Bahçe Partisi

Bah e Partisi Bah e Partisi Mansfield n yetene inin doru a ula t eseridir Kitapta yer alan on be yk XX y zy l ba larken d nyan n ki ilerin ve toplumun nas l de i ti ine tan kl k eden yap tlard r Her biri farkl

  • Title: Bahçe Partisi
  • Author: Katherine Mansfield Şadan Karadeniz
  • ISBN: 9789750714399
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bah e Partisi, Mansfield n yetene inin doru a ula t eseridir Kitapta yer alan on be yk , XX y zy l ba larken d nyan n, ki ilerin ve toplumun nas l de i ti ine tan kl k eden yap tlard r Her biri farkl de er ta yan yk leri aras ndaki l Albay n K zlar , d k r kl n n usta anlat m yla edebiyat tarihine ge mi tir.

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      290 Katherine Mansfield Şadan Karadeniz
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    1. Piazza del Duomo is my least favourite place in Florence. I always hurry through it. Probably San Marco (except at four in the morning) and St Peters are my least favourite places in, respectively, Venice and Rome so I guess I just don’t respond very well to the grandiose. I prefer what’s smaller, more secret, more ostensibly self-effacing. A criticism often levelled at Katherine Mansfield’s stories are that they are small things, limited in scope. Lawrence in Women in Love famously depict [...]

    2. I could probably list like twenty good literary reasons to pick any of Mansfield’s collection of short stories; her prowess as a writer, her life experiences, which probably served as inspiration for many of her tales, the strong resemblance of her modern narrative outline with Chekov’s, the subtle portrayal of the quotidian as a still frame for social stereotyping and gender roles, her acute observations and insights into the human psyche… but I will stop here because I believe all those [...]

    3. It is always a joyful occasion for me to meet an author whose words and phrases I cherish and reflect on in my mind. I’m truly amazed at her imagination to capture every little moments in life,and to turn the unimaginable into the tangible through her sensitive and sometimes curious eyes.Fifteen short stories contained here are only an extension of mundane,everyday life,but it shows us a good indication of how colorful,passionate,and tragic our life can become under a great writer.I highly rec [...]

    4. Some of these stories feels more like impressions or sketches, seconds caught in one precise moment. The young protagonist from Her first ball, like the title itself implies, attends her very first ball, she’s excited and a little nervous, and observing dancers experiences disturbing thought :was this first ball only the beginning of the her last ball after all ?EponymousMiss Brill is a middle-aged woman spending her leisure time in park observing other people, considering it as a kind of play [...]

    5. When I was going through my “Bloomsbury period” about twenty years ago, I read everything I could about the “central members”, and as a consequence Katherine Mansfield came into the equation through being a friend of Virginia Woolf. I read biographies about the former which I loved as she appeared to be such an interesting and gifted person; and I particularly enjoyed the biography by Antony Alpers which delves into many other aspects of her somewhat short tragic life, including “her f [...]

    6. 714. The Garden Party, Katherine Mansfieldتاریخ نخستین خوانش: چهاردهم ماه می سال 1994 میلادیداستان کوتاه «گاردن پارتی»، اثر: کاترین منسفیلد، ترجمه: شیرین خالقی، ناشر: خانه آفتاب، آذر ماه سال 1371 ، ادبیات زلاندنوماجرای «گاردن‌ پارتی» در یک صبح تا شب رخ می‌دهد، در منزل مجلل و بزرگ «شریدن»ها. سپیده [...]

    7. I read that D H Lawrence once wrote to Katherine MansfieldYou are a loathsome reptile - I hope you will die. (Thank you, Lynne). Ah, the people I have often wished to say the same thing to! (Not you, of course, never you!) But I am not made of such stern stuff as DH. Anyhow, I did not think Miss Mansfield was a loathsome reptile. Quite the reverse – she was a beautiful reptile. She had a cool gaze which swept insight and judgement over this human race of ours, the parts that she knew anyway, a [...]

    8. It was time for me to revisit the work of my favourite New Zealand author, Katherine Mansfield wrote the way an Impressionist painter painted -with deft paint strokes she painted her world. Plagued with ill health, her life was cut tragically short, dying at Fountainbleau when aged only 34. This collection of short stories,published just before her death, contain some of her finest work.At the Beach.One of the stories set in NZ with a fictionalised version of KMs family. Crescent Beach is Days B [...]

    9. (3.5 stars) Katherine Mansfield creates stories set in a small, narrow world in which the details of life seem to be blown all out of proportion, at least to the sensibilities of a (this) modern reader. On the other hand, the same details take on a curious kind of importance in her stories precisely because they are singled out; it’s as if they are encased in glass for readers to gaze at and contemplate precisely because of their minuteness, which puts them in the very foreground of life for o [...]

    10. Katherine Mansfield's writing is very sharp. She is extremely attuned to human nature, to the pitfalls and pressures of society and its standards. In her stories there is almost always something left unsaid, an elephant in the room, that only the reader can see—or that the characters are unwilling to acknowledge. That being said, some of the stories did feel a bit lacking for me. It took me a while to adjust to her storytelling, which meant quite a few stories left me scratching my head. But w [...]

    11. Oh, Katherine Mansfield, where have you been all my life?I'm no expert on this type of writing, but I know beautiful stuff when I read it. With 15 stories crammed into this small volume, I felt immensely involved with the characters of all of them. To me, none of the stories had a real beginning, nor end. It was as though you were just plopped into a certain character's life on just any old day and were observing them. You witnessed their emotions, listened to their thoughts and sometimes observ [...]

    12. 'Short stories' doesn't seem like the right word for this collection. Instead they seem more like impressionistic scenes. They're short descriptions of events with a keen eye on personal detail as a substitute for long exposition. One of these 'stories' is a depiction of a country market, with stands of stacked curiosities and yawping salesmen. But there are some stories which are little more than conversations or days in a family's life. Mansfield shows things. She does not tell you whether a c [...]

    13. I read some Katherine Mansfield during my year of reading Oceania, since she is from New Zealand, and knew I needed to read more. This set of stories is from the end of her life, the same era as the years right after the first world war. The endings are often obscure, and would make for great discussion in a group.Another element of Mansfield's stories that I really like is that the NZ landscape is always present. The first story, "At the Bay," really highlights this on a coastal sheep farm wher [...]

    14. Katherine Mansfield writes short stories with zest and resonance. This collection includes stories with settings in New Zealand (where she lived as a child and adolescent), the French Riviera and England. Themes include life, death, class, illusion and reality. She writes with a distinctive style and conveys complex truths and thoughts with deceptive simplicity.The characters in each story all have a suggestive isolation from each other. Some stories are tinged with a critical, teasing and despa [...]

    15. I somehow hadn't read Mansfield before, confusing her in my head with Elizabeth Bowen From this book of short stories, she's a writer interested in small but illuminating moments in a life: a young woman coming face-to-face with death for the first time (The Garden Party); another young woman at her first ball who suddenly gets a glimpse of what her future might be (Her First Ball); the schoolteacher whose lesson covers over her fraught emotions roused by a letter from her fiancé (The Singing L [...]

    16. مجموعه من مال نشر ماهی هه،و گویا مفصل تر از مجموعه های قبلیه۲۱۰ صفحه ست.با ترجمه خیلی خوب خانم انتخابی.یه مجموعه داستان کوتاه فوق العاده ،شاید به جرات بگم همه داستاناشو دوست داشتم.اگر داستان کوتاه های چخوف رو دوست دارین احتمالا این کارو هم دوست داشته باشین:)

    17. I'm so excited because I've discovered a new writer, at least new to me, and I will look forward to many wonderful hours of reading as I work my way through the rest of Mansfield's collections. If The Garden Party and Other Stories is any indication, Katherine Mansfield was a master at wriiting short stories. Born in New Zealand but moved to England, she was friends with D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf. Like the Bronte's, she lived a short but productive literary life. She died of an illness in [...]

    18. Leer a Mansfield siempre es una experiencia agradable y a veces hasta resulta sorprendente, sobre todo cuando uno cree que ya conoce sus formas y resoluciones en los cuentos. Eso me pasó con este relato, que empieza mostrando una escena particular para terminar con un toque de amargura. Fiesta en el jardíncuenta precisamente eso: una familia, los Sheridan, está organizando una reunión en el jardín, con invitados y orquesta en vivo. Las hijas van y vienen ordenando y cuidando los detalles, s [...]

    19. This will not be a terribly thoughtful review, just an expression of excitement. I don’t know how I got this far in my life without anybody telling me what a wonderful writer Katherine Mansfield was. She was a master of the modern short story. When I consider most of the 20C short story collections I’ve read, I think that Mansfield got there first, and did it better. And there was a terrible moment when I saw why Virginia Woolf felt so threatened by her, because, if I’d read the book with [...]

    20. This review was written as I read along, so there's no structure to it. It's a recording of my impressions and thoughts throughout the reading process. My general thoughts about the collection as a whole are at the end. At the Bay ***** Mansfield is an incomparable master of language. She uses it as a brush. She has this magical power to evoke crystal clear mental images in the reader's head and a thorough submergence in the atmosphere in her heart, all accomplished by means of a few brush strok [...]

    21. This is my first reading of a collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield. While back I read "The Garden Party" which was amazing but not in an extraordinary way. It did not stress on the dramatization of the story or the completeness of the plot.After reading the collection it's very clear that is a characteristic of her tales. She's not concerned with clever play on words or creating outrageous situations for her characters, rather concerned with expression of feelings. Her plot was rat [...]

    22. My favourites were The Garden Party, Marriage A La Mode, The Stranger, Her First Ball, and Miss Brill. One of the best collections of short stories I have read.

    23. So many stories to love in this collection. I especially enjoyed The Daughters of the Late Colonel, Miss Brill, and The Singing Lessons. Mansfield wrote so well about crowds and noise and activity, and I loved how many of these stories ended, often quite abruptly mid-scene and on a question of how things might continue.

    24. 5 estrellasKatherine Mansfield es una excepcional narradora de gran sensibilidad, con un estilo sutil y prolijo.

    25. "The Garden Party" is the literary equivalent of working at a soup kitchen once a year to see how the common people live.

    26. Este é mais um, de entre tantos livros, que li na "pré-história" e, porque o esqueci completamente, atirei-o para o acompanhado de uma ou duas estrelas. Noutras leituras deparei-me várias vezes com o nome de Mansfield e decidi relê-lo. São nove contos em que as personagens são mulheres em jaulas; mais mentais do que físicas, mas jaulas. Mulheres prisioneiras da educação e da cultura e vida da época, em que pouco mais podiam fazer do que sair da casa dos pais para a casa do marido. As [...]

    27. I enjoyed At The Bay and The Garden Party the most from this collection of short stories. At The Bay is the winner for me. Each of the stories on it's own is strong. It is collectively they are diluted, probably because the style and people are so much the same for each one. Although I appreciate the writing and Katherine Mansfield's sure touch of characters and creating the environment, about 2/3rd the way through these short stories I began to think they are formulaic, a bit the same & mos [...]

    28. The Garden Party and Other Stories was written as modernist Katherine Mansfield was battling tuberculosis, and this is her last book of short stories. The stories show a slice of life with ambiguous endings which leave the reader thinking about the character's next move. The short stories are about class differences, gender roles, social interactions, couple dynamics, family relationships, isolation, coming of age, and death. Here's a few thoughts about the fifteen stories in this collection:"At [...]

    29. Mansfield, Katherine. THE GARDEN PARTY. (1922). *****. Mansfield was a native New Zealander who later moved to England for health reasons. She wrote most of her stories around the turn of the century after abandoning her early intention of becoming a concert cellist. The loss to the cello was the gain to literature. The fifteen short stories collected under this title are exquisite. They are not short stories in the classical sense. They were written in what was then called “the modern style, [...]

    30. THE GARDEN PARTY AND OTHER STORIESWritten by Katherine Mansfield1922 (reissued AUGUST 9, 2016); 304 PagesEccoGenre: short stories, prose, fiction, classics(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS in exchange for an honest review.)​​★★★★ I have probably read Mansfield before in high school or university but I cannot remember at this point. At least, the stories in this novel did not spark a connection. Yet, Mansfield's writing feels familiar. I really enjoy the way she brings characters [...]

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