Brut This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

  • Title: Brut
  • Author: Layamon Rosamund Allen
  • ISBN: 9780460870214
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

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      417 Layamon Rosamund Allen
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    1. Layamon's Brut is an early Middle English verse adaption of Geoffrey of Monmouth and Wace's so called histories. So what's that point in reading another adaption of the Brut after reading the earlier versions? Absolutely none if you are reading a modern English translation. But for those who have a serious interest in the English language and are willing to put in the effort of reading the Middle English text the rewards are well known.First of all, Layamon is the first Arthurian author to compo [...]

    2. Frederic Madden's edition of Layamon's Brut has attained something of a legendary status among readers of Layamon, due to the excellence of Frederic Madden's work on the text. The book even gained unusual praise from Eric G. Stanley, who called the work "Madden's brilliant first edition" there was also a recent essay by Daniel Donaghue that explored Madden in relation to Layamon. So why buy a book that was first published in 1847 when there's the more modern Early English Text Society and the Lo [...]

    3. Another version of the same "history" Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote, only filtered through Wace and then expanded upon. The translation is clunky, not idiomatic, and can be hard to read. If I'd been the one to translate this, okay, I haven't seen the original text, but I get the feeling from looking at this translation that it's quite close to literal in places. It'd benefit from having the word order changed, at the very least.(It scares me that I now feel qualified to comment on the accuracy of t [...]

    4. This is a different take on Arthurian legend, as the readers see a lot more of Arthur, and even Arthur fighting than in a lot of the tales about the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur.Another interesting thing is that there is the description of Merlin's birth as well as some of his prophecies.Queen Guinevere is also depicted quite differently in this than in other stories I have read.

    5. Rosamund Allen is a fine academic and she makes clear in her introduction that her translation is a poetic rendering of the Brut and cannot be used as a crib for anyone interested in reading the text in the original. She has done an excellent job in making this work, in both its sense and its feeling, accessible to those who cannot undertake 16,000 lines in ME - or who can't get hold of a copy in the original.

    6. The amount of work that went into this three volume set is daunting. Like a lot of the 19th century pioneers of Medieval studies Madden had a day job and still managed to complete this.While it's worth checking the texts against Brook and Leslie's later edition, if only to see the effect of switching from Madden's choice of short lines to Bandl"s long, what you get here is both texts, translations into modern English which may not be smooth but which are mostly literal, and a glossary. The comme [...]

    7. I think Lawman, is worth reading as a poet rather than just a historical curiosity and this book makes that easy to do. The Caligula text of Lawman, edited with modern punctuation, with a facing page prose translation. The presence of an edited text in one volume (The EETs version is in two, Madden's in three) presented with a minimum of diacritical marks and editorial footnotes is a bonus for anyone who wants to read the poem. Notes are kept to a minimum. There is no glossary. The Prose transla [...]

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