Full Mountie

Full Mountie Lachlan days I ve wanted Beth beneath me begging for release One long angst filled year we ve circled each other keeping things strictly professional But I ve also got shit in my past that comp

  • Title: Full Mountie
  • Author: Ainsley Booth Sadie Haller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lachlan 365 days I ve wanted Beth beneath me, begging for release One long, angst filled year we ve circled each other, keeping things strictly professional.But I ve also got shit in my past that complicates relationships And I should know better than to hope secrets can stay buried.Hugh A year Try ten A decade ago, I let Lachlan walk away because deep down, I knew heLachlan 365 days I ve wanted Beth beneath me, begging for release One long, angst filled year we ve circled each other, keeping things strictly professional.But I ve also got shit in my past that complicates relationships And I should know better than to hope secrets can stay buried.Hugh A year Try ten A decade ago, I let Lachlan walk away because deep down, I knew he needed something else.As soon as I laid eyes on her, I understood what I was up against he loves Beth Looks at her in a way he d never look at me.I get it.Curvy, smart, and bossy I just might love her, too.Beth Two men Two first dates.Two first kisses But this doesn t feel like a love triangle.Oh no It s much complicated than that I m not complaining I m game for anything I just have one rule never at workCURITY BRIEFING Warning there are no limits to these Mounties willingness to please Never underestimate the strength of a woman Sometimes the past can come back and bite youif you re lucky Top secret clearance means three doesn t need to be a crowd

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    1. 3* north star STARS!Review @Midnight RomanceI was waiting for Lachlan's story but didn't anticipate this book will be a M/M/F menage. I'm still grey area with this relationship because the M/M problem but I'm trying to stay positive. I really liked the previous books, and I hoped this one will live my expectation. Sadly it didn't quite deliver.Lachlan was introduced as Gavin's (the Prime Minister) head of security who has crush with Beth, Gavin's secretary. But he's unsure to get to close with B [...]

    2. #FuckingHugh . my girlie parts are singing in anticipation!!This series has been tremendously special from the start but Full Mountie was more than just special. The story was remarkable. It’s a story that began to brew in Prime Minister, simmered oh so low in Doctor Bad Boy and then just boiled when it was its turn :)“Because this is Beth. The woman I’ve been wanting since the first moment I saw her. The woman who’s made me ache to be right here every single day for the past year. And t [...]

    3. Beth has been in love with Lachlan for the past year but the two have yet to do anything about it. However everything changes when Hugh comes back into the picture. Hugh and Lachlan had a history ten years ago and feelings are still present.Beth gets asked out by Hugh and she also gets asked out by Lachlan. The story is about how all three get along together and how they make a relationship work. Overall the book was just okay but there was very little actual story line which was disappointingni [...]

    4. Ainsley and Sadie are at it again, but this time those damn Frisky Beavers are about to get filthy. For the last year, Lachlan has had it bad for Beth, assistant to the Prime Minister, but unwilling to act on his attraction. But when Hugh steps up and is willing to wine and dine Beth, it sets the wheels in motion for an explosive romance. For Beth, she’s been in love with Lachlan but is suddenly intrigued by Hugh. Even with Lachlan willing to make his play, she can’t seem to want to give up [...]

    5. Sweet mother of God, this was H-O-T. The writing was great, which I had no doubt of because I love Ainsley Booth's books and all of this series. But the heat was turned up to level 12 on this one. New life goal: A threesome with 2 hot RCMP officers. Honestly, I thought the conflict was great - the world isn't quite ready to fully accept polyamory - add that to some bi boys and I definitely understood the conflict that our trio had about going public. But I loved them all together SO much, found [...]

    6. When I realized that this installment of the Frisky Beavers was a menage, I was giddy - giddy, I tell you! Because what's better than well-written menage? Nothing, that's what! So the potential for greatness was huge here (take that however you'd like;)! Unfortunately, that potential went unrealized, unrealized to the tune of only 3.5 stars. Aaargh! While parts of this book were really very good, a lot of it was vague and written with a definite lack of emotion. Beth's character was really flat, [...]

    7. Sexy Times ThreeThis is the third installment in the Frisky Beavers series. I enjoyed it, but found it a little more difficult to get into the characters heads. Lachlan/Beth, Beth/Hugh, and Lachlan/Hugh were easy to read and love, but Lachlan/Beth/Hugh was harder to grasp emotionally, I think because it was harder for the characters emotionally, as well. Lachlan and Hugh, especially, each had a struggle with where all of the pieces of the emotional puzzle fit, whether or not the "triad" could be [...]

    8. "He’s reading my body like a book. No, like a conductor, and I’m sheet music. Not only is he familiar with all the notes, but he’s bending them a little, making the music new and fabulous and something I want to experience again.""You are my North Star,” I whisper. “Everywhere I am, no matter what I’m doing, I gravitate toward you. You hold still in the swirling chaos so I can find my way to you. You are bright and constant in my sky.”Review to come.

    9. Absolutely loved this fantastic book. Lachlan, Beth and Hugh are the perfect trio. As Beth puts it man-Beth-man sandwich. That's one yummy sandwich I would like a bite of. This book is smoking hot with some of the best chemistry I have read this year. It's also a romance that explores the fact that love doesn't come in a neat box. You don't get to choose who your heart wants and that's ok. Love is Love. MMF and MFM scenes. Definitely recommend this book

    10. 5 Stars I give Full Mountie by Ainsley Booth five stars. This is book Three of The Frisky Beavers series. Like all of Ainsley’s other books this is a book about couples that like to dabble a little in the BDSM scene but are not hardcore at it. Keep in mind you can read this as a stand-alone book but to understand two of the Characters you may want to read the first two books first. This book deals with a M/F/M relationship with some scenes that are M/M so if you do not enjoy that you may not l [...]

    11. I feel in love with both Lachlan and Beth in the first book of the Frisky Beaver series and wanted their story ASAP. When I found out Lachlan and Beth's book wasn't going to be just them but with another character, I was so disappointed. Long story short, I was not going to give up on Lachlan and Beth and decided to read Full Mountie. I'm so glad I did because this book isn't like most ménage books where one, two or three characters get jealous. No jealousy here at all, which I love because tha [...]

    12. Lachlan, head of security for the Canadian PM, has been pining after the PM's admin assistant, Beth, for the past year. But he refuses to do anything about it. But when Hugh, a guy from Lachlan's past, shows up, changes are set in motion. I was really excited about this story, but it fell short for me. First of all, Hugh seemed very manipulative to me - at least in the beginning. And Lachlan was very different what I thought from the previous books. When it was hinted that Beth wanted to dominat [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. This won't be a full review because it's been so long since I read this one. I liked this book, but didn't love it. This is a MMF menage between Beth, Hugh and Lachlan. I felt like this story was a little too complicated. Hugh and Lachlan previously had a relationship. After they broke up, Lachlan left and has been working with, and in love with secretly, Beth. Now Hugh is back and is working with them both. Hugh still wants Lachlan, but Lachlan wants both Beth and Hugh. They end up i [...]

    14. DNF 70%I like the chemistry between Lachlan and Beth, but I believe the introduction of Hugh is purely for the purpose of shock factor and as a set up for the threesome.I cannot believe I am typing this, but I think this book had way too much sex and took the focus off the real story, which is romance.I nod off while reading about their sex scene, can you believe it! It wasn't that they are not hot of steamy, it's just I am not convinced of their relationship and grew bored quickly.This is not a [...]

    15. Awesome book!I've loved all of the Frisky Beaver books, but really enjoyed this one especially - I think because I could see any of the 3 in a relationship with one of the others but the 3 of them together is AMAZING! Also that the authors showed that it was all sunshine and roses once you're in a triad/polyamorous and that it's just like any couple relationship (maybe more differences since there is at least 1 more person involved) and that communication is KEY to making it work.Also loved the [...]

    16. I wish there was a 3.5 rating, because I would have picked that! I have to say that for a M/M/F the hot, sexy scenes were spot on. What I didn’t like was that, as part of a series, it wasn’t a stand alone book. I felt like I was already in the middle of a relationship. And the storyline was rather weak. It was work, dinner, coffee or the bedroom, not much in between. However, if you’re looking for some kinky steam that erotica novels are known for, this is the story for you!

    17. This book was hot, hot, hot! So much sexiness and angst. There's man on man, man on woman, and man-woman-man. If that's not your thing, thus book isn't for you. It's yThe 3rd in the series and while you don't have to read the others, it's helpful for the secondary characters. Tge writing is great and there's real emotion ad well.

    18. It took me a little while to come around to Hugh -- maybe because we'd gotten to know Lachlan so well? I also wasn't sure I would love Lachlan's submissive side, particularly with Beth. But overall, I really enjoyed the book. I think they came together as a threesome in fits and starts, but by the end I really wanted all of them to be together. Perhaps not my favorite of the series.

    19. I’ve been waiting for this one since we read about Lachlan and Beth swapping longing glances in book 1. I loved how Beth, Lachlan and Hugh developed their relationship, the bumps felt real, and they learned to open up and talk things through. Their dynamic was so, so good. Hot, sexy, passionate and intense. Everything that I think a poly relationship should be. Bought from kobo

    20. Omg!!! Can I please be in the middle of a Hugh and Lachlan sandwich. Beth is so lucky to end up with two amazing alphas!! Friskys beavers are hot and sexy as hell! Each book for me has been better than the last!

    21. I love love love love love Lachlan's story! And Hugh's!!! I felt like this was a really well thought out book. The characters, the story, how they all fit together, it all just worked so wonderfully. Can't wait to see the next book!!!!

    22. I enjoyed this book, but it didn't do it for me the way that the two previous books did. Still, it was interesting to read a book about a polyamorous relationship that was also a love story between three people. Not something that you hear very often!

    23. Good, dirty read with likable charactersThis was another good, dirty book with likable characters for me. Ainsley always has a way to throw in real stories with her kinky characters and I for one dig it.

    24. This book had so much unrealized potential. The problem was lack of plot. Nothing really happens. The author set up conflict with one of the characters feeling less than worthy of this polyamorous relationship, but it gets resolved too easily.

    25. When three are as oneLoved this story about Beth and Lachlan and Hugh and their relationship as a threesome and the back-story for Lachlan and Hugh. Perfect HEA and the epilogue and photos are a fine finishing touch.

    26. What an incredible ride! This book pushes the boundaries and makes you think about what defines love. Love doesn’t fit in a neat little box with a perfectly stenciled label and a symmetrical bow. It can be messy, it can be enormous, it can cause you to question who you are. Until you accept yourself, you can’t truly love and be loved in return. Such deep thoughts after this dirty trip through love lost, love denied, and love found! Our travels through the innermost offices of the Canadian go [...]

    27. I woke up early on Tuesday morning, ecstatic about getting this new installment to the Frisky Beavers series. And before I get started, I just want to say that I respect Ms. Booth and Ms. Haller immensely. I think that their collaboration in this series has been wonderful for this world of readers. That is why it truly pains me to write this reviewME MAY CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING AS CONTAINING MILD SPOILERS. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ THIS BOOK.The positives:• The writin [...]

    28. I feel like I've been waiting forever for Lachlan's book, and it was totally worth it! I absolutely adored this story. Lachlan, Beth, and Hugh were perfect together. It was awesome to see how the authors were able to pull the past relationship between Lachlan and Hugh into the present. And how Lachlan's feelings for Beth were the final puzzle piece to help him accept who he truly was. Watching Hugh fall for Beth was so swoony too. I loved the connection between these 3. They all weaved in perfec [...]

    29. This book was so so so so good. Best poly triad romance novel I have ever read. Seriously. It was awesome and hot and magical and very real. (well, as real as you can get in this setting). Loved it.

    30. This is the third book in the Frisky Beavers story line, by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller. It's an engaging story of love shared among a couple of three. That's right. That's not a typo. But this is not your typical love triangle or menage tale. You could read "Full Mountie" as a stand-alone novel, but it's so much better if you read the first two books ("Prime Minister" and "Dr. Bad Boy") ahead of this one. That's where we're first introduced to Beth and Lachlan, and Hugh makes his appearance [...]

    31. So if you don't like committed M/M/F this is not for you. It's fine with me and I thought this book was not only hot but also tender. There's a love story here. Actually multiple.Lachlan has wanted Beth ever since he met her. However, in his past, Lachlan had another love, Hugh. At the time he couldn't accept that he was bisexual and he left Hugh behind.Now Hugh's back and Beth's here, and they all fall in love. It's a long story as each pair explores their two-way relationship and then we get t [...]

    32. Lachlan is the Canadian Prime Minister's head of security and friend. The PM, Gavin, and his soon-to-be wife, benefited from Lachlan's knowledge and experience in the world of kink, but they can't figure him out, as he seems to have embraced the lifestyle of a monk. As it turns out, Lachlan is still suffering from the loss/regret of his first great love - Hugh. Having had such a hard time reconciling the fact that he was bisexual, Lachlan left Hugh behind 10 years before when Lachlan moved away [...]

    33. Steamy and fantastic That is all I have to say about this book and yes keep a change of panties readyThis book is super hot.

    34. Hot hot Mountie loveI couldn't wait for this book to come out and I was not disappointed. The three way romance was kinda unexpected, but not surprising given the background of Lachlan and Hugh. Beth was a pleasant surprise in her reaction to both men.The story certainly isn't a traditional romance, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and there was so much love in the relationship of these three.I adored Hugh. He was so hot and macho, tender and sweet. Lachlan was a bit of a frustration as [...]

    35. Like anyone familiar with the Frisky Beavers series, I couldn't wait for Lachlan's story and of course, I was hoping Beth was an active part of it. What I wasn't expecting was Hugh and how much of a role that he would be playing in their story. If you're not into MMF romances, then this book isn't for you however, you would be missing out on a truly epic love story that works for them.If you haven't read any of the Frisky Beavers books before, Beth is an assistant to Canada's Prime Minister. Lac [...]

    36. holy hawt damn.talk about hawt!!! ainsley and sadie do it againa great steamy novel that shouldn't be read in public due to overheating from reading it and in need of a fan to cool off. lol the story is a continuation from the previous books where its focuses mostly on lachlan, beth and newcomer hugh. there is much history btn laclan and hugh and now beth is smack dab in the middle. lachlan had kept his feelings for Beth under wraps for a whole yr but when hugh persues her lachlan takes notice a [...]

    37. What a great addition to this series! I did find it a bit drawn out in the beginning as we work up to them finally coming together as a threesome. Lachlan had a lot of issues to work through in his own mind. I did enjoy Hugh's cockiness. Heat and storyline were dialled up immensely when they all accepted that they were going to be a threesome though. I did have a few "he did not just do that" moments that left me reeling and emotional at the time. Gavin and Ellie's wedding was described beautifu [...]

    38. Full MountieI was left speechless. I sort of love hate this book. The triad of loving was off the chart hotness. But I waited so long for Lachlan story and it left me feeling like it was missing something. Lachlan was so different in the other books. The secret was his sexuality. I just wanted more from this book. I mean love is love so let that kink flag fly. But come on Lachlan story deserved some action and mystery. It had plenty of sexual angst and drama. I loved the series thus far but this [...]

    39. Full Mountie was an intense, passionate, and truly sensational read!From the beginning to the two epilogues my eyes were glued to the pages like my life depended on it. Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller give us page after page of heartbreaking, chest tightening, heart warming, and intensely passionate goodness. Beth, Lachlan and Hugh's love story is one that will move you and one that will give you hope. I enjoyed every single minute of it! If you are looking for a love story with fun characters, i [...]

    40. 4.5 starsThis is not the book for those just looking for a sweet romance. This is hot and heavy from start to finish.I really do feel for Lachlan. He has never really been excepting and open with who he is and who he wants. He struggles with being bisexual and open about it. He has loved Beth from the beginning but because of work he has not acted on it. She has also loved him and has waited for him to make a move. High sees it right away.When Hugh comes back into his life he is thrown for a loo [...]

    41. My favorite Canadian authors are back with the third book in their erotic Frisky Beavers series. Beth, the PM's assistant and Lachlan, the PM's chief of security, have been circling around each other through the first two books. Add in Lachlan's old flame Hugh to make three times the angst and three times the heat. I'm certainly no expert, but this story felt to me like an honest look at a polyamorous relationship, hitting the fun times as well as fears and insecurities. I appreciated the imperf [...]

    42. Full Mountie is the third story in Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller’s fun and steamy Frisky Beavers series. With a backdrop of Canadian politics, the antics of the Prime Minister and some of his kinky friends are the basis of the series, and in this particular story we get a handful of testosterone and kink when the PM’s executive assistant Beth finds herself falling for two handsome police officers who also have some history of their own.Lachlan is the chief of security for the Prime Minister [...]

    43. This is the 3rd book in the Frisky Beavers series. I have ro say this is my favourite. I loved every single chapter and enjoyed reading how Lachlan, Hugh and Beth found love and learned what it means to be in this kind of relationship. This story was wonderfully written. The character development made me appreciate the need for all three to tread cautiously to obtaining their desires. The steamy scenes definitely deliver. Fantastic book!

    44. Ahhhh! Full Mountie was NOT what I expected after the little show at the end of Doctor Bad Boy. It was so much more! Lachlan, Beth and Hugh are perfect together, and I love how they have bumps in the road just like any relationship! I don't know which epilogue I like better As to not spoil them for others, one is precious and sweet; two is hot hot hot! And now I want more of Sasha and Tate's story!!!

    45. Another great series book. The road to love is not an easy one for Lachlan, Beth and Hugh. Lots of history between Lachlan and Hugh is not making it easier. Lachlan is a buttoned up private man. Hugh is a devil may care kinda guy. Beth is drawn to both but can't fathom how they would work. Lots of hurt and trust issues come into play. Fortunately love does find a way and there is an HEA for all.

    46. Tks God I'm going to breath againor no! I need to confess that this book is a mark to me. It's hot as hell but is sweet showing that love is a master feeling above everything and that sooner or later it is going to come with total force. This three human beings are super special d of 3 times hot than any other!!!!

    47. Best one yetThis one is my favorite so far. I really liked Lachlan from the beginning and I am so glad his book was worth the wait. I want more than an epilogue though. I want another book about pregnant sexy times and sexy times working around baby exhaustion. Pretty please

    48. Beth, Lachlan and HughFinally Beth's story! M\F\M with M\M action. Totally hot scenes between these lovers and a nice epilogue or two at the end. Highly recommend that you read the books in order to get the maximum enjoyment.

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