The Silent Boy

The Silent Boy Precocious Katy Thatcher always knew she wanted to be a doctor like her father She joins him on his rounds and has a keen interest in the people around her She s especially intrigued by Jacob a gentl

  • Title: The Silent Boy
  • Author: Lois Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780440419808
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Precocious Katy Thatcher always knew she wanted to be a doctor like her father She joins him on his rounds and has a keen interest in the people around her She s especially intrigued by Jacob, a gentle, silent boy who has a special sensitivity toward animals While Jacob never speaks to or looks at Katy, they develop an unusual friendship and understanding The townsp Precocious Katy Thatcher always knew she wanted to be a doctor like her father She joins him on his rounds and has a keen interest in the people around her She s especially intrigued by Jacob, a gentle, silent boy who has a special sensitivity toward animals While Jacob never speaks to or looks at Katy, they develop an unusual friendship and understanding The townspeople dismiss Jacob as an imbecile Katy just thinks of him as someone special who has a way of communicating with the animals through his sounds and movements And only Katy comes to realize what the gentle, silent boy did for his family He meant to help, not harm It didn t turn out that way.

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    1. Library Audiobook: narrated by Karen Allen.I'm pretty sensitive to the voices on audiobooks-- I tend to either really like them or not. It's not uncommon for me to send back a half dozen audiobooks that I've tried. So, I'm going to begin to take more responsibility-and begin to remember the names of the audiobook narrator's. Karen Allen, the audiobook narrator, had a very different type speaking voice than other female voices I've listened to --which has nothing to do with an accent. She spoke s [...]

    2. FULL REVIEW HERE: literarycafe.weeblyI'm actually rather stunned by this book. Not in a good way. It was disturbing, dark, and certainly not appropriate for the age it was recommended to (5th-7th grade). While I am a fan of Lois Lowry and many of her excellent books, I must say she certainly dropped the ball with this one. I won't make this a long post, since what I have to say is relatively short. Don't read it. (please :)This book is enshrouded by darkness and depression and the narrator is ju [...]

    3. While this book was beautiful, as well as being a useful look at autism before we began to understand it, I think it is completely inappropriate for the age range for whom it was written. Reviews suggest grades 5-8. The serious subject matter, references to sex and a resulting pregnancy, and a very horrific ending make this book only appropriate for a YA audience. That audience must also be comfortable with a dark tale that has no real resolution. In general, I found this book too gloomy to be e [...]

    4. This story takes place in 1910-1911 and the sights and sounds are wonderfully crafted. It is told through the eyes of Katy, a young girl who sometimes accompanies her father, the local doctor, on house calls. You experience what it would be like to ride in a buggy on a cold day. Katy gets glimpses into lifestyles very different from her own and makes a gentle friendship with boy a few years older than she is, Jacob, who is developmentally disabled. The subject is handled very well for the times [...]

    5. He was different from others. Jacob Stolz walked head down, large feet shuffling along the dirt roads. He did not talk, but when engaged, made noises to imitate his surroundings. The sound of the great gristmill grindstone as it crushed the grain was expressed as shooda, shooda, shooda. The marbles as they hit each other were click, click, click. "Touched" is what people said about Jacob. Pointing to their heads, they said he was "touched." Representing protection from the outside world, his fir [...]

    6. Ugh, this was such paint by numbers historical fiction. Little girl ahead of her time (She wants to be a doctor like her daddy!) + vaguely quaint descriptions of daily life (Time to harness the horses and hang the laundry!) + awkwardly inserted Important Historical Events (The Triangle Shirtwaist fire! The first car in town!) + Special Lessons (Guess where babies come from! The hired girl's brother is "touched!"). It has that vacuous invented middle class sense of nostalgia we associate with the [...]

    7. I originally thought that The Silent Boy was a mid-grade novel. The protagonists, Katy, tells the story about her childhood, when she was 8 through 10 years old. It is a lyrical story, as Lowry expertly does, set during the pre-war years of 1910 and 1911. The "silent boy" is the brother of Katy's family maid. The story is very powerful in creating the relationship between Katy and Jacob, given that Jacob is "touched" and cannot speak. Despite their lack of dialogue, and never getting into Jacob' [...]

    8. As an author, Lois Lowry is quite gifted, however, I found this book to be a bit disappointing. The tale is told in the early part of the 20th century, a classic loss-of-innocence at an innovative time in history. It reminded me of a want-to-be To Kill A Mockingbird. There were several moments which I found to be quaint and captivating, but many of them were drenched in an over-stereotyped version of this time period.It was marketed to 5th-8th graders, and I would not agree with a ten-year old r [...]

    9. This book made me think a lot about the way we used to treat mental illness and people with disabilities. It is sad that families had no resources or help in caring for a child with special needs. Often their only option was to lock them away in an asylum. I can't imagine as a parent having to do that. There was so much fear and misunderstanding. People often thought that disabilities were "contagious" or that the parent's had done something "wrong" and were being punished. I'm not sure all of t [...]

    10. (review originally posted on my livejournal account: intoyourlungsvejournal/)Why I Read It: Waayyy back in grade 11(5-6 years ago), I read Lowry's The Giver and fell absolutely in LOVE with it. Since then, I've only read her other Newberry Award winner Number the Stars (which I also enjoyed, but not with the fervor that I loved The Giver). Since then, I have been interested in reading more of her work, but I was convinced that nothing would ever impress me as much as The Giver so I didn't really [...]

    11. While I appreciate the theme of the novel, and the setting, and the way the book was inspired by actual photographs from 1910, I can't give more than a star to a book that is so desperately boring and saves the primary conflict to the final ten pages. A conflict, by the way, that made me literally cover my face in horror and, at the same time, is addressed with maybe the least-developed resolution in the history of ever. Not a fan. Bleck. I might recommend this to people who are not very critica [...]

    12. A realistic story about growing up in 1915-18 in rural America. Do not listen to the audiobook of this one! The woman's voice sounds depressed all the way through!

    13. "My mother says 'touched by the Lord,' and I think it's true."(page 73) Jacob Stoltz is a boy who, although nowadays people would call him "autistic" or "mental," has a way with animals of all sorts. He roams around all day, and he tends to the animals on his family's farm. He always looks out for the animals and tries to take care of them. For example, there was a female dog who died giving birth to a litter of puppies, and all of them died but the one Jacob saved. He fed it cow's milk every da [...]

    14. If you have ever been to the early 1900's you could probably relate to this book. This fiction novel by Lois Lowry was made for people somewhere around the ages of twelve to eighteen. This story has many speed bumps as your racing through it. Every time you start to get the picture they throw another major event or conflict at you. When you first begin the book you feel like it will just be a boring historical book and then you meet the characters, and it pulls you in.A hardworking farm family r [...]

    15. Few books have moved me in such a peculiar way as this book has.  I try to analyze what I'm feeling,  try to put it into words.  I feel a deep, profound but satisfied sadness. Somehow, I feel also, mixed with these emotions, peace.  How can I feel all of this together?  I truly don't understand it.  This authors ability to move and change me never ceases to amaze me.  There are some characters in this story whose choices tear at my heart strings and  cause a deep ache in my soul.  They [...]

    16. Genre/Category: mental illness/family/loss of innocenceRead for "oral author report: Lowry"Summary: Katy Thatcher grows up in a small town hoping to be a doctor like her father. On a trip to pick up the "hired girl," Katy meets and befriends Jacob, a boy with a mental illness. As Katy goes through the year, she meets Jacob in a variety of situations and she begins to understand his actions and reasons for doing certain things. Katy also tries to make sense of some sexual images she comes across [...]

    17. I was kind of disturbed by this tale. It is told by Katy, a young girl at the turn of the century, about a boy named Jacob, the titular “silent” boy. He is what modern folks would refer to as mentally challenged, speaking no words but able to accurately replicate the sounds he hears, such as a grindstone in motion or a horse’s whinny. This is not a light read, and may be one that haunts me for quite a while. I can’t really say why without giving away the ending, but if you’ve read it, [...]

    18. I read this years and years ago and COULD NOT for the life of me remember the name or the author or anything but some of the broader plot points. Now I've found it and it's time to reread. I am a little surprised to discover it's marketed for children, based on what I remember of the plot, but I suppose that makes sense based on when I got ahold of it.

    19. Personal Response:This book was very interesting. The book made me wonder more about early 1900’s. The book wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Plot: Katy Thatcher was six and was having her birthday party. One fall day in September of 1910 Katty and her father went to the country to get their new hired girl, Peggy. Peggy Stoltz grew up on a farm. Peggy had a brother named Jacob Stoltz. He was thirteen years old and was touched. The Thatcher’s neighbors were the Bishops. The Bishops al [...]

    20. Personal Response- The Silent Boy is a normal, relaxing book until the ending. It is written in the perspective of a young girl. She was always really curious about certain things and could not wrap her head around some concepts. The book is good to see a different viewpoint on a traumatic event. The book wasn’t very exciting until the end. Everything happened so quickly. Overall, the book was easy to follow and enjoyable.Plot- Katy was a young girl who was born into a rich family. She was in [...]

    21. Personal response: The Silent Boy is a calm book until the ending. It is written in the perspective of a young girl. She was curious about several things and couldn’t wrap her head around some concepts. The book is good to see a different viewpoint on a traumatic event. The book was not very exciting until the end. All the action happened quickly and stopped suddenly. There was no real build up to the ending. It went from a flat line to a spike. Overall, the book was easy and enjoyable to read [...]

    22. One of the reasons that I hated reading as a child was because the books that I had access to were cutesy. They didn’t deal with real-life issues. I think I would have loved this book when I was a preteen. It’s definitely a mature and realistic middlegrade novel.The Silent Boy is a historical fiction story set in the early 1900s. Nine-year-old Katy befriends a teenager, Jacob, who is unable to speak, make eye contact, or attend school. Everyone assumes that Jacob is stupid, but Katy knows th [...]

    23. This book made me taught me a very important life lesion that most books will not teach you, Im glad that I learned this young ''Be with who you want to be with.'' ***SPOILER ALERT***I thought it was sad because in the end Jacob was trying to take the baby with him on a journey but the baby was just born so it couldn't survive the journey and the baby died after that and then Jacob had to go to an Asylum for a couple of years. In this realistic fiction book its about a little girl who sees a boy [...]

    24. The Silent Boy is a story about a unique relationship between Katy Thatcher, a young girl with dreams of becoming a doctor like her father, and Jacob, a special needs boy that cannot speak but has a close connection with animals. When Jacob unknowingly does something unforgivable, only Katy can understand why. The Silent Boy is a work of historical fiction taking place in the early 1900s. The book features a photograph at the beginning of each section, which does a great job of future immersing [...]

    25. This great book was written by Lois Lowry. The writer of the book, Lois Lowry, uses a very easy language to understand. "The Silent Boy" is written in a diary format, and has tiny pictures of its' characters.This story was told by Katy Thatcher, an old woman which lived in 1987. In the book she tells the reader about the critical period in her life. Katy's dad, who is a rich doctor, gets a maid once his wife (Katy's mom) gets pregnant. This maid Peggy, has a brother who is about five years young [...]

    26. This was the second book I read by Lois Lowry, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the unique way of how Jacob and Katy communicated, and unlike other readers, I did not think it was "gloomy" or "dark" at all. Katy always seemed happy and optimistic, and Jacob didn't seem all that moody most of the time, either. The only part that was dark or gloomy was at the very end, when Jacob kills the infant and gets sent to the Asylum. Yes, it is a little age inappropriate with pregnancy and murder and thing [...]

    27. While Lois Lowry has been my favorite author with her creativity and story telling skills, this book left me disappointed. The story is about a young girl and her relationship with a special needs boy by the name of Jacob. The boy is gentle with a love for animals and a love to explore. However, his innocence, compassion and independence put him in the wrong place at the wrong time and cost him an enormous price. His story is explained through the eyes of the protagonist, Katy, as she develops a [...]

    28. This is a short but beautifully written book that tells so much in so few pages. Black and white photos at the beginning of each chapter will give you a glimpse of how children appeared in the early 1900s. While considered to contain "quaint" passages by some, Lowry uses phrases contained in everyday language -- you didn't "throw a load in" as we are apt to say today -- laundry took the better part of the morning to accomplish and had to be soaked and washed and hung out to drya real feat in the [...]

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