Put It On the List!

Put It On the List I just went to the store What happens one frantic week when everyone forgets to put the things they need on Mom s shopping list First it s cookies but no milk Then macaroni no cheese And don t even

  • Title: Put It On the List!
  • Author: Kristen Darbyshire
  • ISBN: 9780525479062
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I just went to the store What happens one frantic week when everyone forgets to put the things they need on Mom s shopping list First, it s cookies, but no milk Then macaroni, no cheese And don t even ask about the toilet paper Newcomer Kristen Darbyshire s quirky humor, fresh, graphic style, and sweetly expressive family of chickens will make this a favorite wit I just went to the store What happens one frantic week when everyone forgets to put the things they need on Mom s shopping list First, it s cookies, but no milk Then macaroni, no cheese And don t even ask about the toilet paper Newcomer Kristen Darbyshire s quirky humor, fresh, graphic style, and sweetly expressive family of chickens will make this a favorite with kids and the beleaguered grocery shoppers in their lives.

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      490 Kristen Darbyshire
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    One Reply to “Put It On the List!”

    1. Hurrah for picture books where the responsibility for household chores goes from being mom's problem to being a household problem!

    2. This book is great to serve as an example as to what could possibly happen if an individual's responsibilities are not carried out. The book also stresses the importance of planning and list making. The book serves as a good way to model how young children should start thinking about organization and planning in order to eliminate mishaps. The story also could easily hold a young audience's attention by displaying humor that is still age appropriate.

    3. This was a cute book! I liked the chicken family and their trouble with running out of household items. We have the same problems at our house. I liked that their solution is to keep a running list. We do that too!

    4. This is a funny and humorous book about a chicken family who forgets to put things on the shopping list, such as milk, cheese, and toilet paper. I like how the family in this book relates to our family, and it teaches people to add items to the list.

    5. A family of ducks uses a grocery list, but sometimes they forget things (like toilet paper!). They work together to always use it so they don't miss anything important. This humorous story also goes through the days of the week.Good for preschool or toddler storytimes.

    6. The story of a chicken family of four and their grocery shopping troubles, Put It On the List is fun for both kids and adults. Kids will find the mismatches suggested when a proper item is missing hilarious and gross (Pancakes, no syrup? How about ketchup!), while adults will recognize the "joys" of grocery shopping with kids and enjoy the deadpan humor. Darbyshire's illustrations (Done in acrylics? No illustration note, boo.) are delightfully offbeat, particularly her chickens with their spindl [...]

    7. Though they are supposed to put things on the shopping list, everyone in the family forgets. So the chicken family runs out of a lot of things and other times have to get creative. Pancakes but no syrup means that ketchup may just be the solution! But when the family runs out of diapers, band-aids, and toilet paper, that's enough. So they hold a family meeting and come up with a new plan to really use the list and to help with the shopping. And the final golden rule, that in an emergency they or [...]

    8. Five Currant Buns(Count down to zero buns)Five currant buns in a Bakers shop,Round and fat with sugar on the top,Along came a kid with a penny one day,Bought a currant bun and took it away.Going ShoppingCome to the store with me(beckon with hand)Just down the street(point)We don’t need a car(pretend to steer a car)We can go on our feet(walk in place)Daddy wants cherries(make small circles with fingers)And apples and steak(big circle for steak)Mother wants bread(make long shapes for bread)

    9. A story of a chicken family who is very forgetful when it comes to writing down on the grocery list things they are out of. I read this for story time and it was great. The kids enjoyed the weird combinations like pancakes with ketchup because they forgot to buy syrup. And who doesn't think it's funny when you run out of toilet paper well probably the person on the toilet. Anyway, this is a great read aloud that you can camp up by seeming to be horrified enough for kids to think it's really funn [...]

    10. What happens when you forget to put something on the list? You run out! And what happens to Mom when you run out of things that should have been on the list? Wellwe don't even want to talk about that. I really enjoyed this book because it was a humorous look at what happens when we run out of things we need at home. The pictures are fun, and the words are large and easy to see. This would be a good read aloud book! Also, the days of the week are presented, so it's a chance to practice those, as [...]

    11. What Mom can't relate to just completing a mammoth grocery shopping trip only to discover that the household is out of a few critical items that didn't make it on the list? Sometimes you can improvise and sometimes you cannot. So the chicken family has a meeting and everyone agrees to put things on the list when they run out of them. They also agree to help Mom with the shopping and to get rid of pickled grubs (send them to Grandma.) Ponies also seem to be a recurring item on the list, much to o [...]

    12. I used this book in my preschool storytimes as well as in my kindergarten and first grade storytimes and all the kids loved it! Of course, it's terrific! And I totally relate to this, as who hasn't tried to get through a week and not have to run to the grocery store for "just one thing" that I've forgotten? It seems like even when I have a list, well, success isn't always guaranteed . . . at least I've never had to serve peanut butter and pickled grub on macaroni casserole.

    13. This can be a text to use when teaching the days of the week (pre-kindergarten/kindergarten) and it also has different lessons incorporated such as: being responsible. It's a story about a family who work as a team to use a "list" to write down the things that they need at the grocery store. Also, it can be a story about being a team player and the importance of working together towards a common goal.

    14. I'm afraid I'm too far-removed from this sort of domestic situation, but the chicken family's difficulties with having all of the right groceries at the right times rang true from what I remember of being in a family the exact same size as this chicken family. I really enjoyed the artwork, which was simply designed buy somewhat meticulously painted, and Darbyshire had a neat eye for nicely observed details, like the baby chick's cut up pizza on a plate during a pizza dinner.

    15. I really enjoyed this book! I think that it is a very practical book because this is something that happens to every family. I think kids would like this book and it could go along with some great activities. The reading would be great for new readers because it is simple words and includes some sight words.

    16. HILARIOUS! This story will resonate with moms like me! Do you ever go to the grocery store and forget your list? I know I do. I frequently find myself running out of household items just like the mom in this story. When the mama chicken is served ketchup on her pancakes, she decides its time for a change.

    17. My daughter picked this out at the library and what a wonderfully unexpected surprise. The premise is simple.is family of birds is really bad about putting things on the grocery list as they run out. Mom finally draws the line and the results are very cute. A fun story that is sure to entertain kids (and adults like me too).

    18. A cute story about a family of chickens who learn to get organized and put things on the list when they run out. There are quiet jokes here that will be found by attentive readers or interested adults. The illustrations are lovely, and the simplicity of them along with the color choices add to the story's appeal.

    19. This is a very fun book to read aloud to students. It teaches them how important it is to follow rules, to write things down so you won't forget it, how to make lists, and it teaches them how two things go together. For math the students can count the items on the list. The students can also study the words on the list.

    20. LOL funny! Point of view from the young chick who says what they don't have at home they have cookies but no milk, then the next day they have milk but no cereal Finally mother chick decides to create a grocery list! Great fast read for the preschool storytime group and the parents will easily relate!

    21. What happens when you run out of things? Well, you're supposed to put it on the list. But in the Chicken household that hasn't been happening and the results are funny and help remind kids that helping out with things like lists is important.Ben now reminds us, when he sees he's running low on something . . . put it on the list!

    22. Just the typical confusion in a typical family. We have cereal, but no milkwe have pancakes, but no syrup we have macaroni, but no cheese. You get the idea, and the kids we find it hilariously funny. Used for food-themed spring storytime session- April, 2010.

    23. This tale rang too truee family who is constantly forgetting to get something at the grocery store. The decide to keep a list to solve the problem. My daughter loved the hidden pony picture or reference on each page.

    24. Funny funny funny, but the humor is more for adults, I don't think kids would really get it. Could be a great book for parents who want to read to their kids but are sick of the traditional picture books. I don't expect it to fly in a storytime :(

    25. Really pretty goofy. And I thought they were ducks at first. And I know animals and cartoon are made human-like, but it seemed silly to have them shop for dairy. I suppose they would eats eggs though. :P

    26. What happens when the family doesn't put things on Mom's shopping list when they run out? Peanut butter, no jelly; macaroni, no cheese; and don't even ask about the toilet paper. Lovely ending: the family has a family counsel and decides to help Mom out with the shopping list and shopping.

    27. This was a really cute book. When you forget to write down the grocery items you need, you will inevitably forget something! I think every family on the planet can relate to this story! My favorite line was "Saturday was the day mom flipped out."

    28. A fun, quirky booke kids have thought it was really funnyobably because it hits way too close to home here at our house. We aren't good at shopping lists and frequently find ourselves in the same dilemma as the characters in the story. Cute story

    29. Cute pictures, and a clever idea about remembering what to buy at the store. I did like the line about chickens not having teeth. But since I'm the one who takes a list to the stores and still manages to forget stuff we need's a little annoying. ;-)

    30. A humorous story about what happens when no one puts the much needed groceries on the shopping list on the refrigerator. A silly picture book with a gentle lesson that will be appreciated by both the organized and disorganized.

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