The God Cookie

The God Cookie Would you know if he did if God really spoke to you would it be booming from the heavens or just in your head If it was in your head how would you know if it was God or wasn t Is God speaking right

  • Title: The God Cookie
  • Author: GeoffreyWood
  • ISBN: 9781400073443
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • Would you know if he did, if God really spoke to you would it be booming from the heavens or just in your head If it was in your head, how would you know if it was God or wasn t Is God speaking right now but we re just not listening And if God does tell you something what would you do about it Meet Parrish He s a regular guy, owns a coffee shop He happens to be shootingWould you know if he did, if God really spoke to you would it be booming from the heavens or just in your head If it was in your head, how would you know if it was God or wasn t Is God speaking right now but we re just not listening And if God does tell you something what would you do about it Meet Parrish He s a regular guy, owns a coffee shop He happens to be shooting the breeze with his buddies at the neighborhood Chinese buffet, talking about the dents in golf balls and such, when the discussion develops into a debate on whether or not God still speaks to people.When his friends skip out and he is left alone, Parrish tells God he s all in Ready to listen, do what he s told, and see what happens Only moments later, back at his table, he opens his fortune cookie to find a surprise instead of a proverbial statement, he reads a directive from God To the corner.

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    1. I enjoyed this book. It was different, quirky. From reading the back blurb, I expected the MC to be running from one fortune cookie to the next doing some really crazy things under God's direction, but that's wasn't the case. Less fortune cookie direction, more waiting on God to act. A lot like real life, actually, if you think about it. So parts of the book have great action, but other parts are slow and you're waiting for something to happen. (This is why I gave the book 4 instead of 5 stars). [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book. The book jacket sounded good. The first 28 pages were filled with inane conversation between three 20-something men, interspersed with one of them trying to talk about God, and the other two not listening. I skimmed through several more pages, and it was more of the same. I just couldn't read it. It was like the author was trying to establish that these were three cool friends who had known each other forever and liked to pick on each other. I kind of wanted to keep r [...]

    3. I liked this book even more than the author's first. Perhaps it was the romantic storyline that I enjoyed. But as the author does in his first book, Leaper, he manages to give us a story full of humor and intrigue and to challenge the way we view God and our relationship to him. There are also some very beautiful, poignant passages toward the end of the book, moments that make you want to cry. Overall, I think this is his best book yet. Can't wait to see what he writes next.

    4. Really enjoyed this one as well. It's different, third person not first, and a romantic comedy subplot, but I like it and it retained the same great humor as Leaper. I would recommend this book

    5. This is a very funny, sweet book that helps us understand better how we should live for God. I really did enjoy this and it's one that I can read over and over again!

    6. Listening to God, whether he speaks through a fortune cookie, or inner voice, or verse of scripture is bound to be as challenging, humorous, surprising and rewarding as Parrish discovered. An interesting and creative approach to following Jesus.

    7. I wasn't sure about this book when I first took it out from the library. It was sort of on a whim. It was excellent. I finished the book and felt better about humanity and my relationship with God. A must read.

    8. 'There it was, Parrish thought. In less than 5 minutes, he'd completely failed at avoiding it, and now he either had to come out with the impossible answer or a credible lie. Very funny, God. And because this whole bit seemed God's, Parrish felt distinctly disinclined to lie, but neither did he want to tell the truth. And what was the truth?'We often find ourselves in situations where we 'want to do the rich thing'. The question is, by whom?Who do we want the 'right' to be done by. By the law? B [...]

    9. This second book by author Geoffrey Wood was just as delightful as the first. Here he has a group of friends who engage in witty banter and not just the main character as in Leaper, but the humor and the poignancy are to be found here too. The premise revolves around a character who gets a fortune cookie from God. Yes, from God. And how Wood sets up the reason why the character believes the cookie fortune to be from God is probably the funniest part of the book. The book then follows the main ch [...]

    10. I must admit to liking Wood's first novel --Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero-- a tad bit more. It was more outrageously funny and fast paced, whereas the God Cookie moves more slowly at times and its characters are a bit more low-key. But that said, this book is also a wonderful read. Very funny in places and quite beautiful in others. As before, Wood places his main character in a fantastical situation --he receives a fortune Cookie from God-- and by the use of this dev [...]

    11. Parrish is the owner of a coffee shop and his 2 best buddies from childhood help out and they eat lunch a few times a week at the all you can eat Chinese Buffet. Well They are having an inane conversation about golf balls that involved into is God real? Parrish excuses himself and while washing up in the bathroom, asks God for a sign. Well he gets one in his fortune cookie and the adventure begins. Along the way he meets many people in many walks of life. He befriends a young woman who seems to [...]

    12. Another great book by author Geoffrey Wood. This time a third person story with romantic comedy elements, but the main plot revolves around a character named Parrish who gets a fortune cookie from God telling him to do something very specific. Though slower paced than Leaper, the story moves along and explores the themes of faith and our availability to God's will for our lives even when it seems odd and out of the ordinary. If you got a fortune from God telling you to do something, would you re [...]

    13. I skimmed through a lot of the beginning because there was too much boring dialogue, which I think was supposed to be witty repartee between some of the characters, but maybe since I am not a guy and not into sports, it just wasn't very interesting to me.Then I spent most of the rest of the book fearful that it was going to turn out like The Shack - preaching about Christianity - that I couldn't really relax and enjoy it too much.That said, I did like the story overall and really liked the main [...]

    14. This book started off meh for me. The main character and his two buddies who work for him engage in what is supposed to be snappy dialog but it's annoying to me. It was at page 92 the real story kicked in and I decided to finish the book. I saw some chances within the plot to develop the story further but they went missing so maybe this would make a series? Some how the buddies should get redeemed. They never are, at least I don't think so. They are comic relief apparently? There is message to t [...]

    15. I ended up giving up on this book after about thirty pages. At the same time, it wasn't so awful that it only deserves one star. It just plain didn't capture my attention. The writing seemed very male-centric to me -- not just because the characters are mostly male. The humor itself felt male, somehow. I also was waiting for the characters to develop into something more nuanced, but they remained one-dimensional to me. That said, I've heard from lots of people who loved this book, so maybe I jus [...]

    16. This is a delightful read, even more than Wood's first book. The dialogue is funny-the three men who work together were often inane/hilarious-but there is a thought-provoking element to the plot as well. Wood takes a serious topic--being "all in" for God--and handles it with humor to get us to see what a difference it can make in one's life. There is a touching element as well, and he handles that nicely, though a bit predictably. I thought the Extra-Bit at the end was a riot, like a "bonus feat [...]

    17. If you find the idiotic batter from the TV show Psych entertaining this book may be for you. Three childhood friends: Parish, Mason, and Duncan, who are 20 something work together in a coffee shop owned by Parish. This story begins with an interesting and possibly heretical conversation about being all in with God. Parish takes the challenge and tells God he is all in. God then invites him on a journey. The journey is the story and invitation.

    18. Coffee shop owner John Parrish thinks God is speaking to him through a fortune cookie which leads him on a journey of self-discovery. The dialogue among John and his two friends/slacker employees are funny, meandering musings about everything and nothing. Ultimately, this is a book about personal faith and how to do lead a life of meaning and purpose by learning to listen and by taking opportunities to do the right thing.

    19. Would give this 3.5 stars, so I "rounded up." The premise is good and executed well without being "preachy." It is a nice light read with enough interest developed in the characters to keep the reader turning the pages. I like exploring the idea of what it means to listen to and for God amid everyday life. I also like the exploration of how to be helpful without being intrusive, and how to to take risks to develop relationships.

    20. An interesting premise, but ultimately unfulfilling. I am supposing that this is a foray into inspirational fiction for men (underserved, apart from the thriller genre), and because of that it may just not be my taste. However, the pacing seems all wrong, the humor juvenile, and the conclusion empty.

    21. I'll be honest and say that I am disappointed. I loved the idea of this book. I even liked most of the characters. The pacing was far too slow for my taste - and the ending not as fulfilling as I would have liked. I continued reading only because I did like the characters. I would probably give it a 2.5 for the characters alone.

    22. This was very interesting and quirky! I enjoyed the plot. The communication on God's part is very similar to how my train of understanding views God. Even though I wouldn't have been as committed as he was, it was certainly similar to how I communicate with God! I also enjoyed the extra tid bit at the end very fun!!!

    23. Overall not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it. Nothing happens for the first third of the book, up to about page 90. Also, I couldn't tell Mason and Duncan apart most of the time which makes me think maybe he only needed one friend as part of the story. Once things started happening it was pretty good and I liked the other characters.

    24. I don't know, Ted Kendall, you've never steered me wrong before, but I'm not sure I'm with you on this one felt like the literature equivalent of Christian rock to me. I enjoyed some of the banter, but the characters were pretty one-dimensional and the surprise ending wasn't surprising at all. Vaguely pleasant, but also not as deep as it thought it was.

    25. I really enjoyed this novel--can't believe it wasn't in the Christy Awards line-up. It's quirky, fun, and left me with plenty to think about.I posted a review of The God Cookie on my blog.

    26. The God Cookie is filled with humor, good deeds, and heart-touching scenes. It is an interesting take on the question, "Does God still communicate with people today?" The character dialogue is exceptionally realistic.

    27. "Hope is to rejoice early."The God Cookie is thought-provoking and eye-opening in beautifully simple way. It has incredibly funny dialogue, off-beat & entertaining descriptions, and some absolutely genius spiritual moments. Highly recommended literary fiction.

    28. Just couldn't make it through this - the writing was self-conscious and the characters never grabbed me. I waded through half of it, then started skimming, then went away, and just didn't care enough to find out how it ended.

    29. I didn't realize there was a genre of fiction called "faith fiction," though it shouldn't surprise me. Hopefully this doesn't represent the best of the genre. A mildly interesting plot and somewhat amusing characters make this an experience somewhat like watching an average TV sitcom.

    30. This book began with some promise - the dialogue was so real. But, unfortunately, the story just didn't match up. I'm actually surprised that I madw my way all the way through. A very unsatisfying read.

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