The Marriage Agenda

The Marriage Agenda There s a scandal brewing in Washington Knox Hamilton wants his father s recently vacated Senate seat but the only way his conservative constituents are going to vote for Knox is if he loses his play

  • Title: The Marriage Agenda
  • Author: Sarah Ballance
  • ISBN: 9781633750524
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • There s a scandal brewing in Washington Knox Hamilton wants his father s recently vacated Senate seat, but the only way his conservative constituents are going to vote for Knox is if he loses his playboy reputation Which means Knox needs a wife There s only one woman with whom he s willing to share his life, but after the way he broke things off with her, will she gThere s a scandal brewing in Washington Knox Hamilton wants his father s recently vacated Senate seat, but the only way his conservative constituents are going to vote for Knox is if he loses his playboy reputation Which means Knox needs a wife There s only one woman with whom he s willing to share his life, but after the way he broke things off with her, will she give him another chance Chloe Lochlan s job is on the line If she doesn t grab a big headline, she ll be ousted from her gig at the major newspaper where she works as a reporter Knox s offer of marriage chills her to the bone He already crushed her heart once and she has no intention of letting it happen again But being with him gives her the kind of access to top tier social events rarely granted to media, access that could land her the story of a lifetime When the truth she uncovers threatens to destroy the man she still loves, will she bury the storyor his career

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    One Reply to “The Marriage Agenda”

    1. 3.5 starsThis was a short read. An enjoyable albeit predictable marriage of convenience plot. I wasn't too thrilled with the hero's reasoning behind dumping the heroine in the first place and then propositioning her with a marriage of convenience no less. And the heroine despite being so hurt by what the hero did, jumped into bed immediately with him without a second hesitation. I would have loved a bit more angst on that. But nope. The angst was supposed to come their conflicting "jobs". He's a [...]

    2. This was NOT AT ALL what I was expecting, BUT IT BLEW MY ASSUMPTIONS OUT THE WINDOW!!!! Funny, engaging, emotional, snarky, political, sweet and HAWT!!!! I THROUGHLY ENJOYED IT!!!*ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Entangled Publishing*

    3. What do you get when you have a politician who says he can't love and a reporter who wants a happily ever after life? Well you get Sarah's new book! I immediately fell in love with this book. The complex of the main character's was amazing, and you were easily able to connect with them. So does the reporter get what she wants? or Does the politician find out more about love and himself? Just read to find out, I guarantee you wont be sorry!

    4. Simply fabulous.I thoroughly enjoyed Knox and Chloe romance. I had several laugh out loud moments and man I even have favorite lines. What a thoughtful ass (I so identified with this line here…have this thought many a times about the love of my life. Bawhahahaa)“What is it you don’t want me to do?”Do anything you want. I’ll figure out how to breathe again in the morning.The only thing between them was his zipper, and she’d take it down with her teeth if it meant he’d drive into her [...]

    5. DNF @ 33%Yeah.I can't deal with this doormat of a heroine. Not now, not ever.So the hero broke up with the heroine a year ago because "he wasn't interested in being tied down." And at the start of the book she spots him at a restaurant and instead of turning around and showing him her booty as she walks away she instead goes up to him. He's sitting there looking like he's waiting for a date and she just walks up to him. He says sit down, she sits. He says come up to my room I want to talk to you [...]

    6. I feel as though I read this novel a month ago because of all the things I did in between which included writing one of my own. Inspiration perhaps?Knox and Chloe aren't bad characters and their marriage arrangement is slightly different from the usual I have seen lately but there was no spark or memorable moment. At one point I started to wonder if anything at all would happen.They seem to just be going through the motions until something did happen towards the end. I left not really knowing Ch [...]

    7. Argh, I'm obviously going through contemporary ennui!Chloe Lochlan is an investigative reporter on a blind date when she runs into her ex, wealthy playboy Knox Hamilton. Despite her misgivings Chloe ends up in bed with Knox after he asks her to discuss a private proposition. Turns out the proposition is a marriage of convenience! Which is ironic since Knox broke up with her because he could never love her (or any woman). Or at least he never wanted to fall in love.Knox Hamilton is the son and gr [...]

    8. I insanely loved this book. Add a politician who has a family legacy being in politics and thanks to his father knows he can't love, and a reporter who only sees the man not the reporter, not the name, but the man who just wants happily ever after. After a year.Chloe feels she has let go of Knox enough to move on and start dating. However what are the odds he's there waiting to intercept her blind date and make her an offer no woman would refuse? Knox let her get away and hasn't thought of anyon [...]

    9. Received an ARC for review from NetGalleyRead the blurb and thought this might be a good one. Boy was it ever. Great read, a little mystery, lots of romance, and hawt sex. Great characters and chemistry and story. I think the peeping tom, Toby, needs his own HEA.

    10. Entangled Publishing sent me a list of books to read for review and this one stood out because of the cover. I love a man in a suit. Yum! But it was the synopsis that really sold me. I'm all about fake to real relationship stories.The characters were the best part of this book. Knox Hamilton is not your typical politician and his proposition to Chloe isn't your typical no sex, fake marriage arrangements. Knox is very upfront that he wants to marry Chloe, nobody else, and that he hopes it will la [...]

    11. Chloe Lochlan is on the hunt for the story that will make her career. Being a political journalist in Washington is like being just another fish in the sea, but she has the drive to sniff out the next big break. Her friends decide that it's time for her to move on from her almost year long heartbreak left from Knox Hamilton. She gets set up on a blind date, only to have Knox crash it with a proposition that she can't refuse. Knox Hamilton is said to be riding on the coattails of his father to mo [...]

    12. I had expectations from the synopsis leading into this story, but I have to say, they were quickly blown out of the water. The synopsis may make you think “oh another marriage of convenience” But Nope, not your usual MOC book at all.I LOVED Knox from the moment we meet him in the book. Yes at times he made me a little crazy but I found him to be very focused on his goals, not in a negative way just very sure of himself. He wanted things to go his way, or not have them go at all. Knox’s lif [...]

    13. WOW. I don't know what I can write to make future readers understand just how amazing this book is. From the very first sentence I was hooked - glued - to these vivid characters. I mean, I WAS THERE sipping on drinks with Chloe, wishing I was her wing man. I absolutely loved Chloe and Knox's romance throughout the entire story. I found myself giggling over Chloe's kryptonic whit (who can really walk in stripper heels and not look silly? Chloe does. And she carries her own condoms. You go, girl!) [...]

    14. Reseña en español: soulbookblog/2014/Received an ARC copy provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this story, to be honest I didn´t expected I would, but I was surprised, it's one of those nice, romantic and easy to read stories. Knox, first of all, I loved his name, there´s always the same names in most of the stories and it was good to have a different one, is a sexy, smart, honest man who knows what he wants and is going to make it by fighting fai [...]

    15. This was a fantastic read from start to finish. I loved Chloe's ability to pull herself together and get things done. Knox frustrated me, because he so obviously wanted Chloe, but wasn't willing to admit he had any sort of feelings for her whatsoever. Chloe did what she thought was best and went into the marriage thinking she could keep her feeling from growing, but then again so did Knox. Once Chloe realizes what her story would do, she does the only thing she thinks she can. That brings Knox t [...]

    16. I received this e-book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is the first free e-book I have received in advance for review and I was pleasantly surprised. My expectations were low but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The male protagonist was a politician in Washington DC, which was a nice change from the brooding millionaires and artists I have read countless times in contemporary romance. Knox sets up a marriage bargain with his ex-girlfriend Chloe, who he regrets ever dum [...]

    17. The Marriage Agenda was delightful from start to finish. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Due to her lack of love life, down-on-her-luck reporter Chloe lets her BFF set her up on a blind date. Who does she bump into? Her gorgeous ex, Knox, who's desperate to fill his disgraced father's Senate seat. The author's writing style is quite lovely, and I will be reading other titles by Sarah Balance. I adore books like this -- fast paced, with high stakes and characters one fall in lo [...]

    18. To be honest, I only requested this book because I liked the sound of the plot and I was in the mood for a romance kind of read or something along those lines. But surprisingly, this book was not at all what I was expecting (which was a good thing in this case) and I actually ended up really, really enjoying this book which was the best surprise of all. Mostly because the book had great characters with great chemistry, a nice flowing plot, and not to mention that the book had a lot of entertaini [...]

    19. Sarah Balance has taken a turn in her writing to try a more, shall we say, erotic approach. She has managed to create a modern-day old-fashioned bodice –ripper. It has all the makings, with a strong, beautiful woman, a man who is rich, strong, handsome and powerful in and out of the bedroom. If you know what romance novel should be, I don’t have to tell you what to expect from the ride to the end, and Sarah Ballance fulfills each and every requirement. If you like a good romance and don’t [...]

    20. This book provoked so many emotions I don't know where to start. I wasn't sure what I would think about a book about politicians, but it was fantastic. I kept yelling at both Chloe and Knox throughout the book hoping each would wake up see what I could see about each of them. I felt that this book truly portrayed what could happen in a politician's life, even if books are supposed to be fantasy. I wished I was Chloe throughout the story, although I don't know if I could have handled all she went [...]

    21. *ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*A marriage of convenience when one is already invested? Honesty in politics? Hmmm. premise and the book delivers. Know and Chloe are bot complex characters with hidden depths and unrealized agendas. What you see is not necessarily what you get a good way. Their journey was very entertaining and eye-opening was like a peep into the hidden lives of the rich and famous. I loved that both Knox and Chloe showed integrity - with each other and other [...]

    22. I got this book in exchange for an honest review! The Marriage Agenda is amazing. I enjoyed reading it. You have many emotions you go through with this book, madness, hopefulness, happiness and love! You cant help but love Knox and have a hatred for his dad. While I thought I predicted some of the things that would happen others took me to surprise which made the book more interesting than it already was. I think this book is a definite must read!

    23. I flat out loved this book! It’s entertaining and easy to read. It’s sexy and oh, so hot! I loved the characters and the dialogue between Knox and Chloe. At times I wanted to smack each one of them, yet overall the story made me smile. The Marriage Agenda is a lovely summertime read, one you won’t want to put down. Go get it – you won’t be disappointed!The Marriage Agenda was received for an honest review.

    24. 4.5 starsThe Marriage Agenda was such a great read, loved it :)I enjoyed the storyline, I laughed, I swooned and I found my heart breaking for both Knox and Chloe.Loved their chemistry and their love scenes were smoking hot! *fans self*Thank you Sarah Ballance for writing this very entertaining story. I highly recommend The Marriage Agenda.Thank you Netgalley and to Entangled Indulgence for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

    25. the story was ok. but i found the characters sexually obsessed. kind of nymphomaniacs. but the end part good. thats y i gave it 4 stars. in the end the single mindedly focused hero risks his career for the heroine. which was quiet impressive , i must say. n he finally realises that ofcourse he can love n does the heroine frim the bottom of his heart. (sigh)u can call me abnormal but i like these type if cheesy sacrificial events in love stories.

    26. This book drew me in from the start. The chemistry between Chloe and Knox is sizzling, and the story was fantastically written. Add in the fact that he's an alpha denying he can love anyone and she is a strong willed reporter who knows what she wants, and you've got the perfect book. There are a few secondary characters I would love to see get a story so I am hoping this will be a series :) Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great read

    27. A family name is just that a name but a woman that you can’t think about not having by your side is love whether you want to realize it or not.I like reading a story that I can read in one sitting. Then the other part that I liked was that I really didn’t have to do too much thinking just enjoy the storyline. I adored the characters especially Chloe because she said what she thought. She knew what she wanted but she didn’t stand behind it when Knox told her to marry him even though he was [...]

    28. Knox Hamilton is following in his father's footsteps after a scandal forces his father to step out of the running. Now he needs a wife.Growing up having a front seat view to his parents practically loveless marriage leaves Knox bitter against love. He knows he can never allow himself to fall in love and put a wife through that kind of disaster but when he needs one for his campaign only one woman comes to mind. The only woman he ever came close to having true feelings for. Feelings in which Knox [...]

    29. For this review, I read The Marriage Agenda by Sarah Ballance, which was my first book by this author.Chloe was dumped by Knox because he did not want to commit to her. I think it was fear. Fear that he will be like his father. Fear that he would treat his wife like his father treated his mother. Knox needs to think that no, I won't be like my father and yes, I can see a future with Chloe. Men can be stupid at times. Knox is nothing like his father.Chloe Lochlan's job is on the line. If she does [...]

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