat), and the food is actually really tasty. And most of it is what I like to eat anyways.Absolutely recommended!Oh, and it's only hard for the first two weeks. Then you get used to it, and you know what you can and c [...]

    13. I love lifestyle books, new ways of thinking about food etc. But this book should be forbidden, never even in my whole live I have read such a ridicules diet! This man encourages you to eat as much aspartaam as you want and to make thing even more unhealthy you should replace good and healthy olive oil with PARAFINE oil! This is a gasoline waist! REALY! I want my money bak!

    14. I was interested in this after seeing it featured on the Dr. Oz show. It's basically similar to the Atkins diet where you eat almost all protein but no fat (unlike Atkins). So, your body starts burning your stored fat rather than the carbs your eating.

    15. This diet has been working for me so far, but I wish that Dukan was more specific about what you can and cannot eat. He lists the foods you can eat to stay thin for life, but I wish I had a list of forbidden foods that are not obvious. Is honey okay? What veggies are secretly starchy?

    16. It sounds fabulous. I just wish I could find the time to do it. Always an excuse. I will continue to try to jump start myself using this diet. Just need to get out there and get the food. Sounds like it is do-able and easy to maintain.

    17. Just for protein-based diets lovers, but makes a lot of sense. I'll be on it from hopefully tomorrow, but can't be sure since I love vegies too much

    18. I don't get it why people review the diet itself and not the book. This site is about books, not the relevance of their contents to the individual. I do believe I should comment on the structure of the book and the way it was written. The former could be improved but the latter was pretty good. The diet is something that is individual and it may work for this person and not for that one.

    19. bitirdim olarak işaretledim ama hala okumaktayım. diyeti denediğim sürece rehber olarak kullanacağım. hadi bakalım.

    20. За втори път ще пробвам да напиша ревю за тази книга, дано боговете на wifi-я или 3-жито да не ме предадат отново.Жените като цяло имат навика да се ориентират към грандиозните заглавия, особено ако става въпрос за диети. "-5 кг за 2 часа", "90 дни яжте всичко, а ще станете гъзели", "Ис [...]

    21. The diet is basically a modified low carb diet. It’s very similar to the South Beach Diet, in that it calls for low fat protein and allows low fat dairy items. The differentiating factors between the Dukan Diet and other low-carb programs are:-The Dukan diet has a re-entry program that keeps you from gaining weight back when you reach your ideal.-The diet doesn’t require any counting of calories or carb grams or anything like that. You eat what’s allowed for a given phase or day and that [...]

    22. I could give this 0 stars but 1 is fair since it might help someone's health though I doubt it.This is such an obvious re-hash of Atkins and South Beach (and blablabla those that come before it). Carte blanche with (lean) meats and artificial sweeteners might work for someone. There are certain twists such as alternating protein-only with protein-and-veg or the lifetime prescription of 1 meat day a week. I find it amazing that this is the "new" thing as it seems to me most current research touts [...]

    23. Well, it's a diet book. Had some interesting facts - like the idea behind calories as just a number, but it's more than that - how certain foods are higher in calories but burn differently in the body (things I've known, and agree with). I'm surprised that a lot of people gave Kate Middleton crap about being on this diet; if you read it - you'll see right away that it is NOT a starvation diet. It's a restrictive (meaning, only certain foods) but of those foods - you can eat as much as you want. [...]

    24. I think this diet could really work as it is a plan for your life and not just to lose weight. The book is written very well with enough examples of real people, but what I most enjoyed about the book is the science behind why your body does what it does. The book spent a fair amount of time discussing how important it is to eat properly once you have lost the weight you are trying to lose as now your body is in a fight with you to put it back on. That said, unless I was a single person (no kids [...]

    25. Started the diet over 2 months ago and have lost about 15 lbs as of today--the diet itself works.However, I dislike that he suggests fake sugars or sugar substitutes, as these have been known to raise insulin levels, thus aiding your body into thinking that it has to store fat.If he would cut out fake sugars completely, I would say it's the perfect diet.This is the first book on dieting I have read that tells you how to eat for the rest of your life when you are done with the diet, which is wher [...]

    26. I don't know whether it's the fault of the translation or whether Dr Dukan really is a smug, self-opionated loather of overweight people (especially older women!) However, I followed this protein diet to the letter for 2 weeks and lost 8lbs. It is difficult to follow if you're out and about and it only works if you eat exactly as the doctor prescribes. 5 weeks on and I've lost8lbs.I am thinking of re-starting the attack phase. Pros- you don't feel hungry at all and you will lose weight. Cons-con [...]

    27. Будет справедливо сказать, что в чем-то эта книга помогла мне сильно преобразиться. Чесно говоря, не книга, а мое острое желание сделать это. Книга - это инструмент, который, я уверен, может помочь каждому, кто страдает от лишнего веса.Читается просто, половину можно смело про [...]

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