The Rose of Shanhasson

The Rose of Shanhasson The Rose of Shanhasson is a superb blend of fully realized fantasy and scorching romance Joely Sue Burkhart dropped me into her fantasy world and left me breathless The Rose of Shanhasson is one of th

  • Title: The Rose of Shanhasson
  • Author: Joely Sue Burkhart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Rose of Shanhasson is a superb blend of fully realized fantasy and scorching romance Joely Sue Burkhart dropped me into her fantasy world and left me breathless The Rose of Shanhasson is one of the best fantasy romances I ve read in years Larissa Ione, New York Times Bestselling AuthorAs Our Blessed Lady s last Daughter, Shannari must rule as High Queen or the GreThe Rose of Shanhasson is a superb blend of fully realized fantasy and scorching romance Joely Sue Burkhart dropped me into her fantasy world and left me breathless The Rose of Shanhasson is one of the best fantasy romances I ve read in years Larissa Ione, New York Times Bestselling AuthorAs Our Blessed Lady s last Daughter, Shannari must rule as High Queen or the Green Lands will fall into eternal darkness Her destiny is to shine against the Shadow, protect the land and people with her magic, and keep the Blackest Heart of Darkness imprisoned Her blood is the key, powered by the love in her heart However, Shannari s heart is broken, her magic is crippled, and the nobles must have forgotten the dire prophesies, because everyone wants her dead.Only love can restore her magic, but her scars testify how love can be corrupted So when a barbarian warlord conquers her army and professes a love like no other, Shannari s first instinct is to kill the mighty Khul Even worse, one of the Khul s guards used to be an assassin a very skilled assassin, if the darkness in the Blood s eyes is any indication The same darkness festers deep in her heart and draws her to the wickedly dangerous man as inexorably as his Khul s unshakable honor Her weakening heart is not only torn between love and duty, but also between two magnificent warriors.Yet neither warrior will be able to help her when Shadow calls her name.A Complete Reverse Harem Epic FantasyBook 1 Beginning of a menageBook 2 MenageBook 3 Full haremWarning two of the men in the harem die one in book 2, one in book 3 , though everyone is reunited at the end.

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    1. The Rose of Shanhasson by Joely Sue BurkhartParanormal Romance – November 1st, 20094 1/2 starsThe Rose of Shanhasson enthralled me with its lush imagery and vivid characters. I felt as if I had been swept away into a world that blended the richness of the Medieval Era combined with stunning fantasy and magic. Since this is smaller publisher I hope that this romance will enjoy the wide readership it deserves. Shannari’s destiny is a hard one. The prophecy foretells that she will wear the Rose [...]

    2. This wasn’t my first Joely Sue Burkhart read so I’m familiar with her way of storytelling but I have to be honest, I was completely blown away by this book! I firstly The Horse Master of Shanhasson, so I had some expectations.The author did not merely meet them, but she had indeed exceeded them!I’m usually a speed reader, but this book I knew I had to read slowly as to savor this reading experience. Literally at the first page, I was completely hooked. Also, I’m more than surprised that [...]

    3. I am waffling between liking this one and not. The story line is great. Princess/Captain in the army/next to be Queen. She is a strong woman and not just physically. The part I am not sure I liked, was that the Kuhl was all about honor, but when it came to her honor, he tried to talk her out of it. Double standards just don't do it for me.There is a lot of blood in this book. They aren't vampires, but there is something about them, mystically, that uses blood. It started off confusing, and it wa [...]

    4. I worship Ms. Burkhart. She is an amazing writer. Each time I read one of her books, I think, why didn't I read this book earlier? I am so glad I purchased this book and enjoyed it thoroughly. Shannari is a literally a warrior princess. I love this strong yet prim and proper lead female character. What I enjoy about Ms. Burkhart's writing style is that she doesn't explain her world or tell me how it works. She reveals the world like a rose opening from a bud into full bloom. Something that reall [...]

    5. I received this book from the author and I'm totally biased cuz Joely is one of the nicest people I know and I totally adore her work. You have been warned! I haven't read a romantic fantasy book as good as this one for a long time. It has everything I love about this genre and even a bit more. I always like it when the fantasy is something special. I don't want to read about orks and elves any longer. I have so had enough of those. I appreciate it when the author creates something new and creat [...]

    6. The Rose of Shanhasson by Joely Sue BurkhartI am feeling pretty conflicted about this story. There were some things that I loved about itol paranormal stuff going on, beautiful and well-written imagery of this fantasy world, and two sexy heroes. There were also some things I didn't loveo much detail about the political conflict, the blood sucking/biting thing was a little off-putting to me and reminiscent of a vampire story (but it's not a vampire story), and I found the heroine's repetitive com [...]

    7. As a fan of the fantasy genre, I have lamented the lack of romance and strongly drawn female characters. The late Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson, et al, are some of my favorite authors, but they just cannot create a compelling romance or write a decent sex scene! In her Shanhasson novels, Ms. Burkhart gives homage to the great fantasy authors that I have mentioned above (and I see a bit of Diana Gabaldon, as well), and her fantasy world-building contains the romance elements, [...]

    8. 1.5 stars because that was, by far, the most weirdly uncomfortable thing I've ever read. And I've read some weirdly disturbing thingsE GOODGuilty pleasures up the wazoo: battles, tough women, warlord, enemies turned lovers, action, darkE BAD1) So damn disturbing with the blood tasting thing and the "shadow" and the "Lake" and the psycho Theo. 2) Where is the world building explanation, because what are the Shadows and marks and Death Riders, and why is Gregar one of them? What's got Varne's pant [...]

    9. “Love; the greatest Gift of all and the greatest Sacrifice.”If you haven’t heard that before, you’ve obviously never read “The Rose of Shanhasson”, the first book of Bloods and Shadows, by Joely Sue Burkhart.In which case? You’re missing out and I’ll tell you why.Joely Sue Burkhart weaves a perfect blend of romance and fantasy. Her poetic prose sucks you in and refuses to let you go as we learn all about this delightfully heart wrenching love story about Bonds, Honor, Duty and ab [...]

    10. The Rose of Shanhasson is an epic story that swept me into a land of sword-weilding princess,barbarian warriors and magic bonds. However it's not for the weak stomached as there is alot of decribed pain and blood. All around a well wrote story that leaves me wanting more and just my luck this is the first of the series:)

    11. When Joely Sue Burkhart asked if anyone was interested in reading and reviewing the Rose of Shanhasson I raised my hand immediately, I liked the blurb but I forgot this tiny little thing… out of all genres, fantasy is my least favorite one. And although this story is labeled as a fantasy romance (and I heart romance), I avoid this genre as much as possible. I dread the extensive world-building and lengthy descriptions of everything and nothing that slows down the pace of the story. It is just [...]

    12. Well wasn't that just as I expected. A lot of similarities to the Their Vampire Queen series. Surrender is way too simple for this author. In places where the imagination has room to run with the story, it falls flat. I would have loved more real fight from the Rose of Shanhasson! For all of her talk of being good with her sword or all the darkness in her, it was all just talk. She only seriously used her sword twice and both times she surrendered easily. As for the Khul, I applaud his consisten [...]

    13. Shea5 so stubborn!I really am enjoying this book, but both is the main character so freaking stubborn and makes me want to strangle her half the time lmao. I cheered at the end of this book and I cannot wait to start the next in the series.

    14. Synopsis: "Shannari is destined to unite the Green Lands.All she has to do is survive a battle with a barbarian, marry the barbarian, escape the very sexy barbarian and his elite warrior band, kill her former fiance,and make it home in one piece. The men in Shannari's life don't take no for an answer easily, and she's definitely worth fighting for. She doesn't believe in love with good reason--her last lover tried to kill her at a most inopportune time. It's a good thing she has fast reflexes, e [...]

    15. At first I had trouble getting into the story, but as I progress in reading I was immersed in a world of wars, intrigues and adventures that I did not want to leave it. Shannari is a stubborn character but loyal to her principles, a true warrior who fights for the good of her people. I really love the relationship between she and Rhaekhar, he is a sweetheart! And as always, Ms. Joely has a pen full of wonderfully descriptive and sensuality. A great start to the trilogy.__________________________ [...]

    16. 3.5 stars?Not sure how to rate this. The world building was a little confusing at times, but in an epic, "where the hell is this story going?" sort of way that kept me reading. I enjoyed the characters, but the pacing was so fast there really wasn't much space to get to know them very well -- one benefit of this being a series is that, hopefully, the character building will be expanded in the next book. This actually reminded me of an old-school, epic fantasy/romance in a lot of ways -- the emot [...]

    17. I must admit this isn't the first time I've read this book. Before it was released in paperback, I read the electronic version. And I must say the second time through was just as pleasurable as the first. Maybe more so. I love these characters and I love the world Burkhart has created for them. As a romance, this book delivers a unique and powerful depiction of love, honor and sacrifice. It's bold and adventuresome, pushing against traditional RWA boundaries (you know, where there must be only o [...]

    18. EPIC!! That's the only way to describe this book!!A very hardened and stubborn Princess, Shannira is everything you can hope in a woman fighting for her life, destiny and people. When she comes across Rhaekhar , she finally meets her match. Add to the mix the Shadowed Blood Gregar, as seductive as he is secretive, Shannira has no chance to escape with her heart untouched. I loved the deep love, passion and devotion Rhaekhar showed from the very beginning. He knows she is the one and only for him [...]

    19. Bit curious as to how her loving two Barbarians will work out seeing her husband is the King of the clan (or "Khul")! Her struggle to accept Khul's love for her gets a bit tedious nearer the end and it would have been better if he HAD been prone to the green eyed demon. Read it in one sitting and enjoyed it! I was very aware it was part of a triolgy though which was a little off putting.

    20. Bring on the barbarian fantasies! Super hot with enough blood and violence to make the rough sex even sweeter. Of course, I have to read the next one 'cause I'm left hanging, but not seeming to mind too much. Must like biting and blood.

    21. A copy of this book is provided to me by the author; I won this book @ the Kinkaversary of the BDSM Group (April 2017)!31-07-'17: ben er niet aan toegekomen enneh het verhaal trekt me ook niet erg aan! 😉 Dus voorlopig terug de boekenkast in.

    22. Lots of hot sex and action, though a bit angsty. The heroine held on to her doubts rather too long for me. But I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

    23. Love love LOVE this series.rong female heroine, hot sexy warriors, magic, fantasy & mythical beastswhat more could a girl ask for?oh yeah.emes of BDSM interwovenoh yesI am in love

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