A Light into the Darkness

A Light into the Darkness Jessica s sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope he will wake up from his coma and save her Threatening to cut off his lifeline at any sign of independ

  • Title: A Light into the Darkness
  • Author: Shelly Goodman Wright
  • ISBN: 9781618622105
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jessica s sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope he will wake up from his coma and save her Threatening to cut off his lifeline at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an arranged engagement to Seth, whom Jessica fears even than her mother When Jessica accepts this most ouJessica s sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope he will wake up from his coma and save her Threatening to cut off his lifeline at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an arranged engagement to Seth, whom Jessica fears even than her mother When Jessica accepts this most outrageous demand yet she then discovers her father has passed away anyway, she knows she has to escape She runs until she is lost and bewildered in a Georgia swamp, where she discovers the existence of the wonderful place her father hinted at to her when she was only a child In this magical, unreal world, just as she begins to discover the truth about her twisted family roots, three young men set their eyes on Jessica One will win her heart, one will try to steal it, and one will try to kill her.

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    1. Shelly is an excellent writer. She pulls in her audience within the first page. Shelly keeps you turning pages as Jessica is used and abused by her mentally abusive mother to get what she wants from life and men, regardless of the consequences. Jessica's sole reason for living is her father. After he dies, she runs from her abusive mother, and equally abusive arranged marriage, to a man she never wanted in the first place. Robbed of all her possessions, Jessica winds up in a Georgia swamp lost, [...]

    2. Do you like a good read that encompasses thrill, action, and romance along with a plot that will captivate both young and old alike? If you do, then Twisted Roots is the book for you!!! I am amazed at how the author can place your mind right into the scene and include all five senses while doing so. Indicative of the authors high moral standards, this book remains a safe read for young teenagers by not including the foul language and sex that permeate todays suggested reads. I highly recommend t [...]

    3. What a fantastic book! Absolutely loved it. I have not read much Christian Fiction, but I saw the book on giveaways and was intrigued. I was fortunate enough to be the winner.The book is very well written; the characters are well rounded and believable, the plot is well formed, the descriptive language is excellent. I was brought into the world that Mrs. Wright formed for me. I'm excited for the next book to come out. I'll definitely be reading it.

    4. My mom ordered me Twisted Roots cause she knows I love to read and she was kinda hesitant on whether I would really like it or not, because she wasn't sure it was written for a 16 year old,so the day I got it I began reading and dinar think it was possible to put the book down. I think one of he biggest problems with books today is that they don't always grab the raiders attention right off the bat but with Twisted Roots that was not the case at all. I would recommend this book to anybody even t [...]

    5. This book is a must-read! It will appeal to teens as well as older readers as there is suspense, drama, and the much-loved good against evil. The descriptions of scenes made me feel like I was right there, seeing it all laid out in front of me. That's how a great book should be! Thanks Shelly! I will definitely be sharing this book! Pam Lee

    6. Great book, could not put it down when i was reading. I could vision the story as I was reading it. Shelly you did awesome on the first book and I can not wait to read the second book. Now to let my son read the book as well as he is anxious to get started on reading it. Keep up the great writing Shelly.

    7. This is a book i would recommend to my friends. Shelly, has a talent to bring characters to life, and situations that make you think you are the fly on the wall watching every thing happen. She has given readers a delight in her writings. Loved the book, and can't wait for another. I just couldn't put this one down.I hated that it came to an end.

    8. Love this book! Just finished reading it tonight & left me wishing there was more to read! Didn't want to put it down & hated to get interrupted while I was reading it, Lol! Check it out! You won't be sorry!

    9. I love this story. It is so amazing b/c there is something in it for all ages. It is a beautiful Christian based story that crosses all genres. I highly recommend this book for all. It is an awesome read!! I am so proud of Shelly. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!

    10. I loved this book! I am really excited to see the YA Fanasty Genre in Christian! I opened this book and was immediately sucked in, finishing in 3 days! Hoping and praying for a Book 2 soon!

    11. WOW!!!!! What an amazing story!!! This is a MUST read. I'd love to read more of Shelly's writings. This would make for an amazing movie. Thanks so much Shelly!!!

    12. This was an awesome book! Once I started reading it I didn't want to stop. The storyline was great and so well-written that you feel like you are a part of the story. Can't wait for the sequel!!

    13. For thirteen years Jessica had stayed only to keep her dad company, but he was in a coma and couldn't hear her. She'd leave if it wasn't for fear that her mom and Seth would finish killing him. For months, Seth and her mom had schemed for them to marry but she said not until she tunes twenty-one and she planned to never let that happen! When her dad finally passed she was free to run away but she was home schooled, never left the house so how could she survive??Hunter Fox thought it odd foe a lo [...]

    14. I found out about this book by a friend of mine on facebook, shelly herself, and when I was able to purchase it early I did. As soon as I received the book I started to read it and found i didnt want to put it down! I felt like I was watching a movie unfold as I kept reading, I could picture each of the characters develop and became totally engrossed in this story. It was heartbreaking, heartwarming, heartpounding all at the same time. As the story unfolded I became even more involved in the boo [...]

    15. Don't like the Christian things in this book, it's just way too much. If I want to read the bible I read The Bible, but I don't want to, so why bother me with all this?This book came out in 2012, book 2 is coming 2014?I never ever wait so long for a book 2, that's ridiculous.That's a long wait don't you think?I'm not going too read the next book, no thank you.I liked Jess and Hunter very much, but all that bible talk drives me nuts, no thank you.

    16. Wow! I was hooked after reading the first page! I just couldn't put the book down. Frankly, I was so intrigued that curiosity about got the best of me before I got to the end! Shelly is an awesome writer. Her writing style draws you into the storyline and you begin to feel like you are part of the plot. I eagerly await the next book by this talented author!

    17. I'm 11 years old and this is a great book! It made me wonder what was going to happen next.I felt like I was with Jessica and I felt the feelings that Jessica felt. I could see in my head the scenes. I couldn't put the book down. I just loved Shelly's writing she was very detailed. The book was so great that I read it twice! Samantha-Rae

    18. I must say Twisted Roots is one of the best written Christian books I have ever read! I started reading and I could not put it downI was hooked! I can't wait for the next book to come outis series will most DEFINITELY be in my reading collection!

    19. I was given this book by my mother in law and was told to read it I never read the back to find out what it was about, I just trusted her and read it. I could not put it down! Can't wait till the second one comes out! It is a MUST READ!!!

    20. What a great book! I couldn't it down! It may be a fictional but so much truth in it! You won't be disappointed! It has it all: action between good and evil, romance, some comedy relief and spirituality! I encourage you to read it! I just hope that book #2 comes out soon!!!

    21. This book was amazing! It grabbed me from the start and it wouldn't let me go! It kept me hanging on to the end with twists and surprises. I was sad to have to leave the world when it was over. I really wanted a sequel! I will deff read more from this author!

    22. This book is really good. It was gripping, entertaining, and suspenseful. I can't wait for the next book. :)

    23. Now that Jessica finally has the power to determine her own path, will she make the right choice?There are no words to describe Jessica’s situation. Her life is beyond tragic. With her mother, Evelyn, constantly dangling the life of her father over her head, Jessica is forced to submit to outrageous demands, including an engagement to Seth, a man who just might be more nefarious than her mother. After her father’s death, Jessica runs away at the first opportunity. What Jessica finds beyond t [...]

    24. ~FIRST READS WINNER~Great design, style and layout. Prefect print.Interesting prologue, thanks for including that. Then the line, “you don’t know how special you really are.”. That line from the book blurb got me interested, at first. Now reading it, I must find out what’s to come. The writing is really smooth, no hiccups.Mostly its a story about a young girl that runs away from home, with added extra like the weird (magical?) swamp, bible verses and hints towards angels (Indians?) and d [...]

    25. I won this in a giveaway.Jess is stuck in a hellish world, with a power-hungry mother, a rich politician-in-waiting not-quite fiancé (she never accepted the creep's proposal) and a father in a coma. When her father dies, she follows her heart and gets away from it all. She ends up following a strange light that leads her to he swamps of Georgia, a shack, and a new view on God.When Jess met Hunter, I figured they'd end up together. What I didn't expect was the Twilight-esque relationship they h [...]

    26. Jessica is living a life trapped within a mansion. Controlled by her mother and "fiance" by threats against her comatose father, she thinks that she will live the rest of her life in misery, subject to their whims. Then her father dies and, driven by an urge she can't explain, she makes her escape.The premise of this story was very intriguing, but sadly the delivery left a bit to be desired. The characters were great, fully-fleshed and believable; however, more descriptions would have been a ble [...]

    27. Jessica's life is constantly controlled by her fiance Seth and her mother. After her father, who has been in a coma for 13 years, dies she finds a way to escape. In the middle of the night she flees through her window and boards a train and finds herself beaten up and robbed when she arrives at her destination. Desperate to find a place to go she ends up in a swamp where she finds a light and passes out. She wakes up in a magical place with five strangers, Miss Mable, May, Hunter, Joseph and Jos [...]

    28. From the moment I picked up this book to read I just couldn't put it down! I always know that a book is really GOOD when I fall asleep at night & dream about the characters & what they're doing in the story! This is an unforgettable book about Good vs. Evil. I feel in love with Hunter & Jessica, who are the main characters in the book. I felt the environment in which Jessica lives in as if I were actually living there with her. On top of the theme, there is a great love story going o [...]

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