Shadow Music

Shadow Music Prized for her exquisite beauty Princess Gabrielle of St Biel the daughter of one of England s most influential barons is a perfect bargaining chip for a king who needs peace in the Highlands King

  • Title: Shadow Music
  • Author: Julie Garwood Davina Porter
  • ISBN: 9780739357576
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Audio
  • Prized for her exquisite beauty, Princess Gabrielle of St Biel, the daughter of one of England s most influential barons, is a perfect bargaining chip for a king who needs peace in the Highlands King John has arranged Gabrielle s marriage to a good and gentle laird But this marriage will never take place.Upon her arrival in Scotland, Gabrielle is immediately entangled iPrized for her exquisite beauty, Princess Gabrielle of St Biel, the daughter of one of England s most influential barons, is a perfect bargaining chip for a king who needs peace in the Highlands King John has arranged Gabrielle s marriage to a good and gentle laird But this marriage will never take place.Upon her arrival in Scotland, Gabrielle is immediately entangled in Highland intrigue, as a battle royal flares between enemies old and new For two sadistic noblemen, underestimating Gabrielle s bravery and prowess may prove fatal Colm MacHugh, the most feared man in Scotland, makes no such mistakes about the captivating princess Under his penetrating gaze, neither Gabrielle s body nor her heart is safe.

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    1. 3.5 starsI liked this one okay but it was a little bit busy. Everyone and their cousin was in this book and it was trying to keep up with all the names. Other than the fact that it was a bit of a hot mess it was still an entertaining read.

    2. It starts out with a story about a kingdom that gets a ton of gold and then it disappears. The question has always been whether or not the gold went to the Pope, or if only some was sent and the rest hidden. So, it's the mysterious treasure that people have been trying to find for ages.It'll take you about 10 minutes to figure out this treasure mystery. It took them until the last page of the book.Good luck finding me, suckers!This story had a lot going on. There was a bunch of politics, side st [...]

    3. 3.5 stars for this one. I actually enjoyed this book for the most part. I think it was because after reading so many negative reviews my expectations were extremely low. So maybe others were disappointed after having high expectations. Yes it is great to see Garwood doing a historical again but there were missing elements to the story. It was 'likeable' Although Colm and Gabriel as individuals were great, there connection took a long while in the book. The sex was non-existant for 3/4 of the boo [...]

    4. I have to say, while I liked the book, I didn't love it. It was a tad disappointing having just read the other 2 books in this series as well as the 2 books from Laird's Fiancees. It could have been excellent, but there were too many people to keep track of and surprisingly, the storyline/plot was weak. I didn't get drawn into the Highland world as I did in Garwood's previous books, and did not feel the connection with the characters as I did in the past.Both the H/H were weak, in my opinion.

    5. In this sequel of sorts to Garwood's Ransom, Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, a daughter of an English Baron, is sent by King John to marry an older highland Laird to keep peace between the borders (??!! more on this later). Two of John's scheming Barons with their nefarious (and ridiculous) schemes get involved and Gabrielle's intended is murdered, she is disgraced as a wanton woman and disinherited and banned from England (this from one woman accusing her of entering a wounded man's bedroom??). [...]

    6. Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel travels to Scotland with her guard to marry a highlander. King John has arranged Gabrielle's marriage in hopes it will facilitate peace in the Highlands. As Gabrielle and her party cut through the woods, they stumble upon a badly beaten man who is about to be buried alive. Gabrielle stops the whole process with her bow, saving the man's life. This is the third book in Julie Garwood's Highland Lairds series. As with the previous books in the series, the hero is the [...]

    7. Julie, kitabı serinin diğerlerinde olduğu gibi biraz daha uzun yazıp karakterlerin arasındaki ilişkiye de değinseymiş keşke. Çünkü o kadar çok olay vardı ki bunlardan Colm ve Gabrielle’ye vakit kalmamıştı kitabın içinde. Aralarındaki aşkı hissedemeyeceğim kadar hızlı gelişti ilişkileri maalesef.“Colm ona altı ay verdin.”Colm uysal bir şekilde yanıt verdi: “Gabrielle’nin istediği buysa razı olurum.”Brodick ve Liam güldü.“Bu kadar uzun dayanabileceğ [...]

    8. After going through an extensive paranormal book reading fest, I felt it was time to dive into something different, and I decided on a historical fiction novel by Julie Garwood. I’ve enjoyed a few of her books in the past and have found her light and somewhat mischievous writing is the perfect antidote to a brain that has been on vamp!re cr@ck for months. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in this novel and surprised at how far she veered from her normally formulaic and predictable plots [...]

    9. Welcome to The Book Geek's monthly feature, affectionately called The Genre Spotlight. It's where we explore and choose one of the myriad genres. We'll showcase it by having each Book Geek read and review at least one, but possibly a few books belonging to that month's chosen genre.We're hoping to expand our reading horizons to genre’s we haven’t or have barely read, and, hopefully, usher in gems our lives have been missing out on.For sizzling August, our spotlight is on Romance.Recently I r [...]

    10. Great seriesI enjoyed the first two in this series but this one was a bit all over the place. I really enjoy this authors writing but this book didn't have the engaging plot or steak the others did. It was an okay read

    11. Looking back on this review 6 years later, this must have been one of my first reviews becauseSPOILERS AHOY! But it's been so long I dont' know what to cut out. So be warned. SPOILERS.I picked up Shadow Music because I'd recently read The Bride and loved it. I figured I'd like this one too (plus, the cover was safe, no half nekkid people in a scandalous embrace on it). This was a great story. I think I have a soft spot for Highlanders, or maybe forced marriages, or ladies whose reputations have [...]

    12. Colm'un davranışlarındaki anormalliğe gelin lütfen. Yorumum aslleyla ve ya asliseymen adreslerinde. :)

    13. Written in 2007 LG went back to her historical romance roots with Shadow Music after already transitioning to romantic suspense.I had a feeling while reading this it sorta was setting up a novel with a modern setting to come later but I could be wrong- still, it held my interest to read it fairly fast. I couldnt' shake the feeling, however, that Shadow Music felt more of a homage to her older novels- or worse, a bone thrown to her former fans.In Shadow Music we get the story of the beautiful Lad [...]

    14. Before starting this book, I had read some reviews that made it out to be a horrific Julie Garwood novel. In truth, I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe because I was expecting such a stinker going in?? I actually enjoyed the story :)True, it wasn't as epic of a romance as her other Highlander books. And, once again, the title doesn't really match the book. I think that I would have named this book As You Say instead of Shadow Music. What shadow? What music? I don't get it. Weird title. The boo [...]

    15. I haven’t read a book in a long while. Nothing in the market interested me. I returned to reading by accident today and happened upon Julie Garwood’s Shadow Music. It is kind of a follow-up story to her early highland historicals, with Brodick doing quite a bit of cameo in this book. Other old characters were mentioned but didn’t show. Garwood’s highland historicals have a distinct style where all the males are rude brutes and the females are slightly idiotic with their innocence. Colm i [...]

    16. When I closed this book, I asked myself "What the hell did I just read?"I have not enjoyed Julie Garwood's foray into contemporary romantic suspense. Not at all. So when I saw that she was not only returning to her historical romance roots but also to her favored setting in Scotland, I was thrilled.This was the same woman who has written The Bride and The Secret and so many other funny, warm, poignant romances with great alpha heroes and quirky fun heroines. I have read and re-read all of her ea [...]

    17. Durante el 70% leído de este libro estuve esperando un romance que nunca llegó. Luego el resto la autora metió una atracción y deseo fuerte que no vi de donde vino y lo encontré apresurado y poco creíble porque los protagonistas no se conocían verdaderamente, no hubo diálogos de ellos hablando de ellos o su pasado y así llegándose a conocer.La trama fue aburrida no hubo mucho argumento como en las demás novelas, poca acción que me costaba mantener mi interés y seguir leyendo.Lo úni [...]

    18. Ok je n'avais pas spécialement sommeil mais je me suis couchée à 5 heures du matin pour finir ce livre.jai vraiment beaucoip aimé non seulement la relation Gabrielle / Colm, mais aussi la façon dont le récit se déroule.avec une première partie plus centrée sur Lady Gabrielle et ses problèmes et ensuite la vie dans le clanns enlèvements ou autre péripéties finales pour réunir nos héros (enfin si y'en à une sur les 4 dernières page mais elle sert plus à conclure le destin d'un de [...]

    19. If you like Julie Garwood, you'll like "Shadow Music", but you won't be challenged or surprised by any of the events in this book, set in 13th century England and Scotland.

    20. I almost didn't read this because I'd seen a couple reviews saying it was terrible. Luckily I decided to read it -mostly because I'd read and loved the first two- and I'm so so glad I did.Like most Garwood books the blurb doesn't do it justice. Her characters are fun, there's lots of action and swoony romance.

    21. Çok güzeldi ya. Başlarda sanki Liam ve Gabrielle'in evlenmeleri gerekiyormuş gibi gelmişti. Ama yok kesinlikle Colm daha iyi. Bayılıyorum şu İskoç savaşçılara.

    22. Que puedo decir una de mis escritoras favoritas pero no su mejor libro, siento que le falto amor solo una escena me senti robada.

    23. May have slight spoilers.Shadow Music is the third and as far as I know finale novel in Julie Garwood’s Highlands' Lairds series, again though it is always possible she may come back to it.In this novel we meet Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel and Laird Colm MacHugh.They meet though Liam, Colm’s brother, in a way, as Lady Gabrielle came across and saved him while on her way to marry another Laird in the Highlands. Colm, a feared and powerful Laird, looking for his brother receives news that he [...]

    24. Throughout her acclaimed writing career, Julie Garwood has captivated readers with characters who are compelling, daring, and bursting with life. Now one of the most popular novelists of our time proudly returns to her beloved historical romance roots–in a thrilling tale of love, murder, adventure, and mystery set against the haunting landscape of medieval Scotland.For Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, Scotland is a land of stunning vistas, wild chieftains, treacherous glens, and steep shadows [...]

    25. 4.5 starsKing John loves manipulating the pawns before him, always looking for an arrangement that benefits him. John is one of many admirers of the exquisite beauty Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, if it wouldn't have caused disharmony with his allies he would have taken her for himself as a mistress. Instead King John arranges a marriage that will insert peace in the Highlands, with a gentle laird. Gabrielle never meets her groom, instead she ends up holding a secret and having those she truste [...]

    26. I'm soooo disappointed!! Here I was eagerly awaiting Shadow Music, Julie Garwood's first historical novel in years. I can't believe it - what a disappointment! Where was the romance? Where was the passion? Where was the plot? I'm still trying to figure out why Gabrielle even fell in love with Colm! I am such a huge fan of Julie Garwood's earlier historical romances, and I was ecstatic when I found out about Shadow Music. I've never been a fan of her contemporary novels and I had high expectation [...]

    27. Shadow Music is the third book in the "Highlands' Lairds" series. I loved the first two books very much and I was disappointed to read so many bad reviews. Honestly, I loved this one too. A lot. It was great when old characters were mentioned and I really enjoyed all the new additions (and there were many in this one).The only thing that I really, really wanted to read about and wasn't there (view spoiler)[was the meeting between Brodick's wife, Gillian, and Gabrielle. Seriously, it was mentione [...]

    28. zeus aşkına!julie hala yorulmadın mı ya bu entrika dolu kurguya ben okurken yoruldum, ve fazla sevdimrwood'da bir şey fark ettim, guzel ve yakışıklılar hep iyiler, ingiliz-iskoç farketmez; nerede bi' kötü adam ya da kadın var, çirkin bana da öyle gelmiş olabilir. bir de genel olarak ingilizlere arada gömüyor mu, yoksa gerçekleri söylediğinden mi böyle bilemiyorumyse canım; tek kelime, çok güzeldi ama yine de colm'un despotluğunu daha çok okusam daha çok sevinik olacak [...]

    29. The people who love reading romantic novels will agree this book has everything a great book needs. There is mystery, action, drama, love, lust and revenge.Princess Gabrielle has traveled to the Arbane Abbey for her wedding. Her life is thrown to the wolves so to speak. She needs a protector, but will Laird MacHugh step up to the plate.Two men lust after her, one because of her beauty and the other for gold. Is there really a treasure of gold bigger than anyone can imagine? Will she find true lo [...]

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