Reaping The Immortal

Reaping The Immortal Holly Dent is one overworked Reaper After receiving orders from the Reaper s Guild she s arrived in the beautiful Nocturne Falls for her next assignment to assist the passing of one Max Hyland She qu

  • Title: Reaping The Immortal
  • Author: Pamela Labud Kristen Painter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Holly Dent is one overworked Reaper After receiving orders from the Reaper s Guild, she s arrived in the beautiful Nocturne Falls for her next assignment to assist the passing of one Max Hyland She quickly realizes he s devilishly handsome, wickedly charming and, Immortal Immune to her magic, he has only one real power not dying Careful with his heart Max is resigned tHolly Dent is one overworked Reaper After receiving orders from the Reaper s Guild, she s arrived in the beautiful Nocturne Falls for her next assignment to assist the passing of one Max Hyland She quickly realizes he s devilishly handsome, wickedly charming and, Immortal Immune to her magic, he has only one real power not dying Careful with his heart Max is resigned to remaining alone for all eternity until the beautiful Reaper appears on his doorstep Even though she s bent on helping him pass from this life to the next, he can t help wanting to learn about her Torn between her growing affection for Max and completing her assignment, Holly calls upon her old mentor for help However, as she and Max become closer, she learns that her former teacher has plans of his own, for taking the soul of an Immortal gives a Reaper great power enough to destroy the Guild once and for all Holly and Max must find a way to defeat him, for, if they fail, Max s life is forfeit Magic, intrigue and romance ensue when it comes to Reaping the Immortal

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    1. Wow, was that bad! I didn't particularly like the characters, they had no chemistry between them and frankly, I did not understand what they saw in each other. The story was weird. The familiar who was just there, mostly in a birdcage. Big reveal about what she truly was, but she can't help. Why would his brother 'betray' him when his their life-force is tied together and if one dies the other does too? And finally, all the charm of Nocturne Falls is totally absent from this read. The setting co [...]

    2. I loved this book! And this book was longer than others, full size novel, which is always a plus. Pamela Labud's writing is beautiful and she managed to project Nocturne Falls with minimal interaction with the place and the existing characters. I was quite surprised to see that she mostly writes contemporary and historical romance, as she did such a great job with paranormal, like that was her main thing.There are two main characters, Max, a regular immortal and Holly, a reaper. Their story flow [...]

    3. This is one in a series of stories being released in the "Nocturne Falls Universe" and I'm not going to lie . when I saw there was a reaper story I was excited. I personally have a soft spot for them, for some strange reason, so I was particularly pleased to see this appear.Overall this was an enjoyable read. There were a few little things that bothered me about it but nothing that stopped the main story from being a good one. This is slightly longer than some of the other "universe" books and I [...]

    4. I had been looking forward to the Nocturne Falls Universe books since their announcement. I choose Reaping The Immortal first though it was hard to pick one to start with. This was an interesting read, with many good things going for it. Interesting characters, sound plot and a bit of romance too. There were a couple of things that let this particular book down though. First, the many typos, bad grammar etc got irritating after a while. I feel a fresh edit would have benefited this book greatly. [...]

    5. Kristen Painter has extended the Nocturne Falls Universe and got a bunch of authors to write novellas. I think they are a must read for fans of the Universe. And also a great way to discover new author- or at least to me they were all new authors. It actually pains me to say this, but I didn't much care for Holly and Max. I found their back and forths rather annoying. By the end of it, I didn't care if they got together or not. But let's just point out, this was sooo insta. It's an interesting t [...]


    7. I really wanted to like this book because I love everything Nocturne Falls, but it fell flat for me. I didn't fall in love with the characters like I normally do which left me not really caring about them and their story. I did finish the book because I kept hoping it would grab me but it never did.

    8. As will all my reviews there are no spoilers and no story recap. This short story is written in third person and has no explicit language or sexual scene. While this is a part of the Nocturn Falls Universe created by Kristen Painter it can be read as a standalone without having read any other book in the series and it can be read in no particular order if you haven’t (for some strange reason) already gobbled up all the other stories/books of Nocturn Falls. I have not read any other stories by [...]

    9. This is a great book; this book is part of the Nocturne Falls Universe. Nocturne Falls is a town that celebrates Halloween 365 days of the year. The town is a place where supernaturals can live with the humans and not have to hide what they truly are. I love the Nocturne Falls series by Kristen Painter and was so happy to get to read new to me authors but have the setting in one of my favorite series. Holly Dent is an overworked Reaper and has received orders from the Reaper’s Guild to reap Ma [...]

    10. I can't bring myself to give this 3 stars. I'm giving it 2 only because I like the concept in the ending. I honestly just could not bring myself to like the writing. I resorted to speed-reading (it's kind of like cheating, I know, but I just couldn't bear reading all the words).There was no sense that this book was in Nocturne Falls. Beside -what- the characters are (a Reaper, an Immortal, a shapeshifter etc), this story might as well occur in any other universe. At some parts, I could almost he [...]

    11. The story was fine, but I purchased this book as I believed it was a Nocturne Falls story. Just putting Nocturne Falls Universe on the cover was not enough for me. Not one place, street or Nocturne Falls resident was named in this book. So how was this a Nocturne Falls story and not any old paranormal romance? I had believed the author Kristen Painter sanctioned these stories, so why could it not have named places like Howler's or said Sheriff Hank Merrow instead of werewolf sheriff. I realize t [...]

    12. This is one of the Nocturne Falls Universe books set in Kristen Painter's Nocturne Falls. Pamela did a wonderful job bringing in new characters to Nocturne Falls and respecting the magic and town that Kristen set up. We learn more about the town through her writings, and I really enjoyed reading her book. Her characters are well rounded and easily related to. I truly enjoyed her addition to Nocturne Falls and hope to see more of her work soon.5 stars.

    13. I love the Nocturne Falls books by Kristin Painter. So why not try these. This was the first one I read. And very much enjoyed it. The book could use some editing but it was a good story & really liked the characters. I have already purchased the other 5 to read. So on to the next

    14. I rate this book somewhere below "okay" but upwards of "dreadful". Somehow the feel of the Nocturne Falls series just wasn't there. The only continuity with the series was the narrator (Audible edition). I couldn't finish it.

    15. This one was almost a DNF! What utter tosh! Unengaging characters, a pathetic villain and innumerable typos and non sequiturs.

    16. Awesome read! Oh I loved Holly and Max! They were so cute! This one is my favorite from the Nocturne Falls Universe.

    17. GreatAnother welcome addition to the Nocturne Falls Universe. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment featuring a Reaper, an Immortal and a feisty bird!

    18. Great addition to nocturne fallsThis just adds to the wonderful world we all love in Nocturne Falls. I was optimistic but wary on reading this, but Pamela kept the charms and quirkiness that I love from Kristen. Great job Pamela!

    19. Very good!This is the first book that I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I loved that it was part of the Nocturne Falls universe. I highly recommend that you try it!

    20. Holly Dent is a Reaper sent to bring someone to the other side in Nocturne Falls. The hotel she made reservations at made a mistake and they are booked. They recommend the Funeral Home. They take in lodgers. When she gets there and the owner Max is the person he is supposed to Reap except he is an immortal. They feel strong emotions for each other making it hard to do her job. He says it is a mistake he is an immortal. She calls her mentor who has evil machinations toward Max. He will get great [...]

    21. This book had great potential and started off rather interesting. Unfortunately, it got rather jumbled at the end with a little too much happening but not a lot of explanation at the same time. The characters felt weak while the story ran away. And it really didn't have a lot to do with the Nocturne Falls UniverseThe familiar is actually the Greek god of war but has no real powers to help fight except by joining consciousness together so she can hear the thoughts of those around. but it never ha [...]

    22. Reaper Holly Dent's new assignment is to reap Max Hyland. She doesn't no he's immortal. How do you reap an immortal? Max can't believe his ticket has been called. After all he shouldn't be able to die. Is someone after him or is this a joke. You are going to love Holly and Max. And just keep routing for them.

    23. Dead set brilliantPamela LaBud did an awesome job on this story. Just enough of NF to fit in to the universe while giving us a totally heart stopping plot and fight to the death story to fall in love with.

    24. It may sound trite, but I loved that this new addition to the NF universe spin off was a longer read. Although the other stories were charming, the length and depth (without any unnecessary fillers) was surprising and satisfying. The introduction of reapers into the NF universe was interesting and the inclusion of an almost shadow version of NF in the form of the shady Underworld just highlighted for me how idyllic Nocturne Falls is and makes you appreciate how each of the canonical characters w [...]

    25. This is a sort-of spin off, sort of tie-in to the Nocturne Falls books that author Kristen Painter writes and while it may not have the exact same feel as hers, it is pretty close. There are some things in this story that I wasn't a fan of, such as the portrayal of the Reapers (based on Painters version) as well as the banter between Max and Holly was a bit annoying at times. The back and forth between them really grated on my nerves at times. I wasn't sure that I wanted either of them to make i [...]

    26. Reaping the Immortal by Pamela LabudA Reaper in the funeral home of Nocturne Falls.An interesting twist. It's a story of reaper magic, an immortal and underlying deceit.Very little of Nocturne Falls other than periphery surroundings. A bit disappointed because it's supposed to be part of the series loosely. Minor Editing issues such as dinner, tiramisu and then going for ice cream.Darker than the standard Nocturne Falls. Yang and yang. They are draw to each other but then remember they shouldn't [...]

    27. I received an advance reader copy and I voluntarily reviewed.Reaping the Immortal is written by Pamela Labud in the Nocturne Falls Universe.Reaper Holly Dent is sent after an Immortal, Max Hyland. Turns out he's more than she can handle alone, and since he won't submit, Holly calls on her former mentor, a retired Reaper.But Max insists that as an immortal, he is immune to the reapers scythe. Is there a conspiracy?Holly and Max encounter an adventure neither expected; will either of them survive? [...]

    28. Holly is a reaper on the job. She's been sent to reap the soul of an immortal. Max is said immortal and he's very attached to his life and not ready or willing to give up his soul for the reaping. Needing a place to stay because the towns accomodations are sold out Holly is left staying with Max as well as trying to reap him. This was a little darker than the usual Nocturne Falls books. Dealing with death and immortality there's not a lot of room for Max and Holly to peruse their romance. This b [...]

    29. Reaping the Immortal is a good addition to Kristen Painter's Nocturne Falls Universe. The story is well written and interesting and I liked the two main characters. My problem arises with author Pamela Labud's familiarity with Painter's own writing about the character of Reapers. Painter has used the supernatural character of a reaper in two separate books and Labud's reaper doesn't seem to have quite the same traits. This bothered me but may not be a problem for other readers. Over all, it was [...]

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