Un mundo sin fin

Un mundo sin fin Han pasado ya a os desde la publicaci n de Los pilares de la Tierra Ken Follet vuelve al fascinante mundo de Kingsbridge para presentar a sus lectores una magn fica saga pica marcada por el amor l

  • Title: Un mundo sin fin
  • Author: Ken Follett Anuvela
  • ISBN: 9780307392251
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Han pasado ya 16 a os desde la publicaci n de Los pilares de la Tierra Ken Follet vuelve al fascinante mundo de Kingsbridge para presentar a sus lectores una magn fica saga pica marcada por el amor, la guerra y la peste Los pilares de la Tierra narra los acontecimientos de la ciudad inglesa de Kingsbridge entre 1135 y 1174 Con Un mundo sin fin regresamos a Kingsbridge,Han pasado ya 16 a os desde la publicaci n de Los pilares de la Tierra Ken Follet vuelve al fascinante mundo de Kingsbridge para presentar a sus lectores una magn fica saga pica marcada por el amor, la guerra y la peste Los pilares de la Tierra narra los acontecimientos de la ciudad inglesa de Kingsbridge entre 1135 y 1174 Con Un mundo sin fin regresamos a Kingsbridge, pero 153 a os despu s El primer d a de noviembre de 1327 cuatro ni os escapan de la catedral de Kingsbridge para jugar en un bosque prohibido Son, Gwenda, hija de un ladr n, Caris, una ni a excepcional que quiere ser doctora y los hermanos Merthin y Ralph, el primero un genio con la cabeza llena de inventos y el segundo un tirano, cruel y vengativo All en el bosque ser n testigos de una pelea entre un caballero y dos soldados Los soldados mueren y el caballero entierra un documento antes de ingresar en el monasterio de Kingsbridge para convertirse en monje el resto de su vida El contenido de este documento secreto jugar un papel importante en varios momentos de la novela Como adultos las vidas de estos cuatro ni os se ver n entrelazadas por la ambici n, el amor, el odio y la venganza Vivir n momentos de gran prosperidad y tambi n de hambruna a os de guerra y a os de peste Caris, es la hija de un mercader de lana De peque a quer a ser doctora, profesi n prohibida a las mujeres en la Edad Media Sin embargo, Caris no acepta ni esta ni ninguna otra prohibici n Estudia con una curandera y mantiene constantes enfrentamientos con la iglesia Su lucha por la independencia y su determinaci n a no someterse a ning n hombre pone constantemente en conflicto su amor por Merthin Merthin, por su lado, comienza como aprendiz de carpintero y su gran talento le convierte en el mejor arquitecto de Kingsbridge No acepta las restricciones y limitaciones de los que mandan en la ciudad Cuando ve que no puede casarse con Caris ni realizar sus proyectos so ados decide viajar a Italia Ralph, hermano de Jack, tiene un car cter violento, cruel y vengativo Sus proezas en la guerra contra Francia le llevar n a una posici n de poder pero siempre ser v ctima de su propio rencor, corrupci n y odio Gwenda, hija de un ladr n, luchar para conseguir el hombre que adora pero su vida ser siempre dura y trabajar en el campo de sol a sol para alimentar a sus hijos Kingbridge es el lugar central de esta maravillosa novela con su catedral, monjes y monjas, su burgues a y sus obreros Sin embargo, el eje central es la peste, el desastre m s grande que asol la humanidad durante la Edad Media Es la peste la causante de muchas de las calamidades De repente no hab an campesinos para cultivar los campos, ni curas para enterrar a los muertos y predicar en las iglesias, ni mercaderes para comprar y vender y para los que sobrevivieron todo hab a cambiado La peste negra lleg a Inglaterra en 1348 y durante los dos a os siguientes mat entre el 30% y el 40% de la poblaci n Las brotes de peste que asolaron Europa durante cientos de a os crearon momentos excepcionales que propiciaron los acontecimientos extraordinarios que viven nuestros protagonistas.

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    1. We who are born poor have to use cunning to get what we want. Scruples are for the privileged. I must confess-- I am addicted to these Ken Follett novels. I finished World Without End and had to pick up A Column of Fire immediately. I'm also going to get to his Century trilogy at some point. These books are bloodstained historical soap operas and I just can't get enough.Follett knows how to create exactly the right amount of drama and set it to the gory backdrop of history. I've always loved bei [...]

    2. Put some towels down because I sense a fully formedgush geyser about to spill all over this review. This book was fantastic and really did it for me. I loved it, all 1000+ pages, and I wouldn’t have minded if it was considerably longer (TWSS). After more than loving The Pillars of the Earth (that’s right, I lurved it), I had tall hopes for this sorta sequel and let me tell you it was more than up to the task. I was parched and hungry for a good meaty read. Well consider me gorged and my stor [...]

    3. This "companion" novel to Follett's 1989 classic The Pillars of the Earth is set in the same community, 200 years later. I'd been excited about it ever since I heard it was coming out this fall - Maybe too excited, because it just didn't live up to my expectations.The first half of the book seemed a sort-of ho-hum retread of "Pillars". In place of Jack Builder, we have his look-alike great-great-great-many-times-over grandson, Merthin. Instead of Aliena, we get Caris (who I wanted to slap severa [...]

    4. Here’s a book that completely copies the first book in the series. Here’s a book that follows the same sense of narrative progression, character development and resolution as it predecessor. It is one who's characters bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors in terms of individual personality and their place within the story; yet, for all the repetition, Follett churns out an equally as engrossing story as that of The Pillars of the Earth.What have I to complain about? This is one of t [...]

    5. “Whether I’ve been good or bad, I don’t think God will be fooled by a last-minute change of heart.”‘’World Without End’’ is the second installment in Follett’s Kingsbridge series and what a world it is….Set during one of the most turbulent times in European History, amidst the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War and the nightmare of the Black Death that swept over the continent causing the deaths of an unthinkable percentage of the population, it is one more example of why [...]

    6. Set two centuries after Pillars of the Earth, the people of Kingsbridge are at it again. The cathedral built in Pillars is in disrepair after part of the roof caved in, the bridge collapsed, and the prior is dead. Also, the constant maneuvering continuesSo, I fell into a trap with this one. After devouring Dinocalypse Now in a morning, my girlfriend asked if I managed to read an entire book in four hours. I said I had and she slammed me with this, saying it shouldn't take me more than a few days [...]

    7. 5 stars to Ken Follett's World Without End. One of my favorite books of all time I was just mesmerized by the characters and everything they went thru. It is a MUST read.It's a long read, and it takes place hundreds of years ago, but if you can handle the primitive nature of the timeline, the various plots and subplots will astound you. Amazing.I kept getting angry at all the tragedy thrown at the two main characters. How could they suffer so much. And for years. I'll stop there as I don't want [...]

    8. In all practical theory, this book should be on my 'Sucked' shelf. It's a tale of the Middle Ages, the gross injustices of the time, and it truly amounts to a thousand-page Medieval soap opera. It hasn't got much to do with it's predecessor The Pillars of the Earth, except that it's in the same location 200 years later, with characters that are "descendants" of the Pillars characters. There's none of the complex building and architectural aspects found in Pillars, the graphic sex and violence ha [...]

    9. Follett finally completed the sequel to his evergreen historical novel, The Pillars of the Earth, and although I was compelled by the story enough to read all 1024 pages in a week, I was saddened at how poorly the book compares with its predecessor.It is interesting to consider the nearly 20 years between the first book and this sequel. Many things have changed in our culture since then, leading Follett to inject even more egregious anachronisms into this book than the first. For example, the ch [...]

    10. After a lengthy hiatus Ken Follett returns to the series with a second epic tome, (if you pardon the pun) building on the Kingsbridge Cathedral theme laid out in Pillars of the Earth. It is now the mid-1300s, two centuries after Tom Builder, Jack, Aliena, and Prior Phillip helped shape this community. Their presence is felt through ancestral breadcrumbs and mentioned throughout the complex narrative that seeks to breathe new life into Kingsbridge. The narrative develops early with the emergence [...]

    11. Oh, what a long read it was, but no regrets - the book is really good. I was fascinated reading The Pillars of the Earth and "World Without End" enchanted me from the first pages. „World Without End“ is considered the sequel to „Pillars of the Earth“, though none of the original characters reappear. However the descendants of the main family in “Pillars of the Earth” gather to tell the new story about Kingsbridge and the people tied to it. Beginning two centuries after "The Pillars o [...]

    12. Well, Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorite books and I was looking forward to completely enjoying this without reservation. But way back when it first came out, I stumbled onto an online discussion that cited a passage with anachronistic vocabulary, which bothered me. It was very anachronistic. So it was a single passage, but it added some reservation to my anticipated complete enjoyment. And then I got to page 15, and there's this conversation that no two people would ever have under any [...]

    13. World Without End, a follow-up to Ken Follett’s surprise bestseller Pillars of the Earth, steals a page from the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure playbook. A motley collection of insipid characters – if possible, even stupider and less realistic than Bill & Ted – get into a time machine and travel back to year 1327 and the village of Kingsbridge… Wait. Oh, wait. There are no time machines? The characters in World Without End are supposed to represent actual people from the 14th [...]

    14. The Pillars of the Earth was pretty good, but WWE is supposed to be a sequel However, WWE seems to be a 1000 page snorefest after the first book. Perhaps if I had read them 18 years apart then I would not have minded that WWE is a plagiarized (by the same author) copy of TPOTE. They have the same plot, same polar characters (no one is reasonable, they are all so totally overboard in every description), same activities, same cads, same villians, same love story Same everything But the characters [...]

    15. *** 3.75 ***"“You see, all that I ever held dear has been taken from me," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "And when you've lost everything-" Her facade began to crumble, and her voice broke, but she made herself carry on. "When you've lost everything, you've got nothing to lose.”"This is the truth about this book, similar issues I had with"The Pillars of the Earth" - Ken Follet piles up small, every day problems that were typical for all in Medieval Europe, and adds to them more and more [...]

    16. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο ο Follett δημιουργεί ακριβώς με την ίδια συνταγή με την οποία δημιούργησε το πρώτο βιβλίο "Οι Στυλοβάτες της Γης". Ακολουθεί την πορεία μιας παρέας ατόμων για πολλά χρόνια, πάντα στο Κινγκσμπριτζ της Αγγλίας. Συνήθως ο κεντρικός ήρωας είναι δημιουργός (στο πρώ [...]

    17. This is the sequel to "Pillars of the Earth." It's set 200 years after that original book but is very similar in terms of plot and especially character. Every main character from "Pillars" has their parallel in this book: the intelligent, noble builder; the feisty, born-before-her-time love interest; the evil, corrupt nobleman who rapes and pillages his way into power. It gets to the point where you start to wonder why you're bothering reading it. There's absolutely nothing new here.Like "Pillar [...]

    18. One of my book clubs selected this as we had all read and loved Pillars of the Earth when it came out 20 years ago. I got halfway through this tome and decided I didn't want to waste another moment of my life on a book which failed on so many counts. The characters didn't seem real and certainly didn't elicit any sympathy from this reader as they moved from one contrived crisis to the next, the writing was repetitive and juvenile (a gifted high school student could write better), the language wa [...]

    19. I cannot find the words to express how disappointed I was with this book. Having enjoyed "Pillars of the Earth" twice I awaited the issue of the sequel with immense enthusiasm. What a letdown! The characters, the plot,the writing are all dreadfulMr Follett has tried to bring the 13th century into the 21st and it hasn't worked. The gratuitous sex and foul language spoil the book from the first chapter and for the first time in years, I will not be finishing this novel!Very sad to see a good autho [...]

    20. Book 1: 3*Book 2: 3.5*I had heard the rest of the series wasn't as good as book one so I was pleasantly surprised. The book started out much like a carbon copy of its predecessor. It is era two and there are a lot of parallels between many of the characters and the plot. However this one was much darker and the author put more empathy into his character. There were still some head scratching actions of different characters that seems completely out of character for this time period. There were a [...]

    21. When I had in my hands “World without end” I had a mixture of excitement and fear, I will explain it. For me the Pillars of the Earth was and is one of my favourite books, I could say that is within my Top 5 favourite books, so when I first took “World without end” I had a great desire to know what Ken Follett wrote but also I was afraid that comparing to its precursor novel could disappoint me. I was wrong. “World without end” is an extraordinary book, and now I have to say that it [...]

    22. Follett es un misterio para mí, no sé cómo lo hace, como escribiendo libros de más de mil páginas, te mantiene interesado en todo momento y no te aburre, me agradan los libros largos, pero casi siempre me pasa que cuando estoy en una lectura extensa, de un momento a otro siento que me están metiendo relleno (muy al estilo de Naruto) y que el editor pudo haber hecho mejor su trabajo, pero me estoy yendo por las ramas, a lo nuestro. Kingsbridge, han pasado dos siglos desde los eventos de Los [...]

    23. Second Ken Follett, second Ken Follett audiobook, second Ken Follett audiobook listened to in car, first time I have ever wished to be caught in a really humungous traffic jam.This was an enthralling sort of sequel to the The Pillars of the Earth. I say sort of because it is set some 200 years after the end of that wondrous story. Just as the previous novel looked at the building of the Cathedral and the growth of the fictional city of Kingsbridge* through the disastrous 19 year reign of King St [...]

    24. Let me preface this review by saying that I loved Pillars of the Earth. A lot. I thought it was almost perfect, in fact, except for one minor issue that I had with the dialogue sounding too modern for the time period (an issue I had with World Without End, too). After being engrossed in that book, loving, hating, caring about the characters in it, after feeling like I was living in Kingsbridge for 900 pages, I was excited for this follow up. I wanted more, I wanted to be back in that world, expe [...]

    25. "epic, historic novel"??!Good Lord, I must be reading a different book than everyone else.This seems formulaic and forced. Characters are more like caricatures; and what's the deal with everyone fornicating all the time??! Not that there's anything wrong with fornicating per se, I just don't care for books that use it as a major plot device time after time after time.I actually checked the cover to make sure it wasn't "Clan of the Cave Bear" 2.0I'm going to finish this book (I think) 'cause I'm [...]

    26. I think this is one of those rare occasions where the "sequel" turned out better than the original. (I use the term sequel loosely, there are a few references to the first book, but most of what happens is independent of that.) Pillars of the Earth was an amazing story, but I think at times it was a little bogged down with the descriptions of medieval masonry. World Without End certainly has architectural elements, but it was usually a couple quick sentences about how Merthin could build somethi [...]

    27. This book is like the book before the Pillar of the Earth in that it is about the lives of three or four main characters throughout their lives of childhood through adulthood seen through their troubles and hopes every so often in the the city of Kingsbridge, two hundred years after. It starts with two family, the family of Gwenda, who is poor and steals from Merthin and Ralph, making them without broke. It is a book that is epic with their struggle between the them along with other characters, [...]

    28. This is a longry long book. At times it was difficult to get motivated to keep going with it. I have really enjoyed Ken Follett's books in the past, but the endless scheming, plotting and machinations of the characters became tiring. I'm fine with all the sex and hypocrisy of the church. The difficulty I had was that the characters are drawn with very large black and white brush strokes. The protagonists are just way too good and the antagonists are just so evil. There's no grey anywhere and tha [...]

    29. A pretty darn good book - you laugh, you're horrified, the whole gamut - but what makes this a truly amazing "read" is the audio recording by John Lee, who is also the reader of Penguin Audio's recording of "Pillars of the Earth." Both recordings are well worth the time commitment to listen to 30+ (unabridged) CD's - I walked around and drove everywhere with my headphones on listening to both of these amazing books."World Without End" is a continuation of the Kingsbridge story begun in "Pillars [...]

    30. I think Danielle Steele might have written parts of this; she must have at least been responsible for the overwrought plot and the ridiculous, unnecessary sex scenes. It was bawdy and endless, just like every Steele book I read as a blushing 12 year old. I also kept imagining Richard Chamberlin as Merthin, as the plot just kept going and going like the Thornbirds miniseries. There were about seven-hundred and fifty climaxes and denoument. Just when a character was happy, he or she would be destr [...]

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