My Despicable Ex: Book 2

My Despicable Ex Book This is book According to the terms of her mother s will Ashly cannot cash in on her inheritance until she and Jake travel to nearly a dozen locations around the globe The thought of pairing up wit

  • Title: My Despicable Ex: Book 2
  • Author: SierraRose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is book 2 According to the terms of her mother s will, Ashly cannot cash in on her inheritance until she and Jake travel to nearly a dozen locations around the globe The thought of pairing up with her old flame makes her blood boil, but she has little choice other than to put up with her despicable ex Can Ashly put up with Jake through her globe hopping scavenger hThis is book 2 According to the terms of her mother s will, Ashly cannot cash in on her inheritance until she and Jake travel to nearly a dozen locations around the globe The thought of pairing up with her old flame makes her blood boil, but she has little choice other than to put up with her despicable ex Can Ashly put up with Jake through her globe hopping scavenger hunt to get her family fortune Will she ever be able to forget or forgive being dumped on her wedding day When wounds run so deep, is forgiveness even possible between old lovers Or is it, Goodbye all over again, after everything is said and done This is NOT erotica This is a love story and a romance For mature readers only There are sexual situations, but no graphic sex Ashly is a photographer and took this hot, shirtless picture of Jake before they broke up He hopes they can rekindle the magic and re take this picture.

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    1. EVEN WORSE THAN THE FIRST BOOKJake had dumped Ashly 5 years ago leaving her at the altar. When her mother died she had left her 50 million dollar fortune to Jake and Ashly to share provided they travelled the world together.SPOILERS.I wasn't going to read this second and last instalment as book 1 ended almost in the middle of a scene. But I was curious so went for it. Oh dear all this is just more of the same, Jake apologising every other page and Ashly rebuffing him. Then while in one location [...]

    2. Second part to the story is a little more heartbreaking. I thought for sure Jake was dying. The eventually find out the truth and who was behind their wedding day disaster. A big shock to say the least. This is a really good set of books to read.

    3. I read this book because I hated the way the story in the first book just ended. It actually seemed to me as if the author just stopped writing. The story had potential but in the end the 2nd book just dragged on and on. The characters got more annoying and it really did nothing for me. The author could have made one decent book and cut out a lot of the minute details. Save yourself the $$ and just imagine how you would have the story end. I could have read this in a day but got really frustrate [...]

    4. Talking about repetitive, OMG!!!. This couple were due to get married and the groom abandoned the bride at the altar. Five years later she still hasn't gotten over it. For almost two books Ashley whines, mopes complains and crys about how her heart is broken. This is how it went for two books. There was no chemistry between the two. Jake was just as bad as Ashley, he spent two books apologizing for standing her up. There was so much potential in the beginning but at one point I didn't care about [...]

    5. This book was BEYOND repetitive. What got me the most was towards the end when they watched the video from her mother and then in the next chapter or two the characters said "I think my mom thought this", "I think your mom thought that" well YES she did. How do we know this? Oh because she explicitly said so in her video to you. Thanks for not actively listening guys. The story line had a lot of potential, unfortunately this story just didn't live up to that potential for me.

    6. Well, it was an end to the story. Honestly it should have been one book, and the whole thing should have been free because that was the biggest crock of bullshit ever. It started off well, but about 45% in, it just became a mushy! disgusting mess. Yuck. Sad I wasted my money and time on this crap.

    7. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed in this book. Ashley, the main character, became super annoying near the end. In case you want to read it, I will not give specifics. Suffice it to say that I found the 2 main characters to be dribbling idiots and regret purchasing this book.

    8. Not a fan, this book was very predictable. I listened to the audio, it wasn't long so I finished in a day but I think I was in a different mind set so I didn't enjoy it.

    9. The first was cheesy, but this one wa ridiculously so.I haven't rolled my eyes so much in a LONG time. And it was that way through out the whole book.Just WAY too much.

    10. I enjoyed reading this saga a lot. I believe love makes you say and do crazy, funny and hurtful things. But, LOVE also always wins in the end!

    11. Perfect love storyIt sucks you in from the very beginning. This is one of the best love stories I have read in quite some time.Highly recommend

    12. Another great seriesI enjoyed this series. I am off to the next series The Boss's Son. Keep up the great work. See you after the next series.

    13. Main Characters:Ashly - A woman on a world tour with the man who left her at the altarJake - The man who abandoned Ashly at the wedding but never got over herSynopsis:According to the terms of her mother’s will, Ashly cannot cash in on her inheritance until she and Jake travel to nearly a dozen locations around the globe. The thought of pairing up with her old flame makes her blood boil, but she has little choice other than to put up with her despicable ex. Can Ashly put up with Jake through h [...]

    14. Worst waste of 2 hours. I WANT THEM BACK. I don't know what's worse, the repetitive apologies and rebuffs or the repetitive UBER cheesiness that ensues? Seriously, I want to bleach my brains and get this book out of my head. Also, TOTALLY called out Ashly's mom bribing Jake out of the wedding. Finally, she should've ended it with these two horribly annoying, one dimensional characters dying. If not, just have the guy propose and her accept. Don't make these two idiots repeat EVERYTHING her mom s [...]

    15. Ok, here's the deal. Pretty much saw where this story was going from the get go (in book 1) and was really annoyed when the "travel documentary" just gets going and then stops and you have to pay to read the 2nd half. The story had some romance fluff potential but the fact that these two were in their mid-20s and Ashly had already turned into a hateful b**ch turned me off. Yes, what Jake did was despicable, but really. They were 20 when these despicable things took place. I even had a pretty goo [...]

    16. I enjoyed the first book, loved the idea of the jilted bride having to go around the world with her ex fiancé as terms of her mother's will. I didn't enjoy the abrupt halt in the story and was happy to find the second book to round the story off.Some of the story seemed a little repetitive and it took a long time to get to the point where the story moved forward. I loved the descriptions of some of the destinations, I didn't love the bizarre creature attack incidents. There was no surprise in t [...]

    17. Book 1 was all about her and the fact that he left her at the alter. She went through that constantly. It really became very boring. It was simply all about her and what he did to her.Book 2 wasn't any better. It started off with the same story, all about her. Then it became sexual. I can't tell you how many times she talked about his looks and his buff body. I believe every page either had sex or a discription of his looks and buff body. It was like the author didn't know what else to write to [...]

    18. I didn't care for this book. I found it to be incredibly repetitive and found myself skimming over large parts of the book just to finish it. Also the wilderness scene near the end was incredibly familiar to me, in that it resembled an episode of the tv show "I shouldn't be alive" that aired on Animal Planet, and was titled "Lost in the Wilderness", about a pair of hikers that got lost in the wilderness, got stuck in a gorge, found the body of another hiker, and then set a fire to signal for hel [...]

    19. An almost never ending cyclical tale- she feels chemistry and then retreats, she feels chemistry and then retreats over and over and over again.Plus the ex did a total dirtbag move when the truth comes out of why he left. I mean come onally? You were to young to say no to the offer, but not too young to marry? Hmmm. let's just say some of things in this tall tale did not sit right with me.

    20. Disappointed, felt ripped off at having to purchase this book to finish the story that was started in book #1. The two books could have easily been combined into one book. The first book was only 177 pages and the 2nd book was 282. A good editor could have easily cut out a lot of unnecessary descriptive words, sentences and even paragraphs and turned this into one book that would be around 350 pages.

    21. Ashly and Jake's around-the-world vacation continues in this story, picking up where book one left off. They visit more exotic location, including Paris, to fulfill the terms of Ashly's mother's will. Ashly is still having a hard time forgiving Jake for leaving her at the altar but Jake is determined to win her back. A secret is revealed that just might destroy any hope for rekindling their relationship. This is a romance with lots of adventure and close calls.(received an arc for review)

    22. I can't believe I spent $3.99 on this. The first book was free, and I enjoyed it, but the second book annoyed me. Jake was a cocky jerk, and on their last vacation spot, I felt like it was too much. I want to give this 3 stars, I really do, but the story plot and how everything just came together in the end did not please me.

    23. My heart kept breaking in part 2 of this series. Ashly kept ripping into Jake for the mistake he made 5 years ago. I wanted to throttle Ashly! Just forgive and move on. Until Jake gets injured and nearly dies had me bawling my eyes out! In the end all is forgiven and their happily ever after begins.

    24. Definitely not a book series I would recommend to anyone but it did start to get better at about 80% of the second book. There is more description of the places visited then there was dialog between all of the characters or interaction with each other, and then the only thing in Jack's vocabulary seems to be "I'm sorry".

    25. Great readGreat readloved the different concept of the bookwasn't thrilled that the first book had a cliffhanger but was glad this book was out already I recommend it highly. Great job look forward to your other books.

    26. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!What an amazing story, scared me, made me laugh,made me cry, made me angry. Until the beautiful end when all I could do was sigh and wAnt to read it all over again. Do yourself a favor and read My Despicable Ex. You will thank me and the author Sierra Rose!

    27. I had the first book for so long hoping this one would go on sale. I waited a year, I am so sorry I did. It's fabulous, it brings on a great journey and so many emotions that you feel the characters. Read it, you will not be disappointed

    28. AaaaawwwwThis is a very good, cute story. Ashley was not wrong in acting towards Jake the way she did, he was a ¿@©£ @$$ for leaving her on her wedding day. That's the most embarrassing an painful day for any body. But I'm a sucker for happy endings. Good story!!!

    29. Ashly can't cash in on her inheritance until her & Jake travel around he world to different spots. Can she put up with her ex that long or will she fall in love again Thanks hurricane readers book review for giving me this book to read & review for my honest review

    30. All my questions were answered in this final book. Ashly and Jake fixed their relationship. Ashly learned about all the things her mother did to her and Jake. Ashly forgave Jake and they had the fairy tell ending.

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