Hiding from the Light

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  • Title: Hiding from the Light
  • Author: Barbara Erskine
  • ISBN: 9780002257855
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
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      194 Barbara Erskine
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    One Reply to “Hiding from the Light”

    1. Yes, there are ghosties and beasties and things that go bump in the night! What fun! Safe to read at home, but if I was staying at a hotel/home/building that was reputed to be haunted, I'd save this one for later. It took a good couple of hundred pages to set the scenes and the characters, but then things took off and I couldn't put the book down. In some ways I can see cutting some of those characters and still keep the main story, but I loved the whole book anyway. Don't let the page count det [...]

    2. Hiding from the Light by Barbara Erskine is a wonderful horror story about witches, witch hunters, ghosts, lost souls, mass hysteria, religion and people with obsession. It's the best book to read before Halloween, especially this year since the calendar days in a book are in sync with this years calendar. As always, when I'm reading Ms Erskine books my inner Homer Simpson rises his head or rather his hands, ready to strangle somebody, especially the characters who are so silly or blind or gulli [...]

    3. As is Erskine's trait, she interweaves the past with the present - though not as cleverly as in previous books, in my opinion. I got frustrated with the characters and found the ending way too far-fetched. Not one of her best.

    4. Another one from the borrow box at workThe author depended too much on stereotypes for character building, and some of the spookiness was cheesey and overdone. However, the story was liberally sprinkled with skeptics, and everything that occurred had alternate human or natural explanations. The skeptics in the story gave it a believability that it would not have had without them.This book gripped my imagination and wouldn't let go. I found myself thinking about the characters and events even whe [...]

    5. This is the story of Emma Dickson who gave up her career in order to live in a cottage on the Essex coast. Even if this house remembered her childhood, it's haunted by a witch who was prosecuted by Cromwell's Witch Finder General Matthew Hopkins. If you like to read books about ghosts and witches as well then you should read this book.

    6. Perfect autumn reading as the suspense and frightening nightmares of a past witch hunt escalates as Halloween approaches. Barbara Erskine really knows how to weave a spell that has you warily watching for shadows as you read!

    7. Really enjoyable read but a bit too spooky for my liking!!! I loved that it was set in familiar places just down the road from where I grew up and even my tiny home town got a shout out.

    8. This was a most appropriate book (even in audio form) for the season of Hallowe'en. The story takes place over the summer and fall of a year - with much of the action during the week of Hallowe'en. A business woman, tired of the rat race, sees an advertisement for a house for sale in Essex. She remembers it fondly from vacations of her childhood - it was a very charming cottage that was several hundred years old. She moves in, with her 2 cats, to the dismay of her live-in boyfriend, who does not [...]

    9. My first Barbara Erskine read but certainly not the last. excellent plot that has you hooked despite it being a chunky book. Bit scary and spooky which I don't usually read, however it is so well woven in I still wanted to carry on reading it even though I was a bit spooked!

    10. I was given this book by a friend as part of a bunch which he thought I could take to my local OBCZ. This one caught my eye as it is set relatively locally to me and concerns Matthew Hopkins, notorious WitchFinder General, who is quite an interesting character.Barbara Erskine does a good job of intertwining the stories of two periods, Hopkins' own lifetime and the modern day, into one gripping narrative. It was interesting to see in the Author's Note at the back of the book that she had some inp [...]

    11. Nakonec to nebylo tak zlé ani černobílé, jak se to zdálo zhruba do poloviny knihy. Potom už byl příběh uvěřitelnější a zajímavější. Ten zvrat ke konci se mi líbil, taky pomstychtivá Sarah, stejně jako Bill Standing, ten byl pro mě asi nejzajímavější osobností z celé knihy, pohádkový dědeček a jeho kouzelné bytosti. I když jsem věděla od začátku, kdo s kým bude a iritovaly mě některé pasáže, bylo to dobře napsané, četlo se to jedním dechem. Iritují [...]

    12. For once I'm not disappointed by one of Barbara's endings! While I feel the ending was rushed I did enjoy the book as a whole. Just a few issues with it- the characters did not grip me as much as those in previous books, the main character did not seem like a protagonist at all but merely a supporting character. Also I feel towards the end the characters became overly melodramatic- part of the story I'm sure but just seemed out of character for me. I enjoyed the story of the witches and the hist [...]

    13. Barbara Erskine is my favourite author, I have all her books and would highly recommend each and every one. You won't be able to put them down! There are characters from the past and present intertwined in a single story, grounded in historical fiction and they're always full of ghosts. Gripping.

    14. Initially I was very intrigued by this tale but by the end I found that the book really could have told the same tale just as well in fewer chapters! Also found her use of vocabulary really repetitive. Wouldn't recommend.

    15. All of Barbara Erskine's novels (that I've read) are ghost stories, flicking between the current time and the past. Easy, addictive reads, always strong female characters and always a bit of romance.

    16. This was good, better than I expected. Although its pretty long the first half flies along. If you like this genre you will really enjoy this book.

    17. This is the first Barbara Erskine book i have read in years. The last one (and also coincidentally the first one I read for they're one and the same) was actually lent to me by an old school friend about twenty-plus years ago. I don;t know why I have never read another book by this author because I remember thoroughly enjoying the previous book. (which coincidentally was On the Edge of Darkness.)I am glad though that I read this book, however, I love storylines like this anyway and thought that [...]

    18. I have to confess I didn't finish this book. It was my first by this author and I probably won't bother again. I just fancied a light, rattle-along read and enjoy a bit of spookiness. However, I found the thing that "haunted" this book most was its repetitive and limited vocabulary. How many times can a person frown? They were frowning all over the place - sometimes more than once per page! The trouble was, once I noticed it, it really began to irritate. And when characters weren't frowning, the [...]

    19. 3.5-4 stars. A very pleasant and easy reading, that keeps you awake reading it until the end, to untangle the mystery! A small village invaded by spooky mist, hunted by ghosts, house of witchesry entertaining! I didn't really like how needy the main character is, or the big role religion has as the "good side", but I enjoyed very much the book overall. I discovered it and its author just by chance, browsing around second-hand books, and I am very happy about that! Already went back to buy all th [...]

    20. Just to make things clear, I really enjoyed this story, for the most part. The creepy factor was really up there and the atmosphere was so real that if I were reading this book in a house by myself at night, I probably would have been jumping at any sound. The witch storyline was interesting and the author described the small English village, and its citizens, very well. I felt like I was there witnessing the carnage that came later.But really annoys me when an author doesn't have the characters [...]

    21. $3.77 at the Parkville Bookworm, hardbackI loved this book! Ghosts, witches, and goblins, oh my. Well, Hiding From the Light, by Great Britain's Barbara Erskine, doesn't actually goblins, but it does have ghosts and witches.Set in Essex, England, circa 1996, the book revolves around Emma, a 30-something Londoner who moves to the countryside after she sees an ad for a house and has to have it, and Mike, the town's priest.Shortly after moving into her new house, Emma starts having nightmares about [...]

    22. A small parish in Essex has always known it's dark history, of Hopkins, the witchfinder general, and his obsession with finding and hanging the witches he saw all around him. But as Halloween approaches and dark mists roll in from the sea, the people find that history is closer than they think. For Emma Dickson, all she wanted was to move to the country and start her herb business in the old cottage she is strangely drawn too. Wiccan practitioner Lyndsey, doesn't want her there, nor the TV crew [...]

    23. Well this was pretty much as expected as it sticks (quite rigidly!) to the formula tried & tested in previous books. This was slightly more believable (?!) than some of the other books & focuses on ghosts, witches & wicca with a real person, Matthew Hopkins, at its centre but in parts you just have to accept whats going on & not take it seriously. While overall I enjoyed the book, I did find myself skimming one or two passages & having read other books there were no surprises [...]

    24. Fantastic story that draws on both history and fantasy. Erskine has a way of creating such an electric atmosphere, and Hiding from the Light is one of the scariest books I have ever read.However, I regret I cannot give it five stars as the book sells one of the main characters as a Wiccan. At first this is all well and good and I felt the portrayal was true in regards to the religion, but as the character progresses she can be described only as a complete nutcase. Unfortunately this seems to be [...]

    25. This was a very readable book and, despite its size, I found myself getting through it quite quickly once I decided to prioritise it amongst the many books I read at the same time! However, I found it did not quite live up to what I expected. I was expecting a spooky book about witches and, whilst this was there, I felt it could have been done better. I say this because I have read similar books in the past on the same themes that I have enjoyed more. I would have loved for more to have been mad [...]

    26. Very well written book. Gets you hooked in an instant with various interesting characters and some unexpected scenes.Strange things are happening over in Mistley and Manningtree by a strange evil mist and only one person knows how to take care of it. Emma is attracted to leave London for the country by Liza's a former witch's cottage. Mike the new vicar is having trouble with his layreader Judith, who wants to take care of the parish herself. They are all drawn in by the places' history of a wit [...]

    27. Not normally a fan of historic books, but being a Colchester girl, growing up around this area, I couldn't resist a witchy chiller.Lovely storytelling, good strong characters, exciting twists and a handful of historical facts about the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, this book for me was a winner! As a fan of these sorts of books at the best of times, parts of this book still surprised me which is ALWAYS a good thing when you read a few ghostly/haunting/possession type tales.Certainly a goo [...]

    28. This is an early novel that I hadn't read but acquired a copy from my local charity shop.Another excellent read.good mix of characters.Some unpleasant & seriously insane.Interesting reading this after having seen The Crucible last year.Amazing what the power of superstition & mass hysteria can do.I think that her writing has definitely got better but this shows that her books have always been page turners.

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