Daughter of Fortune

Daughter of Fortune Oprah Book Club Selection February Until Isabel Allende burst onto the scene with her debut The House of the Spirits Latin American fiction was for the most part a boys club comprising

  • Title: Daughter of Fortune
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: 9780060932756
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oprah Book Club Selection, February 2000 Until Isabel Allende burst onto the scene with her 1985 debut, The House of the Spirits, Latin American fiction was, for the most part, a boys club comprising such heavy hitters as Gabriel Garc a M rquez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Mario Vargas Llosa But the Chilean Allende shouldered her way in with her magical realist multi generaOprah Book Club Selection, February 2000 Until Isabel Allende burst onto the scene with her 1985 debut, The House of the Spirits, Latin American fiction was, for the most part, a boys club comprising such heavy hitters as Gabriel Garc a M rquez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Mario Vargas Llosa But the Chilean Allende shouldered her way in with her magical realist multi generational tale of the Trueba family, followed it up with four novels and a spate of nonfiction, and has remained in a place of honor ever since Her sixth work of fiction, Daughter of Fortune, shares some characteristics with her earlier works the canvas is wide, the characters are multi generational and multi ethnic, and the protagonist is an unconventional woman who overcomes enormous obstacles to make her way in the world Yet one cannot accuse Allende of telling the same story twice set in the mid 1800s, this novel follows the fortunes of Eliza Sommers, Chilean by birth but adopted by a British spinster, Rose Sommers, and her bachelor brother, Jeremy, after she is abandoned on their doorstep You have English blood, like us, Miss Rose assured Eliza when she was old enough to understand Only someone from the British colony would have thought to leave you in a basket on the doorstep of the British Import and Export Company, Limited I am sure they knew how good hearted my brother Jeremy is, and felt sure he would take you in In those days I was longing to have a child, and you fell into my arms, sent by God to be brought up in the solid principles of the Protestant faith and the English language The family servant, Mama Fresia, has a different point of view, however You, English Don t get any ideas, child You have Indian hair, like mine And certainly Eliza s almost mystical ability to recall all the events of her life would seem to stem from the Indian than the Protestant side As Eliza grows up, she becomes less tractable, and when she falls in love with Joachin Andieta, a clerk in Jeremy s firm, her adoptive family is horrified They are even so when a now pregnant Eliza follows her lover to California where he has gone to make his fortune in the 1849 gold rush Along the way Eliza meets Tao Chi en, a Chinese doctor who saves her life and becomes her closest friend What starts out as a search for a lost love becomes, over time, the discovery of self and by the time Eliza finally catches up with the elusive Joachin, she is no longer sure she still wants what she once wished for Allende peoples her novel with a host of colorful secondary characters She even takes the narrative as far afield as China, providing an intimate portrait of Tao Chi en s past before returning to 19th century San Francisco, where he and Eliza eventually fetch up Readers with a taste for the epic, the picaresque, and romance that is satisfyingly complex will find them all in Daughter of Fortune Margaret Prior

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    1. انها ابنة الحظ فعلا، وجدتها عائلة أرستقراطية وهي طفلة في اللفة، ليتم تربيتها تربية راقية . تقع في الحب ، ولكن حمى الذهب تسرق حبيبها . تقرر ان تلحق به وطوال الرحلة تجد من يعتني بها. وحتى عندما تبدأ البحث في أمريكا عن حبيبها تجد من يعتني وبها ويحميها.رغم كل ذلك فقد كانت ذات عزيمة [...]

    2. According to Isabel Allende, the timeless tale she weaves in House of the Spirits begins with the story of Eliza Sommers in Daughter of Fortune. Eliza Sommers is found in a basket as a newborn baby at the Valparaiso, Chile home of Jeremy and Rose Sommers (brother and sister). Rose is only 20 years old but resigned to spinsterhood and immediately feels compassion for the child, takes her in, and decides to raise her like a daughter, much to the admonition of her brother.We fast forward our tale 1 [...]

    3. قالوا لها أنهم وجدوها صبيحة أحد الأيام بداخل صندوق للصابون، فيما تؤكد مربيتها الهندية أن هذه المعلومة غير دقيقة بالمرة، أما هي فلم تكن تهتم ببداية قصتها في الماضي بقدر اهتمامها بما هي عليه في الحاضر وما ينتظرها في المستقبل. كانت تشعر بالامتنان والسعادة بفضل حنان ورعاية كلا [...]

    4. Onvan : Daughter of Fortune - Nevisande : Isabel Allende - ISBN : 61120251 - ISBN13 : 9780061120251 - Dar 432 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1998

    5. Rather than an objective evaluation of this novel as a work of literary fiction, this rating and review is more a reflection of how deeply it has continued to affect me over the years. Despite the differences of time and place, customs and traditions, exposure and beliefs, there is something very primitive about the bonds I share with Eliza Sommers. And to some extent, to the English colony in Valparaiso, Chile, where this story is set, in the first half of the 19th century. I am too strongly af [...]

    6. This book starts out VERY engaging and remains that way through the first 3/4. Then, very abruptly, it is as if Allende ran out of things to say, or rather, became distracted by another project. The book ends TERRIBLY! The last 1/4 is a slog to get through and, becuase the first part is so wonderful, I kept reading and thinking "surely, this will work out." But no joy. I would suggest reading it BUT don't hope for a great wrap up at the end. It is a lot like drinking a cold bottle of Coke on a h [...]

    7. ابنة الحظ " هي واحدة من روائع الروائية التشيلية إيزابيل الليندي، المدهشة من وجهة نظري، وليس ذلك لأنها تكتب ببساطة استثنائية حتى في أكثر لحظات النص حلكة واستعصاءً، ولا لأنها تعيد للحياة سيلانها ووحشيتها ودفقها البدائي في عروقنا، وليس لأنها تجيد تصوير الشخوص بما يتجاوز حقيقة [...]

    8. Hija de la fortuna = Daughter of Fortune, Isabel AllendeDaughter of Fortune (original Spanish title: Hija de la fortuna) is a novel by Isabel Allende, and was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in February 2000. It was published first in Spanish by Plaza & Janés in 1998. Isabel Allende says "of her female protagonist in Daughter of Fortune, Eliza, that she might well represent who the author might have been in another life." Allende spent seven years of research on this, her fifth nov [...]

    9. اقتباس من الرواية " يبدو لي أننا جميعاً جئنا نبحث عن شيء ووجدنا شيئاً آخر "كان هذا الاقتباس هو شاهد الروايه او بالاصح الرسالة التي أرادت ايزابيل أن توصلها لنا من خلال روايتها هذه اسبوع كان كافياً ربما لأنتهي من قرائتها لكن لن يكون كافيا للكف عن التفكير بالمغزى الاهم من الانته [...]

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    11. رواية من الروايات التي تأخذك في رحلة ممتعة داخل عوالم مختلفة مدهشة من أناقة اللغة الأسطورية التاريخية و في ذات الوقت نابعة من أعماق الحياة اليومية للشخوصازابيل الليندي نجحت ان تجعل من شخصيات روايتها ظلالا تحيا معنا مدة قراءتنا لابنة الحظ نتساءل عن خلفية الأحداث نفرح لفرحهم [...]

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    14. My second Allende and it if this is bowling, this is her second strike.The first one was last year. "Paula", Allende's memoir of her daughter who died while in coma. I liked it so much that I told myself that I will try to read all her books. Her crystal-clear prose, told in a simple straightforward fashion, is like a breath of fresh air and her stories about Chile that go back to the times even as far back as her great-great grandparents' years are so interesting that I envy her for knowing tho [...]

    15. I read this book a long time ago and remember I enjoyed it a lot. It was very well written, as is the case with all Allende’s books. I liked the gripping story-line and the characters which seemed real and vivid. Maybe I would read it again in the near future.

    16. Written as sort of a prequel to The House of the Spirits, Daughter of Fortune will inevitably be compared to Isabel Allende's first and most famous book, and unfortunately, it doesn't even come close to reaching the bar set by its predecessor.I was expecting another epic historical family saga, but instead this book is a romance (though at least with a decent twist at the end). I'll definitely read more books by Allende as I consider her to be an incredible author, but this was a disappointment. [...]

    17. I remember beginning to read Daughter of Fortune several years ago but for some reason put it aside and never finished it. How I was able to do that so easily, I will never know because the second time around this book ended up being difficult to put down.Isabel Allende has created a very engaging and well-rounded character in Eliza Sommers. I found the most endearing thing about Eliza was her stubborness and her imperfections. Often that is what will draw me to a character because it makes them [...]

    18. ابنة الحظاليثاالطفلة التى جاءت في صندوق الصابون , وحظيت بالعائلة والرعاية والحبوالتربية الأرستقراطيةفكان عليها أن تقضي أيامها ما بين تعلم الفرنسية ودروس البيانو والغوص والترحال مع الكُتب والقصص الرومانسية واحياناً في مطبخ ماما فرِسيا تتعلم منها كُل أنواع وأصناف الطعام , [...]

    19. What an imaginative tale filled with adventure and those common themes that make up an irresistible storyline. I found lovable characters and a plot that made me want more. With a bit of historical fiction thrown in for good measure.

    20. "ابنة الحظ " هي واحدة من روائع الروائية التشيلية إيزابيل الليندي، المدهشة من وجهة نظري، وليس ذلك لأنها تكتب ببساطة استثنائية حتى في أكثر لحظات النص حلكة واستعصاءً، ولا لأنها تعيد للحياة سيلانها ووحشيتها ودفقها البدائي في عروقنا، وليس لأنها تجيد تصوير الشخوص بما يتجاوز حقيق [...]

    21. هذه الروائية الرائعة تضع يدها على الكرة الأرضية بقبضة من إبداع! هي لا تكتب عن شخصيات متنوعة تسحرنا ببريق وجودهم، وإنما كذلك لتلفّ أحداث العالم حينئذ في رِقّ له ملمس المتعة والإثارة والحنين، فأغلب شخصياتها تئن وجع الحنين بقدر ما تتألق ببريق المستقبل في البلاد الجديدة.هذه روا [...]

    22. في رحلة بحثٍ عن "العلم والحكمة" من جهة و"حبٍ ضائع" من جهة أخرى تأخذنا ايزابيل الليندي في روايتها الملحمية . " يبدو أننا جميعاً جئنا نبحثُ عن شيء ووجدنا شيئاً آخر " .بين تشيلي والصين وكاليفورنيا تخلق عوالم بشكلٍ متقن ، مروراً بأحداث كبرى مثل حرب الأفيون وحمى الذهب مرافقين الزا بط [...]

    23. The story begins in Valparaiso, Chile and is focused around Eliza Sommers. An infant Eliza was abandoned on the doorstep of Rose and Jeremy Sommers (brother and sister), and Rose raised Eliza as the daughter. One day, Englishman Jacob Todd comes to Chile, supposedly as a missionary out to convert the heathen population. Many, many pages then ensue with endless bits of information about Todd's life in Chile and his socializing with the Sommers until he's finally run out of town. How exciting that [...]

    24. عمل جبّار , و يضع نفسه أمام تحدّي توثيق مرحلة تاريخيّة مرّت بها تشيلي و بلدان أمريكا اللاتينيّة , ممسكةً كلّ الخيوط المتشابكة و المتداخلة و المعقّدة ببراعة لا تفلت منها القدرة على تشويق القارئ و جذبه بخيط خفيّ نحو المتعة والعيش داخل النصّ و أشعر بميل قويّ نحو أدب أمريكا اللات [...]

    25. Una storia d’amore che supera i confini delle nazioni e delle convenzioni di classe, magicamente raccontata da Isabel Allende con passione e raffinatezza.In realtà le storie d’amore sono due, quella di Miss Rose e quella di Eliza, e la Allende riesce benissimo a farci percepire la determinazione e la forza di queste donne, accomunate dalla passione che, in tempi diversi, le fa vincere il perbenismo e le convenzioni sociali.L’importante è quello che si fa al mondo, e non come ci si arriva [...]

    26. بسبب هذا الكتاب وقعت في غرام ايزابيل الليندي، رواية تاريخية تشيلية ممتعة، تحكي قصة حب ومغامرة نسائية في أزمنة ذكورية متصلبة

    27. I love historical fiction. I enjoyed several parts in this story, but I must say that it was not a page turner for me. I made myself finish. This book is about the power of first love. How your ideal love and your want of love can prevent you from seeing what you really had. Eliza loved her first lover Joaquin to obsession and it takes her years to realize that their love was possibly not true love after all and was sugar coated in her naive, sixteen year old mind. She is so obsessed with Joaqui [...]

    28. قبل عامين تقريبا كنت على موعد لاجراء مقابلة لاختيار اسماء المبتعثين لدراسة الماجستير في منحة الفولبرايت كنت اشعر كباقي المرشحين بقلق واضطراب شديدين فحاول منسقو المقابلات تبديد هذا الجو المضطرب بالحديث عن مواضيع متنوعة عديدة قادتنا أخيرا إلى الحديث عن القراءة والكتب , عند [...]

    29. وهنا سترتوي من ظلك ستُشبع فضولكولن يبقى نوع من الأجناس البشرية التي ستمر عليك إلا وتعرفزيها القليدي ومأكلها اليوميومع ذلك ستستمتع بكل تعريفة جديدة وإن كانت بسيطةابنة الحظ تلك لم تكن سوى فتاة أحضر لها القدر أحداثا لم تكف عن لطمهاووضعها حيث لا يناسب منشأها ولا عمرهالكنها است [...]

    30. Ironically, the strength of this book is the very thing that annoyed me by the end. Allende does an amazing job crafting complex characters and weaving their multiple stories together. Her descriptions invoke all the senses and make the reader feel like she/he is actually experiencing mid-19th century gold-crazy San Francisco. Tracing the lives of a half dozen main characters over seven years through three different countries is no easy task, and while Allende mostly handles it well, there are t [...]

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