Knitting from the Top

Knitting from the Top Book by Walker Barbara G

  • Title: Knitting from the Top
  • Author: Barbara G. Walker
  • ISBN: 9780942018097
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Walker, Barbara G.

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      432 Barbara G. Walker
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    1. Barbara Walker writes with a clarity and humor that had me turning pages and feeling that she was sitting across from me and teaching me to knit as I wish my mother had been able to (mom can crochet, not knit). The lessons are sensible and practical and as Walker has said it best "There is a purpose behind this the purpose is to teach you not just what to do, but why to do it". Personally I don't always like knitting from patterns that tell me exactly what yarn and needles to use, which of the v [...]

    2. i'm not a fan of Ms. Walker's projects per se (her color choices and patterns seem to not be my own style) but her methodology is geniuse techniques she teaches make much sense with regards to ease of construction, repair of the used-garments, and also saving money and wasted yarna must-have for a full-time knitter

    3. Another book I would like to own. She is a knot advocate, which makes me distinctly uncomfortable, but I like how she's grouped the patterns by basic construction and than variations at the end. I'm going to try the top down sleeve construction on my purple jacket because the sheer amount of math required to figure out all of the sleeve cap decreases makes me want to cry. I've got all the other decreases figured out and I can just read my notes backwards substituting increases for decreases. Cro [...]

    4. This is the technical resource for knitting garments from the top down. It's not glitzy or pretty but it will walk you through the math to make pretty much anything you want from the top down.A good reference book to own.

    5. Good, clearly written, non-cookbook stuff. Really, though, all the stars? Those are because there is a clear formula for set in circular sleeves from the top down--which means I never have to sew in another sleeve. That's worth a few stars!

    6. The definative book on top down knitting. Classic. No "patterns" but is a how to do whatever you want. Teaches you skills and theory, and sets you free to do your own thing. Every bit as good as her stitch dictionaries. There's a reason she's revered as a knitting guru.

    7. Great reference for general principles of top-down knitting. Her slight snark is pretty funny. Greatly appreciated for discussion of knitting instead of the usual book filled with patterns I will never knit and a couple pages of discussing technique.

    8. This is very useful, a great addition to any knitter's library. I would wonder if it's a little dated, but her explanations are so clear, and applicable to making all kinds of sweaters and socks, that I think this will stay a classic.

    9. I used to make lots of sweaters from the top down. Loved them. Good book but haven't tried any of the patterns yet.

    10. OK book. There are SO many knitting books out there. Some good instruction, and some OK patterns. Get it from the library before buying it.

    11. haven't read it yet but it is there for reference whenever I need it. Barbara Walker was a knitting pioneer :)

    12. The instructions in Knitting From the Top are extremely clear. I don't enjoy sewing seams so I think this is a great way to knit.

    13. All the sweaters I knit are from the top. Gives me a much more flexible sweater that doesn't bind in any place :D

    14. The top-down construction information is extremely handy, though the tip I've used the most is her version of the provisional cast-on.

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