Who Is Bob Dylan?

Who Is Bob Dylan A singer songwriter musician and artist Bob Dylan is an American icon In the past five decades Dylan s work has influenced everyone from John Lennon Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie to rapper E

  • Title: Who Is Bob Dylan?
  • Author: Jim O'Connor Nancy Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780448464619
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • A singer songwriter, musician, and artist, Bob Dylan is an American icon In the past five decades, Dylan s work has influenced everyone from John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, and David Bowie to rapper Eminem Young music lovers will be fascinated by this great artist s life

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    1. This book should have been called "Who Was Bob Dylan a Dick To?" The author seems to have a giant vendetta against Dylan, and did not want this assignment. The 'Who Was/Is" series of books never shies away from the darker side of its subjects, but this book just seemed to be a long series of people Dylan has wronged. Sure, he's not exactly known as the nicest guy on the planet, but no kid is going to come away from this book wanting to know anything about the subject. Plus, the last 40+ years of [...]

    2. Bob Dylan got awarded a really awesome medal from Barack Obama because his music influenced people in America. The title is Who is Bob Dylan and the author is Jim O'Connor. The narration is third person because the narrator is disconnected from the story and he says he or she or it in the book. It is a biography of Bob Dylan that talks about his whole lifetime. His music he played on the acoustic guitar and electric guitar, which was interesting to know about. The mood of the book was serious, b [...]

    3. Rated 5 starsAges 12+-This guy interests me. He is now on my list of people that I have to meet before they die :)

    4. 1.80 min 2. penguin reader 3. singer, mother's day, radio, record, rockabilly, New York, electric guitar4.'Bob put away his acoustic guitar and switched to a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.' This is his turning point for him. Before that, he was known as a singer who sings with a acoustic one but changed it. I think this is because of The Beatles,when he listened their songs first time, he thoughts this is the right way of music. Their songs was like a revolution of music scene I think. 5.R [...]

    5. 1. GROSSET&DUNLAP2.12/09=120min3andmother, piano, Medal of freedom, rock and roll, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, stand up style4a. When he started playing piano, Bob copied Little Richard's stand-up style of playing.4b. He started to play the piano ten years old, it seems that he did't interested in jazz or classic and so on. But when he watched TV, he saw Rock and roll pianist called Little Richard, then he was inspired Little Richard. As the result he started rock and roll.5. Actually, I [...]

    6. "Who is Bob Dylan" by Jim O'Conner was a great book! It was a great summary of the life story of the famous fold-singer "Bob Dylan". It was neat to learn about the life of Bob Dylan, his whole biography in just one book. It gets five stars from me!Bob Dylan is a young man from Hibbing, Minnesota, who was originally named Robert Zimmerman. Dinkytown was where Dylan started his life as a folk-singer after signing a contract with Columbia Records. Bob Dylan was allowed into the Rock Hall of Fame an [...]

    7. 1, GROSSET&DUNLAP level ? 2, 11/2 10 min 11/3 20 min 11/4 60 min 3, singer, private, albums, genre, divorce, awards, rock'n'roll 4 a Bob Dylan was interested in different kinds of instruments and genre of the musical. B I realized it is important to have interests for many things. because I could have many great experience in a life. from his career I learned, it is meaningful to try new things. 5 I learned many about Bob Dylan's career. it was really interesting to know. I'm studying about [...]

    8. Very few information that I can get from this book, maybe because Bob himself wants to keep himself private?

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