Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of Wonderful Holiday shop owner Carol Baker infuses her business and her life with peace and good will But she has secrets from her past that make her all the determined to someday have a family of her own She nev

  • Title: Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Author: Maureen Child
  • ISBN: 9780312987275
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Holiday shop owner Carol Baker infuses her business and her life with peace and good will But she has secrets from her past that make her all the determined to someday have a family of her own She never expects a sweltering July heat wave to bring the gift of a baby girl who needs a mother s loved a man who needs to heal his wounded soul.Ex LAPD copy Jack ReillHoliday shop owner Carol Baker infuses her business and her life with peace and good will But she has secrets from her past that make her all the determined to someday have a family of her own She never expects a sweltering July heat wave to bring the gift of a baby girl who needs a mother s loved a man who needs to heal his wounded soul.Ex LAPD copy Jack Reilly s back in town temporarily to fill in for the ailing local sheriff Haunted by the tragedy that made him leave Los Angeles, Jack doesn t believe in forever His sassy landlady Carol, with her year round Chistmas spirit, gorgeous smile, and adorable little foster daughter, Liz, begin to bring him back to life But the past has a way of coming back again, and the dark places of the heart have a way of staying hidden Still, good things have a way of happening in Christmas and if the Reillys have anything to say about it, what develops between Carol and Jack will be some kind of wonderful

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    1. The absolutely adorable baby on the cover is what made me decide to pick this one up, but it's Jack, Carol, and baby Liz that kept me turning the pages. Some Kind Of Wonderfulis all kinds of heartwarming! It's a romantic, steamy, and sometimes even poignant 'believe in the magic of Christmas' story that can be read any time of year. And I have to say, I hope this is part of a series because there are so many incredible people in the small, quirky town of Christmas, California who need to have th [...]

    2. (3.5 Stars)First, let me ramble on a bit before I start my review. The book cover in for "Some Kind of Wonderful" is not the one downloaded onto my kindle. The cover I received was of a man and woman simultaneously kissing the checks of the cutest blue and wide eyed baby you could ever imagine. Yeah, I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover; but, I'll freely admit that I am a sucker for a good one.Carol Baker was forced into the child services system at the age of ten when her parent [...]

    3. This was an freebie and a solid 4 star read for me. What made the story for me was our heroine, Carol. Although she has a tragic back story, she evolved past it into a quirky, independent and successful 28 year old woman. Our H is tall, dark, handsome and CRANKY. Although he also has a tragic backstory, he is firmly stuck in his misery. The romance unfolds as these two work together to take care of an abandoned newborn in their very small town, the story is rounded out with some interesting sma [...]

    4. Some Kind of Wonderful is full of interesting characters, people you'd want to be friends with in real life. Carol Baker moved to Christmas, California, two years ago, and has a successful shop selling candles and keepsakes and Christmas themed decorations. She has carved out a happy life for herself in this weird little tourist town. I say weird because I'm not sure I would want to live there myself. The entire town stays decorated for Christmas all year round. There is a permanent Nativity sce [...]

    5. This was a short novella that I really liked. I liked the small town of Christmas, the adorable giant dog, Quinn and the brief glimpse of the close knit Reilly family.What I loved about Some Kind Of Wonderful was Carol Baker. She was so funny and open and just an all around genuine person. The author does a good job of vividly drawing the reader a detailed picture of who Carol is and although it drags out the mystery as to her past it was well paced. But Jack really describes her best as having [...]

    6. Every romantic should read this book every Christmas . Start a new tradition.This is a truly heart-warming love story with real people, real problems. The town of Christmas, California is the most clever setting imaginable for a Christmas story. You will fall in love with the baby fount abandoned in a manager, with the lonely woman who finds the infant and takes her in. And when a handsome man enters the picture, you just know they would be the perfect family.But you won't believe the sad circum [...]

    7. This was more of a story than I had anticipated. In the very beginning the triteness of a town called Christmas disappointed me, but I read on, and now except for the everyone knows everything part, I want to live there.A story about a woman who had nothing and no one, and bad things in her past who meets a man who had everything and couldn't see it. Add in a baby, a live baby in the Christmas creche, and you are left with a great story.I had almost no problems with the editing, although in one [...]

    8. I liked it. The characters kept my interest. I was actually surprised that this was not part of a series, since a few of the secondary characters seemed to be set up for it.However, I was a little annoyed that the heroine was claiming that she'd never been told she was loved and that she had never experienced a Christmas morning with gifts, etc. She was 10 years old when her parents died, and we are led to believe that she had a happy childhood with them. She was definitely old enough to remembe [...]

    9. It was a nice story, but it rates only two stars due to all of the profanity. It was on every single page, even from the priest and the 17 year old girl. Absolutely no reason for it.

    10. How do you sleep when this book is too good to put down.Having never read anything by Child I was not sure of this book the cover settled it and so I went into the night with these fabulous characters. I used a half a box of tissues and finished the book at 4:30 in the morning. I could have been quoted by someone at 1 am that I hated books that were so good that I could not put them down. There is a baby found in s Nativity set in a town named Christmas. The baby's birth mother was not a surpris [...]


    12. Some kind of wonderfulI loved this book. Carol just wanted to love and be loved, sounds simple but is love ever simple? Jack was running from his past. Can you ever leave your past behind?Add an abandoned baby (loved her name) and you have a story to read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end!!

    13. I don't usually read romance books but the discription of the book hooked me read it in one shot I cried I yelled at the characters so good i am keeping this in my kindle library

    14. Can a place called 'Christmas' really exist?Pleasant romance hindered by fear that what she wanted could be taken away. He had been convinced that a shootout that killed his partner was partly his fault. She had always wanted a family and home where she was loved and had people who cared about. For both, fear of having their desires taken away led them to not try to take what they want.Pleasant with a number of subplots and a lot of small town life.

    15. In Christmas, California , the winter Holiday is in full-swing 365 days a year, even though there's never any snow. Christmas is a small town that makes its living from the tourists who flock to the Reindeer Cafe and shops on North Pole Lane and Jingle Bell Lane . It's just the type of town that Carol Baker has always wished for, in that she's made a life for herself among the town's inhabitants. After her parents died when she was ten, she was shuffled to one foster home to the next, eventually [...]

    16. Omg I want to go hide under a rock. Book started GREAT until the little perfect town of Christmas got to me. How can someone seriously love Christmas year round?! It took me a week to read this ebook and I even cheated on this book with another book because I wasn't able to withstand the plot of the story and the characters. Very cliché but hey it's a small town novel, of course, that's bound to happen. Our H has Issues that he tried to ditch in another area but still followed him to the town o [...]

    17. It's a Wonderful Christmas Life! 3.5 *****This story dealt with our foster system's shortcomings and failings, child abandonment, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, PTSD in a L.A cop post-shooting, and the quaint town of Christmas. The main characters, Carol, ex foster care child/orphan, ward of the state, and owner of the novelty store, 'Christmas Carol', and Jack Reilly, acting as temporary sheriff, met as Carol located an abandoned baby in the town's nativity scene. From here on Carol fell for both [...]

    18. This is a great heartwarming story. I loved Carol and how she has totally risen above her past to embrace her life. She is so warm and giving and has the strength and determination to beat down the wall that Jack has built around his heart. This one will tug on your heartstrings and have you turning the pages with bated breath to see how things will turn out.

    19. An ex LAPD cop returns home to help out the local sheriff, bringing with him is past demons. Jack Reilly just cannot let anyone in. Carol and her dog walk the quiet streets of Christmas and discover a live baby in the town Nativity Scene. Carol wants what she lost a family, her parents died and Carol became a child in the system. Never adoptive, Liz's is abandon, Carol refuses time let the newborn go to the state home. Jack investigates the abandon baby case and becomes Carol 'so tenant. Neither [...]

    20. 3 Could've been more wonderful stars.I started, then stopped, then started back up Some Kind of Wonderful three different times. I kept putting it aside to read other books. That should've been an indication to mark it as DNF and move on. However, by the time I gotten to that point where I usually make that decision (typically around the 30% mark) I had been dragged into the 'who done it' aspect of the book, so I soldiered on and continued reading. The book seemed to drag on for me and I found m [...]

    21. When I grabbed this book off I can honestly say that my expectations for this being any good were rather low, yet I very much enjoyed this. It was a cute, fast paced novel; with a witty main character and a brooding love interest. What more could you ask for? The writing was good, nothing overwhelmingly spectacular, but still made for a very enjoyable read. What I feel this story lacked in some areas was made up by the character of Carol. A smart ass, independent hold nothing back character; wi [...]

    22. Some Kind of WonderfulMy first love in reading belongs to the genres of mystery and time travel but this storyline knocked my socks off. It does have mystery but it also has secret pasts that are ever present in the minds and lives of our main characters. And, it has love and romance. The love is not just the romantic kind but includes parent/ child and friendships. Great storyline that makes this a hard read to put down to do unimportant things like housework, shopping, even talking on the phon [...]

    23. Couldn't finish reading this bookFor being a Christmas book, it sure was disappointing. I couldn't get past the second chapter. The language was very offensive. It said Jesus's name in vain many, many times in the first chapter. Then used Christ in vain in the second chapter until I just had to stop reading. Mixing Christmas and Jesus's name in vain is offensive to me and makes me sad that you can title a book with CHRIST-mas and then take the Lord's name in vain. The whole point of CHRISTMAS is [...]

    24. this is a good feeling kind of book. Some serious issues are written about. And really shows that love can conquer all if we allow it. Some decisions are not right for all, and the reality of gossip and the damage it does. But by the end of the book everything comes full circle and when your done reading you can only applaud a young girls decision, cheer at the outcome of what another forgotten child in the system has overcome and heals many with love she accepts so she can give back. I enjoyed [...]

    25. Something to relax and lose yourself inFirst off this is not one of those one or two hour books, it's a lengthy four plus hours. It's not the most original plot or storyline but you end up liking and rooting for the characters all the same. If you just want to unwind from a busy day while doing something productive but uncomplicated this book is just the thing. It's corny and cheesy but so funny. I loved it and would recommend giving it a read.

    26. Yes, I'm actually going back and writing reviews. I just usually rate and go. Then I started following some very new authors and found out that reviews are very good whether just a sentence or two. So this is for ALL authors.Now for this book. Such two different people and yet so alike! And a young girl with some hard choices to make. I loved the story because in some bits and pieces hit close to home. A definite must read.

    27. Heartbreaking, funny, interestingWho had a baby?? Why is it that little pieces of her dreams seem to be coming true? Carol has known a crappy life from when she was a child and now she is getting the things she wanted but is it going to last or too good to be true?? Excellent story with quite a few emotions involved.

    28. Sometimes life happensOne had an awful childhood, so they came to town looking for a family. The other had a wonderful childhood with a lot of family. They came to town to hide from life. When they come together, they learn to say goodbye to their pasts and look to their future. A beautiful feel good story.

    29. Great readI gave this book 5stars for several reasons, first and foremost I know the love one can have for a child not born to them. I have seen the pain in the faces of those that have given their child up and felt the pain of losing a child that you love and will always love even though they have been returned to a loving parent. I loved the strength in the characters.

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