The Trial and Death of Socrates

The Trial and Death of Socrates The third edition of The Trial and Death of Socrates presents G M A Grube s distinguished translations as revised by John Cooper for Plato Complete Works Hackett A number of new or expanded fo

  • Title: The Trial and Death of Socrates
  • Author: Plato G.M.A. Grube John M. Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780872205543
  • Page: 128
  • Format: None
  • The third edition of The Trial and Death of Socrates presents G M A Grube s distinguished translations, as revised by John Cooper for Plato, Complete Works Hackett, 1997 A number of new or expanded footnotes are also included along with a select bibliography.

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      128 Plato G.M.A. Grube John M. Cooper
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    1. When he was tried, convicted and ordered to death in 399 B.C.E Socrates was already seventy years old: he had lived through the imperialistic spread of Athenian democracy and culture under Pericles, twenty-five years of first cold and then heated war with Sparta, the defeat of Athens in 404 B.C.E the short-lived oligarchy imposed on that city by the Spartans, and finally the reestablishment of democracy in his homeland. During all of that time, the former bricklayer was known for practicing phil [...]

    2. Somebody should tell Jon Snow to read this book. Poor guy, Ygritte wouldn't stop giving him hell. "You know nothing, Jon Snow" says she, all the time. If only Jon would read Socrates, he would have the greatest of retorts, the greatest of Socrates' teachings as his come back."The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing."Take that Ygritte!PS - Here is some mindbogglingly brilliant analysis of the famous painting on Socrates's death by Jacques Louis Davidaeon/video/culture/the-deat

    3. The world needs a superhero.The name of that superhero is Socrates.What do you mean you've never read this book - what the hell are you waiting for?

    4. ( Plato's dialogues )بادئ ذى بدء الكتاب من النوع الذى يتركك فى حاله يرثى لها بعد فروغك منه , فقد فقدت صديقا حميما. المحاورات : 1- Euthyphro أوطيفرون2- الدفاع3- crito أقريطون4- Phaedo فيدون أحبهم إلى قلبى الدفاع وأقريطون , محاورة فيدون هى الأطول . تتبع المحاوره الأخيره نظام مختلف عن المحورات الثلاث [...]

    5. - هاكم نبوءتي التي أحب أن أبلغكم إياها ، لأني مشف على الموت، وتلك ساعة يوهب فيها المرء مقدرة على التنبؤ، أتنبأ لكم يا قاتليَّ بأنه لن يكاد ينفذ حكم الموت حتى ينزل بكم ما هو أشد من ذلك هولا ، لقد حكمتم بموتي ، لأنكم أردتم أن تفلتوا من ذاك الذي يتهمكم ،وكيلا تحاسبون على ما قدمت أي [...]

    6. I was a bit wary going in but I was pleasantly surprised that this book wasn't as difficult to understand as I'd expected it to be.The edition I read covered three dialogues about Socrates (Apologia, Crito and Phaedo), who was tried for supposedly corrupting the youth of Athens as well as for encouraging worship of gods not recognized by the State. I've always heard that Socrates was a powerful orator and the way he defended himself in front of the court proves that. Even when he was sentenced t [...]

    7. درباره‌ی سقراط و سوبژکتیویته‌ی زیستنش که بهتره اهل فلسفه نظر بدن. من اما می‌خوام از لذت اعتماد بگم. اعتماد به بانو لیلی گلستان و نشر محترم مرکز، که وقتی کنار هم قرار می‌گیرن آدم با خاطر آسوده، آسوده از مسئولیت‌پذیری و حقیقت‌پرستی‌شون، اثر رو تهیه می‌کنه و بلافاصله شروع م [...]

    8. أيّ قراءة أجمل من هذه المحاورات التي تتداولها البشرية منذ ألفي عام , و تدهش بذات رد الفعل من سخرية سقراط و حكمه و مناظراته قبل الموت , حتى لو كانوا يعرفون جميعاً أنّ كثيراً من المكتوب كلام أفلاطون يضعه على لسان أستاذه ( خاصة في فيدون) و ترجمة زكي نجيب محمود للمحاورات في اعتقادي [...]

    9. I wish I had read these 4 dialogues before they made us work through The Republic back in school. Plato can seem so distant and archiac so much of the time, but here there is an actual sense of human urgency: Socrates is about to die. A lot of times the dialogues feel completely neutered from any real world concern, you just see these people walking around, having their abstract little discussions as Socrates schools them all. But here you see those discussions finally grounded by a frank acknow [...]

    10. لم اقرأ فى الفلسفة قبل ذلك , ولكن عندما قرأت كتاب صناعة الواقع ورأيته يعطى أمثلة لأفكار سقراط وافلاطون, قلت يجب ان اقرأ لهم حتي اعلم كيف كان يفكر هؤلاء الفلاسفة منذ الاف الاعوام بأفكار لا تأتى فى عقول من يعيشون فى الألفية الثالثة .الكتاب عبارة عن أربع محاورات كتبها افلاطون على [...]

    11. Since I have individually reviewed each dialogue concerning their content I will be personal here. I obviously enjoyed reading these dialogues. I was not only enlightened by them, but moved as well in certain parts, more by Socrates' friends than the man himself. This really should be the jumping off point for anyone interested in philosophy because it sets the tone and you can compare every strand of philosophy after it against it. Plato did not create [western] philosophy, obviously, but he su [...]

    12. Socrates is a little bit like Superman. As a young man, both are very appealing for their heroism and pristine behavior. As one ages, however, they begin to dissatisfy - there is no way these people could be real.This is obviously due to Plato's portrayal of the man, an homage so complete that Socrates becomes pure ideal and ceases to be human. He stands for intellectual honesty and curiosity, morality and justice, without any compromise.This book is about as good an example of that as possible, [...]

    13. Some times I disagree with the philosophical standing of Plato, other times, I love his works. Particularly this one (or the four combined), depicting the last days of Socrates, mostly arguing for the soul as an immortal constant, referring to form as unchanging and eternal, the common reference to non-empirical knowledge, the difference between the incorporeal and corporeal, and the nature of the soul . I am not going into any detail about these things, because I do not have the background requ [...]

    14. There are some books that are beyond "liking" or "not liking." They exist on a completely different plain than the rest of literature. This is one of those books. You don't read "The Trial and Death of Socrates" to be entertained; whether you like it or not is completely immaterial. By reading it, you gain an appreciation for one of the greatest thinkers of all time, and a valuable window into the soul of humankind.How can one possibly quanitfy and encapsulate that into three, four, or five star [...]

    15. What have I just finished reading? A masterpiece? No, more than that - much more than that! An experience so exhilarating that I am left with no words. Perhaps, what I am feeling now surpasses description! You must read it, to experience it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    16. سقراط الفيلسوف الحكيمالكتاب محاور للعقل يعصف به ويعود ليجعله يهدأ مرة أخرى فتح أمامى أفاقا رهيبهحواره حول الفضيله والتقوى هو من أعمق ماقرأت عنهماحواره حول الروح والجسد فى محاورة فيدون أكثر من رائع جعلنى أخرج من قرائته ليس فقط بفكره بل بإحساس جديد وكأن روحى إستكشفت نفسها من [...]

    17. هذه الترجمة لمحاورات أفلاطون _ و الذي أكرهه بشدّة - جيّدة نسبيّاً و إن كانت تعبّر عن المرحلة الديالكتيكية من فكره ، الأولى كانت عن الأخلاق و ثانيها عن المحاكمة ثمّ الثالثة عن نظرية المثل و قد اكتملت أركانها في عقل أفلاطون بعدما ابتدئها في محاورة بارميندس ، بقيّ المحاورات مطبو [...]

    18. Thoughts from Socrates' trial and execution13 October 2012 While I have written commentaries on collections before I have since tried to steer away from doing that to instead write about the individual pieces contained therein. Okay, in one way it does help to bump up the number of books on my shelf, but then again that is somewhat irrelevant (It's not as if I win a prize if I have the most books on my shelf, or the most reviews). Generally I find it better to comment on the individual pieces be [...]

    19. I'm still on the last chapter (Phaedo), but I've run out of time. Have to return the book. So let me review based on the first 3 chapters.This book uses a very original style of writing to give readers an inside look into the life and wisdom of Socrates in his last days.Socrates liked to examine people. But he wasn't concerned about their appearance. He liked to examine people who thought themselves wise/clever and see if they really are. His tool? A method of argument called the elenchus. Unlik [...]

    20. When your Introduction to Philosophy (or to Humanities, or to Rhetoric, or to) course had you read this your first semester of college, it was presented as the origins of Western thought. With all that reverence paid, reading it a decade and a half later, I either didn't remember or didn't understand that "The Apology" is downright funny. Socrates is a man daring a court to put him to death and he is very keen on putting them in their place.Alas, the other dialogues aren't nearly as engaging, Ph [...]

    21. THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF SOCRATES. (this ed. 1972) Plato. ****. This work, although in a different version, was required reading for my first humanities course in college in 1957. Yes, there were colleges back then, and Plato was not one of my classmates. At the time, I’m not sure that I fully understood what I was reading, but made sure that I understood enough to pass any quiz – announced or unannounced. On re-reading it, I came to the realization that Socrates was not a philosopher. He [...]

    22. The portrayal of Socrates is so insightful, you can imagine being in Ancient Greece and having that terribly repetitive conversation with him. Plato has really captured the essence of his mentor and I find that absolutely astounding, more so, I feel compelled to read up about Socrates every time. To my amazement, his portrayal hasn't only bought Socrates to life but it has made him immortal, for thousands of years he has been living in this fantastically written piece of literature spreading his [...]

    23. Euthyphro: Tricky. May need to reread this one a couple times. Apology: Here we get an impassioned plea for intellectual freedom plus the promotion of ethical and civil disobedience. Great stuff.Crito: A little too much law and authority worship. Phaedo: This is the ultimate existential dialogue. Plato's Socrates makes death seem even more enticing than do the monotheists (who seem to have taken a good deal from Plato). I find it easy to like a work that relates such optimism about immortality.

    24. يقول افلاطون في كتابه محاورات افلاطون ~> ترجمه زكي نجيب محمود لن تجد من سامعيك إلا نفوساً ترغب ماترغب به !كتاب جميل من كتب الفلسفهيتحدث به ـافلاطون عن نهاية حياة ارسطو من منظوره الشخصيعند مفارقة الحياة ظلماً بعدما حوكم من الاثينين ب ـالقتل سماو تاثره بوفاة شخص نبيل يعى لل [...]

    25. “فليس عسير أيها الاصدقاء أن نفر من وجه الموت, ولكن العسر كل العسر في تجنب الأخلاق الفاسدة, فالفساد والموت يعدوان في أعقابنا, ولكن الفساد أسرع من الموت عدوا”

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