Limitless Two years after the explosive Girl in the Box Series ends Sienna Nealon is called to London England where she is drawn into a murder investigation involving an old friend Paired up with a young ha

  • Title: Limitless
  • Author: Robert J. Crane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two years after the explosive Girl in the Box Series ends, Sienna Nealon is called to London, England, where she is drawn into a murder investigation involving an old friend Paired up with a young, handsome Detective Inspector, she finds herself in a race against time to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder as victim after victim falls to the careful, clever killer.Two years after the explosive Girl in the Box Series ends, Sienna Nealon is called to London, England, where she is drawn into a murder investigation involving an old friend Paired up with a young, handsome Detective Inspector, she finds herself in a race against time to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder as victim after victim falls to the careful, clever killer Soon, Sienna is in a race against time to find the culprit before he sets loose a plan that will show Sienna the limits of her abilities in the most brutal way imaginable Her death.

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    1. Two years have passed since the events in Power took place.The team has scattered to various different corners of the earth. I say team and that is exactly how I perceived them in the books.Unfortunately neither Sienna nor the others seem to think of themselves as such. More is the pity, because the thing they all have in common, well nearly all of them, is their particular brand of being different. They should be standing together and supporting each other, especially now certain Meta are being [...]

    2. At the end of Power (Girl In the Box #10), I was wondering how Robert would top that. Then I read the hint at the end of that book of what was to come. And it was good. Very good.This book, whilst still retaining the trademark humour and wise-assery we have come to expect from Sienna, is different to GITB. It is more. It is somewhat grown up and responsible. It is meeting the unknown and wondering if Sienna is going to walk away this time. And, let me tell you, I was very worried that she wouldn [...]

    3. A good fantasy to read. The antagonist Sienna is a metahuman who poses super human capabilities like she can fly, heal her wounds instantly, can turn herself into flames and the protagonist is also meta who can see probabilities cum future of his victims to those he is torturing to a gruesome death for a revenge. The twist in the book was well kept and I pretty much liked the ending of the book.

    4. This series continues the adventures of the characters from his (Girl in the Box) series. If you enjoyed the first series, you will enjoy these too. Sometimes they can be a little redundant but still are lots of fun, and again, I was still invested in the characters and burned through this 2nd set of books quickly.

    5. A great follow up book, I didn't even know the series continued so I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole new series of books! I enjoyed the book, the story was well written and easy to read. The new characters were interesting and the old ones were just like I remembered. I can't wait to read all the rest of the books in this series, I better get busy!

    6. Very captivating!!Loved it!! It was definitely a page turner and a quick read. Was easily drawn into the characters and found myself biting my lip on several occasions.

    7. Two years on. Sienna finds herself back in London looking for an adversary who may be the one to better her

    8. Sienna Nealon, my girl, is still on her job taking care of metahumans. She basically worked alone, as far as metahumans are concerned, in this adventure. Her USA team has split up. She was called to UK to solve a serial killer mystery, crime of passion involving Janus and others from the area. This book moved differently, for me, than the In the Box series. It was a little slow and not filled with the histrionics of the past. I guess I was having a hard time with the restrictions placed on Sienn [...]

    9. DISCLAIMER:I received this book to beta-read. I have not yet seen the final version. However, even the "before the editor" copy was amazing. RJC has this awesome way of writing baddies that you just can't help but love, and this trio of awful was no different. And of course, Sienna just had to go kicking me in the feels at the end of that, too. I will save more spoilerific squealing for November.I love that OotB is essentially a standalone series, so anyone complaining about the 25 book series i [...]

    10. I've read six of the books from girl outside the box series. And completed girl in box series. I liked in the box better.Since the world finding out about meta-powers, it's been all about politics and revenge. I really hated the time skip between books one, two, and three. So much so, that I would recommend skipping book two. I promise you, you didn't miss anything with insecure Reed taking a trip to Italy.I enjoyed the ending of this book. And the brief relationship Sienna had with the detectiv [...]

    11. Well, if you thought that turning into a fire-breathing dragon was the hardest thing Sienna would ever have to do, then guess again. Time has moved on and so has Sienna but she's also become complacent after her successful battle against Sovereign. She really is limitless - or so she thinks.Don't worry though, her return trip to London soon becomes a wakeup call!Filled with lost body parts, blood and violence, this second series will definitely not disappoint those of us who came to love - and h [...]

    12. Sienna lost herself for this bookI love these books and Sienna is one of the best new characters I've discovered. But she lost herself in this book. Her attitude, wry sense if humor, sarcastic but witty remarksey just seemed tired and old. This new character that just sleeps with a different man as she feels the need just isn't our beloved Sienna. While there is some chemistry between her and her detective it just seems forced a little. I missed the other characters, her interaction with them, t [...]

    13. I loved the first Girl in the Box Series and am excited to see that Sienna's adventures will continue. Two things brought up but not explained:1. What happened to Scott? 2. What is Janus hiding from Sienna?Also, what happened between Kat and Janus? It seems had to believe they would "break up" after years of partnership. Is it because of the secret he's keeping from Sienna? Inquiring minds want to know.I believe somewhere early in the story the word "ringer" was misused when the word should have [...]

    14. This book jumps ahead 2 years after the girl out of the box series ended. If I hadn't read the girl out of the box series I'm not sure I would have been able to follow this book. I'm excited to see where Robert Crane takes this series, especially since there are some things I really want answers about especially previous characters. I honestly enjoy the action in these books and the Joss references always make me happy. There is still some character development that I feel the writer could conti [...]

    15. Loved this book! Was excited to see that it wasn't over after reading and absolutely LOVING the Girl in the box series. Although it kinda bummed me out that the relationship with Scott didnt play out because I was really rooting for them by the end of the last book but the writer wasted 0 time giving our leading lady a new love interest which is always awesome Cant wait to read the rest o the series!

    16. It was good.n I'm wondering if the author had to go this far with the series and then extend it with the start of Limitlessere are 4 more books in this series and I'm not sure if I will read them all or not. Started the second book in the Out of the Box series and it goes back to 6 months after Power #10 of Girl in the box seriesI'm not a big fan when books do thiswill give it more time

    17. Loved itBefore reading: She and Scott better be a thing or I'm gonna raise hell.Halfway through: Matt better become her new man or I'm gonna raise hell.End of book: No hell will be risen.I liked this book. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but I was happy to see the old Sienna come back in the end. The next book should be out soon according to one of the last few pages and I am looking forward to it.

    18. Slow start, for me, having difficulty getting hooked. Based two years after book ten, Power, from the Girl in the Box series. Sienna is back in London, she is the official meta-police there representing the United States, and investigating a meta murder with a local agent by the name of Webster. Sienna has been tamed and now follows the government laws, but when she goes face to face with this villain, she quickly learns her new lawful restraints are the best way to getting herself killed.

    19. Can't get enough!! I adore this series. Sienna. I wanna be her. Really. Very well written. I'm completely addicted. I'm up to book 12 now. I can't stop and I won't stop. Thank you Mr Crane.

    20. Limitless - a very readable continuation of the Meta human seriesI loved the Girl in the Box series and was happy to find that Crane decided to continue. Well written, and looking forward to the next!

    21. While I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the previous books, it still was a fantastic read. The villains had purpose and Sienna, of course, is as badass as always. looking forward to the next instalment.

    22. Wow great start I love this series already. I lived the mix of humor and action. I like how realistic sienna's reactions and her growth. All the characters seem real to me. The new characters were great and can't wait to see what happens in the next book. This book was definitely worth the read!

    23. I cannot lie i wasnt expecting to love this book. I wondered hoe the story could progress now the momentum of the previous storyline was done. I was wrong this was a great book. Robert took us back to basics and stacked those odds back up. Brilliant :)

    24. Twists and turns effectively keep you on the edge of your seat. Crane is a master at keeping my attention. He creatively keeps the story going and continues to surprise this reader. It's a puzzle and I'm rooting for the good guys to put it together.

    25. Awesome. Keeps you hooked. Why do they require minimum words on these darn reviews?This was a good start to another series for Sienna Nealon. A few good Easter eggs slipped in here and there to keep you reading.

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