Redemption The final test is here The war is no longer a worry of tomorrow but a reality of today Turning back is no longer an option Maybe it never was It is time for Alexa Montgomery to look fate in the eyes

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: H.D. Gordon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The final test is here The war is no longer a worry of tomorrow, but a reality of today Turning back is no longer an option Maybe it never was It is time for Alexa Montgomery to look fate in the eyes Death waits there for certain The only question is for who

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    1. You can't stop thinking about this book after finishing it. It takes awhile for it to resonate. and I love that I can keep updates my reviews so lol, here is the new one.Review from 12/28/12I am to close to this series so I really can't review it anymore. I work with H.D. Gordon but that started because I was her biggest fan, still am. But I am so close to the series now and I guess I shouldn't review it.But I also purchased it so I should get to put in my two cents. So here it is.The is no cate [...]

    2. I was able to be a beta reader for this fourth installment of the Alexa Montgomery Saga, thank you so much for that H.D. Gordon and Nicole from Share-a-Read. Even in it's beta stage, it was lovely, nay, fantastic. I am continually surprised and enchanted by H.D.'s writing. And to think that this series and Joe were her first forays into writing just WOW.The complexities of the world created around Alexa is staggering yet reading and finding yourself transported into the pages of the story is eff [...]

    3. With Coldplay plaing in my head and tears in my eyes, I say goodnight to this series forever changed by reading it. My review to come.Quick review:Cover: Beautiful Rating:R Thumbs Up:5Overall: A bitter endCharacters: SolidPlot: Who will win? Who will survive? Is it worth the sacrifice?Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Series Ender Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: KaydenSUMMARY (50 words or less)I’m still not sure what to say about this book. My heart aches but in the same way I feel what happened rea [...]

    4. Writing this review is bittersweet. I absolutely fell in love with this series and the characters therein, but it came to a necessary end. You have to love a book that can punch you in the gut in the last chapter. It was not at all what I was expecting, but then, why read a book if you know exactly what's coming? As I have said in all my reviews for this series, I love H.D. Gordon's writing. She has a way with words and is able to take this complex storyline with so much going on and make it smo [...]

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    6. I felt sick, and I cried, and I couldn't evenjust OMG. This is how you end a series. Redemption is justI don't know. The author ripped my heart out, stomped on it, put it in a blender, and then laughed at me. I was anxious going into this one, because I knew something bad was going to happen. I wasn't expecting this level of heartbreak though. This entire series revolves around a prophecy of a girl saving the supernatural world, but also meeting her untimely end. I always had hope that Alexa and [...]

    7. I finished reading this book at 1 am - I just couldn't put it down! After finishing it, though, I needed some time to think it over, to process & yes, to grieve I fell in love with this series from the very first book & have been eagerly anticipating every book since. When I got Redemption I was both totally excited to finally see where Alexa's journey would end, but I was also filled with sadness at the prospect of saying goodbye to characters that I've grown to love. HD has created cha [...]

    8. The Alexa Montgomery Saga has everything you could want in a paranormal series: plenty of action, a great romance, a kick-ass heroine, and a supporting cast that you really care for. This is one of those few series that I've felt very invested in what happens to these characters - Gordon has that magic that draws you in and makes this world you're reading about live and breathe. Gordon manages to keep the story fresh in "Redemption" with exciting new characters (I llllove Surah) and, of course, [...]

    9. Wow! "Redemption" is a difficult review for me to write because everything I want to discuss would involve me revealing spoilers and I refuse to do that to others. So, what I can say is that this book is intense and intriguing. The ending left me breathless,; yet, it was oh so fitting. I applaud H.D. Gordon's determination in not giving in to what her fans may have wanted; but, staying true to her vision. I can honestly say 95% of the authors out there would have caved on this issue. With that b [...]

    10. Beta Reader.I fucking love H.D. Duh!! It was Epically amazing and its the bomb!!will have a review up tomorrow!!!

    11. I will sum this book up with one word and its brilliant. I don't even have the words to express just how much I loved this book and hate to see this series end although I will say the author ended it right. H.D. Gordon is such an amazing writer that I can't help but to gush at all her books. Her writing style is just so unique and like nothing out there. This series has always been one of my favorites because of the strong heroine she created in Alexa. The author also just knows how to tell a st [...]

    12. After indulging in a 3 day lust of "The Alexa Montgomery" series, this was an absolute treasure - even with the predictive ending (OMG couldn't Ms Gordon just have left this out??!!).However, dealing with both Alexa and Nell and their inner 'monsters' left me breathless and shaken and not really knowing how they were going to be able to survive at all! The line between Good and Evil is always narrow, and the introspections both girls faced was beautifully done. Kayden proved to be the epitome of [...]

    13. What can I say? WHAT CAN I SAY?! This series is so many things. You will always find action, intrigue, conspiracies, secrets, and romance. You will always find yourself turning the pages eager to get to the end. You will fall in love with the characters and their world. You will care about what happens to some while you'll want to hurt others. You will always be surprised. You will always be left in awe. You will always feel. The last book had all of the above and so much more. It is a book abou [...]

    14. Yup, I cried. I sat on the train on my way home from work and damn near balled like an infant at that ending. But as heartbreaking and painful as it was there was no other way for it to be done. It was the way the saga had to end.Redemption was tension filled from the very beginning and didn't let you go. You knew this was it. It was the battle. You were taken through all of the main characters mindsets throughout the journey. You saw Alexa's struggle to be brave and strong from Jackson's funera [...]

    15. I never write reviews but I just had to for this one.This book was astounding. What a beautiful love story between 2 sisters. You have to read this one, the whole series back to back now that it is all out NOT CLICK THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ IT MAJOR SPOILER HERE(view spoiler)[ I can't believe the ending, it was so shocking with everyone dying and then I realized we were in a vision, and thought whew. ok now Nelly is going to fix everything! Them BAM HD does it again. Why????? Oh Why???? Did she [...]

    16. Fuck me running. I need a moment of silence to process this ending. d a bag of cheetos to cope.I will return.***Okay, I'm back*** 4.5 stars.It's fucking full of action. And lies. And death.HOLY DEATH.I needed time to decide if I fucking hated the ending, but I've come to the conclusion, that it was necessary. And I liked it.EXCEPT, how open to interpretation some of it was. Like, I needed ONE MORE THING to feel okay about the destruction that was smashed in my face. :)

    17. What an excellent series from beginning to end!! Everything that you could possibly want in a paranormal seriestion, suspense, magic, heartache and love; twists and turns with fantastic characters and unexpected events. I actually finished it a couple of days ago and still find myself absorbing and replaying parts of the story. Just SO good and hard to put down!

    18. I am not even sure what to say right now. This is very bittersweet. I have this horrible sad yet happy feeling in my chest. I can't help but be dissapointed a bit in the ending. Just a bit. I thought that maybe.just maybe things would turn out all right. I still loved the book. Kinda glad these are over though. To much heartbreak

    19. I really enjoyed the Alex Montgomery Saga. It wasn't your perfect ending and I think that's what makes me appreciate it more. I loved the action and the love that the main characters have for one another. I hope we will hear more from our favorite characters in H.D. Gordon's new works.

    20. WOW, This story brought me to tears and its so beautiful. i love and hate the ending at the same time. Though that wasn't what i wished for, it was the best ending for the book. i am so glad i read it

    21. That´s it!!!Is Alexa meeting Kayden??? Come on, there will be another book right? It can´t just end like that!!!:(

    22. Holy hell. Did that just happen? Whate.effity.eff. That book blew my tiny mindI will not go into details about this book. I can't. My mind is mush and my heart is sore. I need to recover. I will just tell you to start with book #1 - Blood Warrior, #2 Half Black Soul & #3 The Rise."Everything that has a life must lose it eventually. What matters is that it was a life worth living.""Is it Kayden? Is it worth living?"Kayden tilted my chin up with his fingers and kissed my lips, and the answer t [...]

    23. SPOILER ALERT _ FINAL BOOK IN SERIES, READ AHEAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. . . The final book in the series, so you just know it must be jam packed with all kinds of information, answers to old questions, maybe some new questions (with or without answers). This book is the culmination of all the events that Alexa and Nelly have undergone, not too mention everything their old, and new, friends have experienced. And like Alexa and Nelly the experiences encompass their entire lives, not just those that the [...]

    24. I don't even know what to say about this book. I had heard from a number of people that this was going to be the best in the series, and that the ending was going to blow my mind. Were they ever right! The last part of this book literally had me screaming, breathing a sigh of relief, and then back to screaming again while ending with a big cry. I honestly don't know what to say. The writing is obviously just as exceptional as the others, goes without saying. Alexa and Nelly are still as kick ass [...]

    25. The beginning of this book was probably the roughest for me. The writing felt a bit choppy. Different POVs and "in between" chapters. Not sure what to call them since they weren't really anyone's POV but served to inform the reader on what was going on. At times I was so annoyed with Alexa and her bitchiness but I guess I would be acting the same if the fate of the world rested on my shoulders and I was only 18. No pressure!! Then there is saint Kayden. Damn that man puts up with a lot from Alex [...]

    26. My soul hurts. This book was so amazing andratch that. This SERIES was EPIC and the final installment did not disappoint. Sometimes, authors get lazy towards the end and either rush with very little detail or bombard the reader with way too much to comprehend. Everything ran smooth in Redemption and I have no complaints on that.But I am sad. The series has finally come to an end and the ending left me speechless, to say the least. If I say any more, I'll leak spoilers. And who wants that? But I [...]

    27. Yeah, I bet you're fucking happy you listened to me and got the omnibus or at least all four novels at once aren't ya? AREN'T YA?! Jesus. This series. Action, adventure, fantasy, romance, true love, devotion, betrayal, self-sacrifice all over the fucking place, GAH. All the emotion, all at once. You want to bitchslap some people, choke others, kick someone in the ass, hug and comfort others, and then your heart breaks as a character's heart is ripped from his/her chest (I'm not telling you who, [...]

    28. In the end, we all die. This is not a question. Inarguable. No mystery lies here. The mystery dwells in two questions: How long will our story be, and what will be left on the pages?The Alexa Montgomery Saga is a tale of so many things. Unconditional love and friendship, fight for what you believe in, fight for those you love. I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning, but most of all Alexa, the most badass heroine I have ever met and her sister Nelliana, also pretty badass. The [...]

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