Pennies for Hitler

Pennies for Hitler It s and for Georg son of an English academic living in Germany life is full of cream cakes and loving parents It is also a time when his teacher measures the pupils heads to see which of them

  • Title: Pennies for Hitler
  • Author: Jackie French
  • ISBN: 9780732292096
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1939, and for Georg, son of an English academic living in Germany, life is full of cream cakes and loving parents It is also a time when his teacher measures the pupils heads to see which of them have the most Aryan shaped heads But when a university graduation ceremony turns into a pro Nazi demonstration, Georg is smuggled out of Germany to war torn London andIt s 1939, and for Georg, son of an English academic living in Germany, life is full of cream cakes and loving parents It is also a time when his teacher measures the pupils heads to see which of them have the most Aryan shaped heads But when a university graduation ceremony turns into a pro Nazi demonstration, Georg is smuggled out of Germany to war torn London and then across enemy seas to Australia where he must forget his past and who he is in order to survive.Hatred is contagious, but Georg finds that kindness can be, too.The companion book for HITLER S DAUGHTER, PENNIES FOR HITLER examines the life of a child during World War 2, from a different perspective.

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    1. This was a poignant and, at times, heart-rending story of a young German boy, Georg, whose world is turned upside down in 1939 when his father is found to have had a Jewish grandfather. To the Nazis at that time - Brown Shirts or Gestapo - this “tainted” the blood of the whole family, and Georg was hustled to safety while undergoing great privation.Georg is a very mature young boy - some of the things he had to deal with during the war should have affected him greatly, but he seemed to take [...]

    2. Without divulging plot points, this book is about a ten-year-old boy in Germany in 1939. He is a sponge, soaking up Nazi propaganda without question. Two massive cataclysmic events happen in this young boy's life, changing his identity. What a winsome protagonist! We watch him occupy a solitary life fraught with anxiety. When it is safe to make friends, he proves to be a good one. Jackie French gives us tiny clues, strewn throughout her text, that indicate this is more complex than a Cinderella [...]

    3. 3.5* for the book itself I think that this YA novel would probably be more effective on its target audience of adolescents than it was for me. Even so, French did a good job showing how Nazi propaganda had affected 10-year-old Georg and the slow process of changing his viewpoint occurred. At first I thought that the boy was too old for his naive belief that (view spoiler)[his father was still alive somewhere in Germany, when he had seen him murdered. (hide spoiler)] but slowly I came to the real [...]

    4. It has been quite a while since I enjoyed a book as much as I did this one. Perhaps it was because my own background has had some similar elements. Georg is German and at the age of 10 has been told he has the perfect head dimensions of a true Aryan. He is patriotic and very proud of Der Führer. Until everything goes wrong. Although his father did not consider himself to be Jewish, unbeknownst to Georg, his father's grandfather was Jewish. Since Jewish inheritance is matrilineal, Georg's father [...]

    5. This is a companion novel to Hitler’s Daughter but is not a sequel. The two books easily work as stand alone stories but each offer different perspectives on WWII. In Pennies for Hitler, set in 1939 Germany it is dangerous for anyone to have any Jewish ancestry. Life for 11-year old Georg is good, offering a lot of promise under the Führer. Everything changes when Georg’s father, an English university professor, is killed by a group of pro-Nazi students. His crime is that he is suspected to [...]

    6. We loved it. We listened to this on the way to Florida. My children really enjoyed it. This book was part of SYNC, a program that gives 2 free audiobooks for teens each week in the summer. The 2017 program starts up again April 27.

    7. Really I'm giving this 2 and a 1/2 stars because I hated the beginning of this book. I wanted to give up on it so badly, but am glad I didn't (not by choice, I had to finish it for a school assignment), it ended up having a good ending despite the start, but it couldn't make up for the beginning completely.I have to say I don't like war books, they're just not my thing and the beginning of this book did not help my view of them. Georg was a complete idiot. Stupid, with no perspective and no thou [...]

    8. If there is one thing I detest it is a book full of potential with no substance. I've long been a fan of Jackie French's stories, they are clever, well researched and often grab me, forcing me to turn the page. This book is no exception, French's exploration of Germany, London and Australia are spot on and I find myself transported back in time, forced to watch as the poor ignorant protagonist is shipped from country to country in a war torn age. I find myself compelled to read but detest doing [...]

    9. This was a well written story, based on history and aimed at the young adult market yet, like the best of this genre, a very worthwhile read for adults. It explores the ideas of discrimination, hatred and fear of being different with the ongoing idea that while hatred is contagious so is love and respect for others.Georgis an 11 year old German boy born to an English father and German mother, living in Germany where his father is a Professor of Poetry in a German University. After seeing his fat [...]

    10. Georg is a 10 year old boy in Nazi Germany in 1939 who has the perfect Aryan head and proud supporter of Der Führer. His father is English and his mother German. Georg's father is killed because his grandfather is/was Jewish. Georg is smuggled out of Germany in a suitcase to stay with his Aunt Miriam in England where he must become George. However when England starts being bombed George is evacuated to Australia and stays with a family in country New South Wales whose sons, brothers, fathers ar [...]

    11. I didn't know this was a companion to "Hitler's Daughter", now I really want to read that too. This was different to other historical war books that I've read. I enjoyed learning about what it might be like for a boy to grow up in London and then Australia during World War 2. I also really loved hearing about how Jackie French heard stories from real people and used them in this book. So some of the moments in this book are inspired/based on true stories. There was a sad part towards the end and [...]

    12. The story of a young German boy sent to England just before WWII started. He ends up evacuated to Australia where he lives with a foster family during the war. He lives as an English boy, under an English name and has to learn to pass for English so that he can stay alive. Very interesting to see how he manages and the relationships he makes. So many questions are explored, and may or may not be answered "What is family?", "What is a hero?", "Are the 'enemy' really bad people/enemies?"I will be [...]

    13. Georg is the the perfect Aryan child - blonde hair, blue eyes, and an unquestioning belief in the publicised version of the Nazi regime. All of this is shaken when Georg's father is killed by the brownshirts. Georg is shipped off to an aunt in England and becomes George, a perfect English child. What follows is an achingly relatable story of a young boy whose world is turn upside down again and again. The characters, landscapes, and politics are all painted incredibly vividly. This book is Jacki [...]

    14. This book is AMAZING! I loved it so much. It is enjoyable and tells a sad story. You can really imagine what it is like through the hard times Georg is going through. I recommend this book to people who are interested in world war two and love adventures. The writing makes you able to feel what the character is feeling. I love this book.

    15. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but it was well worth the read. A beautiful look into the life of a German boy trying to survive after it is found he has a Jewish ancestor. This book is sad, happy, and everything inbetween. A quick read, though the message is deep. Definitely recommend this to anyone!

    16. This book made me messy cry -- twice. The average book does that maybe 0.05 times. And then the author's note nearly did it again. Not sure if this says more about me or the book, but either way, there it is.

    17. Intended for younger readers but so rewarding for anyone searching for a story that will entertain, inform and warm the heart - can't go wrong with this one! Once again, a wonderful narration by Humphrey Bower. Recommended.

    18. This is a book about not fitting in, and how hate infects every aspect of society, if society allows it. It is a great reminder, especially as the nationalist and racist hate rises again in America. Our young protagonist is a sweet German boy, Georg, whose English father loved both his German wife and son and his German poets as well. When students at dad's university declare he is a Jew, and they kill him. Young Georg's Muti knows what will happen next to the family of a murdered Jew and she qu [...]

    19. I wanted my son to read a historical fiction book on world war. However, the harsh and gross realities of WW II can be quite disturbing to a 10 year old. You want a book that does make you think and empathize with the people and kids that underwent the devastating war. Pennies for Hitler is one such book that does a brilliant job of depicting WW II in a way that a 10 year old can understand it. Kids can truly relate to George and the emotional turbulence he undergoes. Jackie French has tried to [...]

    20. I got this as a free audiobook. It's a good story about a German boy who is smuggled out of Germany in 1939. He eventually makes his way to Australia where he finds a new home and family. I enjoyed the story, I thought "George" was a bit whiney, but this could have just been the audiobook narrator's choice of voice form him. It was difficult because his "voice" didn't change over the years that the book covered. I'm still confused by the title. I'm assuming that it refers to the soldier on the t [...]

    21. Like Hitler's Daughter (although entirely different stories), this was an amazing story, beautifully written, and with characters so relatable they felt like part of your family. I was amazed my daughter didn't tease me when she saw me crying as I read (which isn't an easy thing to do as the words go blurry, but I wasn't about to stop reading). Many elements of truth have been skilfully woven into this fictitious story. I generally don't like "war stories" but this is more a story about people s [...]

    22. This was such a good book. It was always on the go and the opening line? OMYGOSH! Some parts of it may be considered gory, but without it Pennies For Hitler would not be . . . . . . Pennies For Hitler! The only bit I became remotely bored was when Georg (actually, I'd better not tell you about that, it's a surprise!). It was fascinating. If all books were this good, gosh, I'd be able to add 'read' to every single book on this site! Definitely read this!

    23. Pennies For Hitler is a superb tale of a young boy’s journey. Unlike Hitler’s Daughter, this book has a clear beginning with good description. This book doesn’t really have a clearly defined plot which actually makes the story more adventurous. I also love the secrecy in this book as it builds up more and more tensity through the main character, George.

    24. My favourite Jackie French book to date. A compelling storyline that takes place in Germany, London and Australia during World War 2. Beautifully written characters with a great deal of depth and complexity. Themes of loyalty, resilience, friendship and kindness.

    25. I liked this book and thought it was an interesting view on WW2. Coming form a German child's point of view makes for an interesting (and evolving) perspective. I think this would be great for middle school and up when learning about WW2.

    26. Great story about a German/English boy during WWII. Highlights the insanity of race labels and the effects of war on civilians. Georg is smuggled out of Germany in a suitcase, and then evacuated to Australia from England to escape the Blitz.

    27. Wow! Great story of WW II told from preteen/young teen point of view. Heartfelt and poignant, reminds me of the introspection in Because of Winn Dixie. Somehow I missed the reason for the title, though.

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