My Life in Black and White

My Life in Black and White What if you lost the thing that made you who you are Lexi has always been stunning Her butter colored hair and perfect features have helped her attract friends a boyfriend and the attention of a mod

  • Title: My Life in Black and White
  • Author: Natasha Friend
  • ISBN: 9780670013036
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if you lost the thing that made you who you are Lexi has always been stunning Her butter colored hair and perfect features have helped her attract friends, a boyfriend, and the attention of a modeling scout But everything changes the night Lexi s face goes through a windshield Now she s not sure what s worse the scars she ll have to live with forever, or what sheWhat if you lost the thing that made you who you are Lexi has always been stunning Her butter colored hair and perfect features have helped her attract friends, a boyfriend, and the attention of a modeling scout But everything changes the night Lexi s face goes through a windshield Now she s not sure what s worse the scars she ll have to live with forever, or what she saw going on between her best friend and her boyfriend right before the accident With the help of her trombone playing, defiantly uncool older sister and a guy at school recovering from his own recent trauma, Lexi learns she s much than just a pretty face.

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    1. GETW! I am not kidding please put this on your TBR's if you want an awesome read that will leave you reeling! This book left me speechless and that does NOT happen! I have had such a hard time writing this review because this book was amazing and no words will do it the justice it needs!I fell in love immediately with Lexi, no lie she is an amazing character who goes through some crazy shit but still comes out strong and confident and at times she isn't, and at those times I don't blame her! Thr [...]

    2. This bookHow do I even begin to explain this book?This book is about a girl named Alexa(or Lexi) who's extremely beautiful and she and everyone around her is aware of it, she's got a great boyfriend who she loves, a best friend who she's known since she was little. Her whole life is almost perfect.Until her face goes through a windshield. Now Lexi has to go through life as a new her. She looses her friends, her boyfriend, her beauty, her popularity. I loved this book so freaking much. This was a [...]

    3. Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book BlogLately, I've been going through a phase, an "intense books" phase. I keep wanting to read books that tackle difficult and mind-opening subject matters. While searching for such books, I came across My Life In Black and White. Once I read the synopsis, I knew I was in for an emotional ride. Turns out, I was right!My Life in Black and White tells the story of beautiful and almost perfect, Alexa, whose perfect life is tossed upside down when an accident le [...]

    4. A great teen book about overcoming diversity. Lexi, is the "it" girl, pretty, smart and popular. She had it all, or at least what everyone wishes they had. Taylor and her have been best friends since kindergarten, and are inseparable. It's the summer before high school and the two are staying active to make sure they make the varsity girls field hockey team, but also making sure to get their tan on to make all the guys jealous, especially Jarrod's friends, Taylor's older brother who is captain o [...]

    5. MY LIFE IN BLACK & WHITE ended up on the bottom of my June pile because neither the title nor the cover caught my eye. Then I opened the book, read the blurb, and fell in love with the premise. Lexi has always judged herself and been judged based on her beauty. Then her face goes through a windshield. Multiple facial reconstructive surgeries later, Lexi doesn't know who she is or who her friends are.Lexi's journey is a powerful one. I think I would feel that way even if I wasn't a fan of cha [...]

    6. Such an uplifting book. I knew from the start I was going to enjoy every second of it. Now I want to read the rest of Friend's work. Well deserved 4 stars.

    7. This novel has a pretty dramatic synopsis. Before I read it, I geared myself up for a novel that is filled with pointless drama, and a melodramatic protagonist. I didn't think that I would like it very much, from what I could gather from the synopsis. When I started reading it though, it was much different than what I thought it would be. Reasons to Read:1.Good portrayal of true friendshipThe novel's main focus is the friendship between protagonist and her best friend. Flashbacks are written so [...]

    8. Read this review on Reading Robyn! "My life is over. It's the kind of pronouncement teenage girls make every day. They say it after such traumatic events as, say, farting out loud in gym class, or discovering they've gained three pounds at Christmas and can't fit in their winter formal dress. Oh my God, you guys! My life is over! Then they bawl to their girlfriends, eat a bunch of Oreos and move on. But this was different." - ARC page 14Lexi has everything she could ever want. Great beauty, a gr [...]

    9. Lexi has always been known as beautiful, gorgeous, and hot. She is in love with her boyfriend Ryan, has a great best friend Taylor, and is about to start 10th grade which is high school where she lives. The summer before high school begins, she attends a party at her best friend Taylor's house. She can't find Taylor and she gets worried she might be too drunk and could need help so she searches the house and finds her friend Heidi guarding the door. At this point in the book my heart was already [...]

    10. This is the sort of book that reminds me that I really must expand my reading horizons, that I shouldn't always go directly to paranormal/ fantasy reads, that every now and again I should veer off and pick up a contemporary read. While there was many things that I enjoyed about this book, a unique and gripping storyline, a storyline that plays on the emotions of its readers and the likes of, my most favourite part was Lexi herself. I find that in the vast majority of books I read the main charac [...]

    11. It only took me few hours to finish "My Life in Black and White".Natasha Friend created honest, even painful story about beauty and influence of it on teenagers. she also focused on friendship. I don't know exactly what to say abou main character, did I like her, or rather did I dislike her attidute? It's really hard for me to anwser this. Usually I hate girls who "have it all" - model look, rich best friend, handsome, popular boyfriend and are self-centered, but this time I saw change, dynamic [...]

    12. Hmm, I was hoping for a bit more with this book. The first half felt so strong and I thought I would absolutely love this book but the second half felt weaker in my opinion. Because of the weaker second half, I decided to rate this one 3 stars. I did still enjoy it but I didn't think it deserved a four star.

    13. I enjoyed this book, not because of the content but because it was easy to relate to Lexi. Every teenage girl goes through a self-reevaluation either through high school or middle school. I didn't know if I'd like it because the plot and the main character seemed shallow and I couldn't relate to her at first but as it progressed I found myself liking the book more. After reading the first 30 pages I could see that Lexi showed the reality of many teenage girls including myself. Many teenage girls [...]

    14. Summary:Alexa is beautiful. She's been told that since before the time should could understand. After seeing something awful occur between her BFF and BF, her face catapults through the windshield. Without her beauty, Alexa can barely even define herself. Luckily, she finds that she has a kickass sister, a few new friends, and a guy she never spared a glance to help her out.Review:If you look at my bookshelves, you'll see that I thought there was a complete turn in this book. Unfortunately, I wo [...]

    15. I have never had that problem, you know? Being beautiful, I mean, so at the beginning of the novel, I wasn’t too sure how I’d relate to the main character. But I worried needlessly because, as has become characteristic of all the contemporary novels I have read and loved, Lexi is one of those girls that anyone can relate to despite not having a single thing in common. She has a frank, disarming voice that makes you warm to her immediately – even when she’s not behaving in an exactly admi [...]

    16. The premise of the story sounded interesting, young girl whose life gets thrown upside down because of an accident, and the plot itself lived up to what I was expecting. There were, at times, where I felt bad for Alexa, or Lex, because of the pain and suffereing she was going through. That's all that I felt for her though. Other than that, I did not like her at all. The author was definitely going for a character who was not the most likable at the beginning, who you get to see change throughout [...]

    17. Pretty people with pretty problems.That might sound heartless but I honestly don’t mean that in a bad way. Personally, I like reading books about pretty people with pretty problems. I like not having to think too hard or feel emotionally drained after reading a book. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that I don’t like books with substance. I do. And I’m not saying that books about pretty problems don’t have substance but they are easy reads and this book was no exception to that.Lexi [...]

    18. Lexi has come through a very harrowing, very scary part of her life. She survived a car crash that sent her face first through a windshield. This is a game changer. She was known as the beautiful girl, the lovely girl - everyone knew her by her easy, stunning beauty. But her facial reconstruction has changed that all for her. NOW, she's doesn't feel like the pretty girl anymore. Now, she doesn't know who she is anymore.This is a daring story that Natasha Friend tells with an almost flawless exec [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading this novel the plot was pretty interesting.Alexa recently got into a car accident and she ended up getting surgery for her face. Getting this operation done completely change her life. Before she was considered the prettiest girl in the world, and now she is know as the girl with the messed up face.Now Lexi must get through life without her looks. She comes to realize that her looks aren't what define her. She must deal with what she saw at the party and she is able to b [...]

    20. This book was not what I was expecting. My sister was the one who recommended it to me. About half way through I was about ready to give up. It was pretty depressing. The main character, Lexi, was so full of self-pity and all of her friends were so fake. However, my sister reassured me that the ending was really good. And it was. The message was really neat. Beauty isn't everything. Eventually Lexi comes to understand this and moves forward.

    21. "If only Ryan were wearing flip-flops right now: I would stab him in the foot. Which wouldn’t be nearly as bad as getting stabbed in the back, but still. You had to start somewhere."hahahahaha!!!!AWESOME!!!!More like a 3,5 stars

    22. After reading My Life In Black and White it really made me realize what girls go through and how they struggle with confidence. Some girls always struggle with not being pretty enough or skinny enough and its sad that society has become this way. This is what Taylor felt every day of her life. She never really saw herself as the pretty one she was alway the funny one out of Lexi and her. Lexi was the one with the pretty face that everyone loved. Until one day she got in an accident and that went [...]

    23. Hmm. This is the kind of YA book that really isn't meant for adults to read. It's goes by quickly enough that you might not notice at the time, but for all that its heart is in the right place, there's a lot of problematic nonsense involved.The premise--a beautiful girl with a powerful best friend loses her looks in a scandalous car crash and has to reassess her sense of self--is a good one. And yet for a book that sets itself up to show how wrong it is to value someone (including yourself) for [...]

    24. My Life In Black and White by Natasha Friend, tackles big issues throughout her novel for all teens. This chosen novel was a thrilling dramatic realistic fiction book which portrays young readers towards self-discovery. The true meaning of this novel is to find self-worth and physical attractiveness within yourself. As many know finding self-worth and the true beauty within the person you are can seem nearly impossible for teenagers. The main character, Alexa demonstrates self-discovery and self [...]

    25. This is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a relatable book with cliff hangers. It is a quick read and makes you not want to put the book down. This book can be very relatable to anyone that had a rough situation in high school or struggled to find their place at school. I would recommend this book to someone that likes to predict what will happen at the end of a novel. A unique part to this book is although it is very predictable and keeps you wanting to read and not put [...]

    26. I truly loved this book! It reminded me of the high school atmosphere, and even though that wasn't a great memory, it kept me interested the whole time. To me, knowing that Lexi's mother was so concerned about her looks was sad to me. One of my friends in high school had a mother that was the same way, so I was able to make a connection there. I like books like this because it keeps me entertained. I read all of the girly Laura's Conrad books, and I loved all of them. I am terrible at reading bo [...]

    27. For more Reviews, visit my Blog <3This book had me thinking hard. It made the most simplest things that we take for granted look superficial, and if you really notice it it kind of has a point. I definitely loved this book more than expected, because the type of the book is not my thing and I've never read anything from this author. But I am glad that I took this risk, because it was so worth it.My life in black and White may seem boring and way too dramatic at first, but you quickly change y [...]

    28. This book was actually very interesting, but seemed sort of repetitive. The main character Alexa, while she had a horrible thing happen I think it was harped on for far too long. Although this could be a good way to show how people really feel in high school. As discussed in the book, everything feels like the end of the world and she was convinced her accident really was the end. I loved how the author played on the idea of who her true friends were, and all of the trials and tribulations force [...]

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