Play Hard

Play Hard WARNING Contains two dirty talking hard f cking no apology making alpha males Read at your own risk Wanting him is the riskiest play of allMiami star quarterback Jordan Barr is the hottest man that

  • Title: Play Hard
  • Author: J.T.Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING Contains two dirty talking, hard f cking, no apology making alpha males Read at your own risk.Wanting him is the riskiest play of allMiami star quarterback Jordan Barr is the hottest man that halfback Eric The Brick Higgins has ever laid eyes on, and he s wanted him in his bed for years.When a chance encounter puts the two pro football players in the same toWARNING Contains two dirty talking, hard f cking, no apology making alpha males Read at your own risk.Wanting him is the riskiest play of allMiami star quarterback Jordan Barr is the hottest man that halfback Eric The Brick Higgins has ever laid eyes on, and he s wanted him in his bed for years.When a chance encounter puts the two pro football players in the same town, the same TV studio, and the same locked room, the sparks don t just fly, they burn The chemistry between them is intense, immediate, and explosive and Eric isn t about to miss his chance to have Jordan off the field He ll have Jordan naked in his bed rumors of game fixing haunting both of their teams be damned.Eric is one extraordinarily stunning man, and Jordan would love nothing than to show Eric what it s like to be taken by someone who knows exactly what he wants, in the bedroom and out But Jordan has bills to pay and far too many responsibilities to throw caution to the wind.He has to resist But it s getting hard.Really, really hard.Play Hard is the first installment in a three part MM romance trilogy

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    1. *** 4 Stars what's hotter than sex scenes .xual tension,every time. and the thought of these two getting down and dirty definitely does it for me. ***Well,this looks like being a hot series.It's only about 75 pages with the second two books already available.Eric and Jordan play on different football teams They have lusted after each other for years.Eric has had a privileged lifeJordan has not.He's struggling to take care of his ill mother and family and the last thing he wants is the scandal o [...]

    2. 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the dirty talk alone. I like a dirty talking man and when you have two, it's super sexy time. It's very short and no sex scenes but the dirty talk and the sexual chemistry are super hot.

    3. DNF en el 30 % y no le doy rating. El rolling eyes ha sido muy grande, pero la culpa es mía porque yo sabía que esto no iba a ser mi cup of tea, pero estaba gratis y no perdía nada por probar. Evidentemente, no sigo con la serie.

    4. 3.5 round down to 3 because, my goodness, I want to slap these guys with their back and forth behavior. I thought I left that behind in the MF world. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series though.

    5. Jordan and Eric have known each other since the inner-city camp program. It was when their talent was discovered.Each of them have been playing on different teams but they have always lusted for each other.Jordan can't get exposed. He needs to stay in the game cause of the obligation he has for taking care of his mother and sisters.But obviously they can't stay away from another."I'm not running away. I'm just removing temptation from our path."But maybe he was. Just a little bit.Only because he [...]

    6. Eric and Jordan are both football jocks who have known of each other growing up. Both now playing for professional teams get to run into each other years later doing an interview for a cause they both feel strongly about. That short encounter not only reminds them of their secret fantasies of their youth, but it gives them a chance to act on them, briefly forgetting that they both have something to lose.

    7. MMRG Ultimate Team Challenge February 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018. April Bonus, Twister, Right Foot Green, Sports.Things seemed to happen too quickly in this 70+ page story.Despite the author trying to crate a connection by giving the two MCs a a sort of backstory, it still did not work for me as believable connection in the present beyond sexual chemistry --very hawt chemistry I might add.There is a twist at the end that necessitates reading the next story.

    8. Jordan and Eric are both star quarterbacks for their respective major league football teams. Both have been harboring a secret lust for the other for years. It seems perfect right? It could be, but both are still stuck smelling old gym socks in the closet and with both their teams embroiled in a match fixing scandal, it would be a disaster to even be seen together. But when the fates conspire and both end up in locked in the darkened room of a TV studio, the sexual tension of their chemistry cau [...]

    9. **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**I haven't read a M/M in a while, but this is a great re-indroduction into this genre, as although it has a hot scenes, it is still fairly mild.Both characters have known each other since they were teenagers and both play for different teams, however the chemistry between the two of them runs hot.Both have been hurt in the past, but find themselves drawn to each other, both being alpha male this makes things more fu [...]

    10. 4 Sports Center StarsOMH.OH My Hotness. I have watched a lot of football in my day. The hubby is a coach and both my sons played all through high school. I have never. NEVER. Seen anything like this at one of the games. It would have made sitting on those bleacher so much better. Eric "The Brick" Higgins has a great career. As the star player for the Maurauders, he gets to play the game he loves and give back to his community through camps and charity events. The only problem is that no one real [...]

    11. ~ 3.5 StarsThe MC in this book are Jordan and Eric, both football players - from different rival teams. These two have a history together, having played football together in the past however they couldn't have been more different. Jordan is in the closet - he cannot come out, for fear of messing everything up in his life and its not only his life he is worrying about as he supports his entire family. Eric, he is one who flies by the seat of his pants, he isn't afraid of having a relationship wit [...]

    12. Play Hard is the debut for JT Fox. The Hot for Him series is off to a good start. I'm a big fan of the serial romance so I loved that it was short, hot and left me hanging. Jordan and Eric have known each other for years. They are brought together in the same town for the first time in years and the sparks fly. Eric has wanted Jordan for years and he's not afraid to admit it. But, Jordan is not out and has people in his life that depend on him so he can't risk the exposure. The interactions betw [...]

    13. Give me cock or give me death. That’s how the saying goes, right? Eric and Jordan live that motto in this lip bruising, climax inducing, dirty talking novella. I loved that they were on fire for each other from the start and that their lust burned brightly with every eye-fucking moment that passed.Between the conspiracy theories that swirl around their heads claiming that their two teams are conspiring to fix games and Jordan’s need to stay out of a potential scandal (which coming out of the [...]

    14. I'm sorry, maybe this is a "it's not you, it's me" thing, because everybody else loved it. All the 'so hot' from all the reviews I read was just sot, for me. More meh. Since this was a short novella, I may give the 2nd book a shot but right now I am not inspired.

    15. A great start to a new series! Jordan and Eric are beyond sexy and their chemistry is amazing. That's quite a cliffhangerish ending!!

    16. Very interesting, hot and fun start to the series. Jordan and Eric had pretty insane chemistry, and the one sex scene we got was hot as fuck. There is more than just lust between these two, but there's just an inkling of more, of them possibly falling in love, and romance happening, for now in just this 66 page short story. They're already pretty addicted to each other, which I love, but I can't wait to see it turn into more.The fact that we got their backstories and and hang ups and such meant [...]

    17. This is J.T. Fox's debut novella, and while I enjoyed the story, my exceptions fell very short due to the warning."WARNING: Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. Read at your own risk."Let's just get this out there, There is NO hard fucking. There is No fucking at all.There are a hot hand job and a steamy head job, and some hot self-pleasuring, but that is where it ends. Which is why my rating is a 3.5 star.Now, before someone gives me the "there doesn't have t [...]

    18. This will be my last review of 2015! * I was given an ARC of the book in exchange for my honest review*I'm a huge fan of M/M so I was really anxious to get my hands on this one! Play Hard did not disappoint. Eric and Jordan are both successful NFL players and both plagued by nasty rumors at the moment. Allegations of fixing games are running around. Toss in trying to hide in the closet and family depending on Jordan's ability to stay in the NFL and keep the money coming in, this is one hot mess. [...]

    19. Play Hard is the first novella in a three part series and the first book by J.T Fox and was a debut! I need a hot and quick read and this was exactly that. Eric and Jordan are NFL players are on rival teams that have come together for a great cause. They grew up in the same small town in Florida but were always on the opposite side during the games and in life. They haven't seen each other since they were coaches at a summer football camp after high school and when they meet again, the pull is s [...]

    20. I was given an ARC of the book in exchange for my honest reviewPlay Hard is the first book in a three-part serial from author J T Fox. It follows the story of two successful NFL quarterbacks who are caught up in match fixing allegations surrounding their respective teams, as well as battling super hot chemistry!As this is a novella, the pace of the story moves pretty quick. The author quickly and efficiently introduces a back story to the main characters and some unresolved friction/sexual tensi [...]

    21. A Solid 4 Stars!!Playing Hard by JT Fox is like a scrumptious appetizer, giving us just enough to be satisfied. It's a novella and the first book in a three part series. Some may say it's too short I agree It could have been longer, but even with it's shorter size, it still packs a powerful punch. It's fast paced and gripping. A definite page turner. It's also witty, sexy and emotional. I was pleasantly surprised with this one! What do you get when you put two hot rival football players together [...]

    22. "Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. Read at your own risk."If you're going to start your blurb with a claim like this then you need to make it stick. I've read dirtier, harder, and less apologetic alphas. Not to say this isn't a decent little short, but claims of that nature can raise reader expectations. You might be mistaken for thinking there is actual fucking in this story. There isn't, it's all hand jobs and BJs. Maybe the fucking is in the next install [...]

    23. Well J.T. Fox hit every romance book must for me:Angst-checkHot men-checkSteamy sex-checkAll of the above nicely rounds out the story of Eric and Jordan, two football players looking to finally stop playing games when it comes to love.Eric is a hot shot quarterback that is use to getting what he wants. Jordan is the up and comer, who knows all about Eric Higgins, including his sexual preference. When these two are finally in a room together, there are nothing but fireworks. Super sexy fireworks [...]

    24. Jordan and Eric are football rivals. One a halfback and another a quarterback for different teams. They played football together when they were younger, one on a scholarship the other from the family who provided the scholarship. They were night and day. Jordan must keep his secret, if it's exposed it could ruin his career. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders caring for his family. When a chance encounter brings him face to face with the one man he's always found attractive, he has t [...]

    25. I am reading this as part of a blog tour. When I saw the cover, well hell yes, and I have no objection to double the MAN!! When written well, it is sooo f*&cking hot. and.This is written well. Straight into the story, which with a novella is needed and honestly, it doesn't stop, rest on it's beautifully carved body or lack in the story and sex department. The 'relationship' is a difficult one, both are in the spotlight being pro-sportsmen and there are issues around them and so it is a bit o [...]

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