Lucky's Lady

Lucky s Lady A story of a psychologist Serena Sheridan who has come back to the small Louisiana town where she d been raised and where her grandfather has suddenly gone missing Successful ambitious beautiful S

  • Title: Lucky's Lady
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9780553587180
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A story of a psychologist Serena Sheridan, who has come back to the small Louisiana town where she d been raised and where her grandfather has suddenly gone missing Successful, ambitious, beautiful, Serena always found the darker world of the bayous far less predictable and far treacherous than the life she d chosen.And for help, she must turn to a man asA story of a psychologist Serena Sheridan, who has come back to the small Louisiana town where she d been raised and where her grandfather has suddenly gone missing Successful, ambitious, beautiful, Serena always found the darker world of the bayous far less predictable and far treacherous than the life she d chosen.And for help, she must turn to a man as mysterious and dangerous as the backcountry itself Lucky Doucet He s a man with a past littered with secrets best left concealed the perfect guide to lead Serena into a world of dazzling seduction, sudden violence, and raw natural beauty From the exotic French Quarter to the most remote bayou, they would follow a trail of corruption and betrayal to a showdown that would require they trust not only their own deepest instincts for survival but each other.

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    1. Want to meet a Cajun bad boy and have a little fun in the bayou? Lucky Douchet lives in the Louisiana swamp he loves as he tries to recover mentally from his time as a captive in a South American jungle. He was captured while on a military mission and spent a year in captivity. He spends his time painting beautiful pictures of his swamp and chasing off poachers. When he was younger, he wanted to be an ecologist but he quit college to join the military after a bad relationship with Serena's twin [...]

    2. 5 Stars - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading DenWHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE LUCKY'S LADY?"Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point" “The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of."~ French ProverbI first read Lucky’s Lady in 1994, during my late teens, and have re-read it several times over the years. Writing this review has spurred me to re-read it, my last re-read being about 8 years ago. It was such fun revisiting this "classic favourite" of mine.For me, Lucky’s L [...]

    3. First time reading this author but will definitely be checking out more books by her. Very enjoyable read about an alpha ass!! What's not to like? Will try and do a longer review when the holidays are over.

    4. 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseA hotter-than-sin, tortured, ex-military alpha Cajun hero + a strong, likable heroine + eerie, sensual Louisiana bayou setting + family intrigue + nasty villains + a b*tchy, evil twin sister + explosive sexual tension + steamy romance + chilling suspense = an entertaining 5 star read!

    5. Finally a novel where the Louisiana bayou doesn’t get in the way and the author doesn’t use it as her soap box for environmental reform completely taking away from the real reason you’re reading the story: the romance! The bayou is creepy, eerie, scary and brimming with all sorts of hidden things. It’s so quiet and haunting blending perfectly with the hero Lucky Doucet. Lucky is one of those ex-military, a little bit off his rocker alphas. He’s all lip, whiplash fast retorts and in yer [...]

    6. OMG!That's all I have to say. This book was amazing and took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I loved Lucky and Serena, and ached for them and rooted for them.Lucky's name isn't really apt since he isn't really lucky and doesn't consider himself to be. He was all set to be the first in his family to go to college when one girl used him and he joined the army. The scars of that and the army(he was sold out by his superior into captivity) have not yet healed, so he drinks too much, is obno [...]

    7. What I liked about this book? The relationship between the sexy-as-sin, dangerous Cajun bad boy Lucky Doucet who thought he had nothing left to give a woman and the upscale, oh-so-proper yet wildly passionate Serena Sheridan. Loved the love/hate thing they had going for a while, loved the passion they couldn't control, I even loved the struggle that Serena went through to get Lucky to open up and share more than just his physical self. Loved the loves scenes (very hot), loved the Cajun love word [...]

    8. Rally good, kinda reminded me of a poor man's version of Slow Heat in Heaven, by Sandra Brownwhich I adored beyond reason. The setting was similar and some of the plot elements, but still quite different. Anyways, this was very steamy, atmospheric and full of sexual tension. If you like a bad Cajun boy that drips sin, then this is the book for you. I loved how Lucky tried so hard to bank his feelings for Serena and how epically that failed. The suspense was pretty obvious and a little disturbing [...]

    9. Loved it! The writing was exceptional. Excellent wordsmithing and I'm going to look for more books by this author. The romance in this romantic suspense was phenomenal. Serena Sheridan and Lucky Doucet made this book because the romance between them had me turning the pages--read it in one day. The entire book was set in Louisiana. Lucky lived in the bayou and was a tortured hero. His strength and growth, tender moments, and how it all evolved rang my bells. Serena's character was kind and decen [...]

    10. 4 1/2 starsMs. Hoag grabbed my attention immediately. I felt like I was in the steamy and dangerous bayou. It is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets.Serena comes home to her family plantation for a usual visit to find her elderly grandfather has taken off to live in the swamp. Her twin sister, who temporarily lives there at the house, does not seem to care at all. Quickly you learn what a shallow and terrible person her twin Shelby is.Serena, terrified of the swamp, leaves immediately to tr [...]

    11. As wild and mysterious as the Louisiana swamp he called home, Lucky Doucet was a dangerously attractive Cajun no woman could handle. His solitary life left no room for the likes of elegant Serena Sheridan, but Lucky couldn't deny her desperate need to find her missing grandfather. He would help her, but nothing more—yet once he felt the lure of the flaxen-haired beauty, an adventurer like Lucky couldn't help playing with fire.Serena felt unnerved, aroused, and excited by the ruggedly sensual r [...]

    12. Likes:1- Lucky Doucet, Lucky Doucet and Lucky Doucet! Can I say it one more time? Would it make it anymore obvious that the guy totally invaded and took control of my heart, body and soul whilst I was reading this book and then some? Sigh! I don’t think I can adequately describe the way he took absolute control of the story since he walked into the picture. From his sinfully good looks to the edge of his tortured soul, I loved every bit of him and then some more and couldn’t help but sigh an [...]

    13. Oh I just loved this story so much, everything about it was just so good the romance, the deception, the setting , the back story of both Lucky and Serena. Plus I adored the way Lucky whispered romantic Cajun phrases to Serena. If you love a tortured hero who thinks he's beyond help but who desperatly needs to love someone then this is the book for you. But be prepared to get emotional and have some Kleenex handy:)

    14. The second book in the Doucet series by Tami Hoag. This can be read as a stand-alone. Serena Sheridan seeks out Lucky Doucet's help in finding her grandfather. One of those stories that suck you in from the first page. I loved the characters and tension was sizzling. Lucky's Lady is one lucky lady. Sigh!

    15. Wow, has it been a long time since I’ve read a book like this. Though first published in 1992, it took me back to the 80’s, when I first discovered Harlequin romances. Back then, romances adhered to a pretty strict formula, and this book followed it to the letter. The heroine is an uptight, prissy young woman who avoids dirt and bad boys, until she meets the rough-edged hero and just can’t resist his allure. Oh, she tries, judging him at the outset and giving him the sharp edge of her tong [...]

    16. This one was more of a 3.5 star for me.There is a lot that I loved about this book, but a few things that I didn't. Lucky Doucet.he is something that I loved about this book! Lucky believes that he has nothing left to give. He is a down on his luck character who has been burned by love in the past. Serena is a prim and proper lady who is, on the surface, Lucky's polar opposite. As you get to know Serena's character, you see the passion and depth of spirit that lies below her icy exterior. I love [...]

    17. Romance with a touch of mystery. I enjoyed this. Not something I typically read but I will continue with the series.

    18. That was so damn good. Okay, the beginning was aggravating. They played right into these ridiculous stereotypes. But then that became part of the story, and it was wonderful. Serena is an uptight shrink who comes to visit her family in Louisiana. Her grandpa has run off to live in the swamp bc people are trying to buy the family plantation. Lucky, a wild violent Cajun, helps Serena get to her grandpa while pushing alllllllll her buttons. Their push and pull is epic. Each of them have hang-ups an [...]

    19. 2 ½ stars. It’s ok if you don’t mind a downer feel to your romantic suspense. Personally I prefer uppersVIEWER’S OPINION:My thoughts as I read this were: bad things happening to good people and what a mess. I wondered how it would work out, but it was not fun or exciting. Other romantic suspense novels pull me in more. This seemed like “ooh what a bad situation to walk into.” The hero is good at fighting bad guys, but instead of feeling good about it, I felt more like “ooh got out o [...]

    20. This was the re-read of all re-reads. It must be my 20th time arenas and Lucky Doucet is just a combination of Cajun heat and trouble. Partner that with prim Serena and a vicious plot and you have a perfect weekend read. What made this book even greater was sharing it with friends in a group read. Timeless.

    21. Mon Dieu! Dreadful book for anyone who doesn't like romance novels. I wasn't aware Tami Hoag got her start writing romance novels, but by the time I was a quarter of the way through this book it was painfully obvious. So, so painful. Ridiculously gorgeous yet troubled attorney Serena Sheridan comes "home" to find her plantation owner granddaddy who has suddenly gone MIA. She hires a guide, the ridiculously gorgeous yet troubled Etienne "Lucky" Doucet to guide her through the perilous swamps to f [...]

    22. I love this book. It may be melodramatic, but even on the second reading the book is as satisfying as good, southern comfort food. The intensity of Lucky and the determination of Serena still move me. Lucky is a prime example of the tortured hero. Hoag makes him believable and sympathetic, even when he's a jerk. Serena is determined and strong without being brassy or mean.

    23. Well, this says Doucet, #2. The first one must have been able Lucky and Shelby, the twin. Twins and yet so different. Page 225 . . . She didn't want to see the old house destroyed. She didn't want to see strangers living here. She didn't want Tristar Chemical building a processing plant where the OLD SLAVE QUARTERS STOOD IN SLIENT TESTIMONY TO PAST LIVES. She didn't want to see high wire fences surrounding what once has been cane fields. She wanted Chanson de Terro to be owned by a Sheridan; she [...]

    24. I've read 3 or 4 of Hoag's books and enjoyed them. I saw this one at my favorite used book haunt and the jacket was newish looking and I thought, "Oh, a new one out. I'll read it." Well was a reprint of a 1992 novel, the first one she wrote trying to break into the thriller/suspense world, which she has a dominant place in today. She was specifically a romance author before that. The story was okay, but pretty predictable for a romance novel. Suave Cajun loner badass Lucky Doucet, trying to stuf [...]

    25. For those who may have read Tami's later works before this one (like me) would be slightly disappointed. The book is a romance novel built around strong, vibrant and somewhat terrifying landscape. It is well written and nice to read. Very entertaining. Though written in an extensively detailed manner, it kind of seemed to me, to be more in the style of a Mills and Boon. The educated, delicate lady from the city returning to her roots as she feels 'something is drawing her hinting at the hole in [...]

    26. Felt like Deja Vu.This is the first book of Tami Hoag but my luck I read it after her 2 books which is "Steel Water" & "Night Sins" in which both the lead female character is first reluctant to sleep with the hero but eventually can't resist her urge & get fucked up. Here we see the same character & same hero. The only thing I read her books is because of the writing which I sometimes tweet on twitter. The way she writes makes me wanna keep it in my mind. Other than that, the plot is [...]

    27. As an update of an older work, the plot is well writtrn and the chacaters are well defined. Serena comes home for a vacation and finds the old plantation in an uproar. The evil oil man wants to raze the place and put up a plant that will destroy the enviorment and the beloved swamp. Serena meets up with Lucky in her attempt to drag grandpa out of the swamp and find out what is going on. Lucky is a troubled soul with deep, really deep, problems. Serens falls in love anyway.

    28. Tami Hoag does it again! I love me a tortured hero but Lucky Doucet almost takes it too far. Poor Lucky had everything going for him until Serena's evil twin sister destroyed his world setting him on a course for destruction. His downward spiral was at a dangerous low when Serena entered his life. Boy did I like Serena (and wanted to slap the living crap out of Shelby). She had grit, strength, courage, loyalty and honor - a perfect heroine. I absolutely loved the ending.

    29. This is an older romance from the early 90's, with the definite feel of romances from that time period, but overall I thought it still worked today. Lucky is an aggressive man, wounded, but he doesn't cross a line. Both he and Serena were fairly well realized characters and I found this to be an easy read.

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