The Collector

The Collector Withdrawn uneducated and unloved Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger the art student Miranda When he wins the pools he buys a remote Sussex

  • Title: The Collector
  • Author: John Fowles
  • ISBN: 9780316290968
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda When he wins the pools he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda, believing she will grow to love him in time Alone and desperate, Miranda must struggle to overcome her own prejudices and contempt if sheWithdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda When he wins the pools he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda, believing she will grow to love him in time Alone and desperate, Miranda must struggle to overcome her own prejudices and contempt if she is understand her captor, and so gain her freedom.This brilliant tale of obsessive love was John Fowles s debut novel, and it immediately established him as a major contemporary novelist.

    The Collector Jul , Directed by Marcus Dunstan With Josh Stewart, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernndez, William Prael Desperate to repay his debt to his ex wife, an ex con plots a heist at his new employer s country home, unaware that a second criminal has also targeted the property, and rigged it The Collector film The Collector Aug , The Collector is one of the best movies I ve ever seen with regards to suspense This movie sent chills down my spine several times Terence Stamp Freddie Clegg is exceptional. The Collector Rotten Tomatoes The Collector has been remade recently with poor results, but this is the original by William Wyler and is a classic suspense film that is genuinely disturbing and frightening in a very Watch The Collector Prime Video Apr , Desperate to repay his debt to his ex wife, an ex con plots a heist at his new employer s country home, unaware that a second criminal has also targeted the The Collector Josh Stewart

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    1. Fredrick is a clerk and butterfly collector who wins some money that lets him retire. Fredrick is lonely and has trouble getting along with others, the only people he really has are his aunt and cousin. He watches an art student named Miranda who starts to become his obsession. When he suddenly has a lot of free time and money on his hands, his daydreams about Miranda turn dark and he plans to kidnap her and hold her hostage in the cellar of an old cottage he buys until she gets to know him and [...]

    2. I read this when I was very young. Young enough that anything with a sexual connotation was interesting to me. Even really perverse deviations like this. A collector of butterflies 'collects' a girl and holds her prisoner. His deviation is far deeper than merely sex. But of course, sex is implied all the time.There are two sorts of kept women, those gold-diggers who actively sought it, and those trophy wives who had never planned for it and had been actively courted. This is a trophy wife by for [...]

    3. Rather than go into the plot details I'd rather touch on the larger metaphors of the book in this review. Although the basic plot is chilling enough on its own (A man kidnaps a beautiful and intelligent young girl) the parts that truly disturbed me had to do more with what I believe Fowles was saying about modern culture and the rise of the middle class. Though this book is decidedly "British" in many ways, I think the issues he raises are applicable to any society where a large middle class is [...]

    4. This novel is over fifty years old (!!), and it holds up very well. It is the rudimentary skeleton that is upheld (fleshed by current events, given a brain by contemporary writers) ad nauseum by CSI, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Medium, Criminal Minds et al. Though its semi predictable, the end is nonetheless terribly terrific. That there are two strands of narrative is sometimes a revelation, sometimes an encumbrance (like living through a terrible ordeal not once but twice!). Both psychol [...]

    5. Impotent sociopath kidnaps beautiful art student. Told (partly) from the sociopath's perspective. That's my jam! I should have loved this book!But something left me cold. I suppose it may have been all the bitching and complaining the beautiful art student did in her stupid diary. What a helpless twit! Not to imply that I'd be brave and cunning or anythingif someone kidnapped me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd be a helpless twit as well. But I'll be goddamned if I'd expect anyone to enjoy reading [...]

    6. ’I am one in a row of specimens. It’s when I try to flutter out of line that he hates me. I’m meant to be dead, pinned, always the same, always beautiful. He knows that part of my beauty is being alive, but it’s the dead me he wants. He wants me living-but-dead.’The Collector is the story of Frederick Clegg, an extremely odd and lonely man who also collects butterflies. He’s obsessed with a middle-class art student named Miranda Grey and as he continues admiring her from a distance a [...]

    7. Other reviewers have said what I would say about The Collector. It's haunting, disturbing, and impossible to forget once you've finished. While not a typical "horror" story, it is one that probably occurs more often in the real world than not, and the person(s) involved could be a distant relative, a sibling, a son or a daughter.Allow me to state right now that it's not an easy read. As someone who derives enjoyment from books of this nature, I was determined to remain objective from the onset. [...]

    8. One of the first dark psychological thrillers--at least in modern times (though depending on how you categorize them, James or Poe or even some of the ancient Greeks might usefully be described this way, too). A tale of obsession and art and butterflies--need I say more? Wonderful for those who take their fiction black. What's especially interesting here is the sheer banality of Frederick's evil. He kidnaps Miranda, then doesn't really know what to do or how to relate to her as an actual person [...]

    9. A great pal of mine, who shall remain nameless, is a collector. Truly and obsessively one. His house is filled from floor to ceiling with records and CDs and other bric a brac. It's a very large, sprawling ranch with a half floor up as well as a basement. It should be a spacious and roomy abode, but when you walk in there it's like squeezing through the Fat Man's misery section of Mammoth Cave - you have to turn sideways to get through. He shares this space with a half dozen cats. It's filthy. R [...]

    10. John Fowles'un okudugum ikinci romani ama kendisinin yazdigi ilk romani. Ikisinde de ayri lezzet aldim ve bu beni ucuncu kitabi -sanirim en iyi romani- Buyucu okumak icin daha da sabirsizlaniyor.Basindan sonuna kadar surukleyici bir kitap buyuk bir kismini iki gunde bitirdim kitabin ama sonunu biraz da bilerek yavas okudum tipki Fransiz Tegmenin Kadini kitabinda olduugu gibi.Alintilacak ya da ornek verilecek o kadar cok sey var ki. Fakat, kitabi okumamis iseniz alacaginiz lezzet duser diye korku [...]

    11. It's hard to believe that after so many novels and films about sociopathic kidnappers, I would still be shocked by a book written in the early 60s. The Collector is a traumatizing novel about a guy who kidnaps a young woman, although Clegg is not your typical kidnapper and Miranda is by no means your typical kidnapee. What really makes it exceptional is the uniqueness of the two characters and how this shows through the alternating narratives. It soon becomes clear that neither of them is totall [...]

    12. i have watched the movie long time ago,The ending was so sad it made me hate everything about it, but still i found it a very interesting story packed with drama and action! :D and i'll read the book soon.

    13. 3.5 stars! Thought by some to be the first psychological thriller, this book left me slightly wanting. The Collector is broken into three parts. The first part is from Clegg's point of view. Clegg is a man obsessed with a young woman and decides to "collect" her, much as he collects butterflies. The second part is from the woman's point of view, once she's been "collected". This was the part that I found unsatisfying. There were some observations in this portion about class, money and society wh [...]

    14. Ενας διαταραγμενος νεαρος (ο συλλεκτης) , απαγαγει μια νεαρη κοπελα και την φυλακιζει στο κελαρι ενος απομακρυσμένου σπιτιου με σκοπο να την κανει δικη του.με την κυριολεκτικη εννοιατην εννοια του συλλεκτηαυτη υποτειθεται οτι ειναι με μια πρωτη αναγνωση η υποθεση του εργο [...]

    15. Düzeltme: Hangi kafayla bu yorumu yazmışım ben? Yeniden okuyunca bazı yerleri ben bile anlamadım; okuyanlar kusura bakmasın. :)Durum güncellememde de belirttiğim gibi bir süredir kitap okumayı bile istemiyordum. Şöyle çok etkileyici bir şeyler bulabilsem keşke derken haydi bir John Fowles okuyayım dedim (bundan önce hiç okumamıştım). Ne de doğru bir tercih yapmışım! İlaç gibi geldi diyebilirim.Kitap başta salt bir psikolojik gerilimi kitabı izlenimi uyandırsa da bu [...]

    16. Other things were supposed to be read first. But I'm finding I'm powerless in the grip of John Fowles.I don't like scary stories, yet I keep reading.I don't much like novels wherein almost all the characters are reprehensible, yet I keep reading.I don't much like admiting that my boss is right about most things, yet I agree with him more and more each book.What's most remarkable aboutThe Collectoris that for half the book I was totally unimpressed. The plot was engaging but the narrative style w [...]

    17. I bought this book at some point, I don't remember buying it. It kept falling off of the pile of mass-market books I have precariously piled up in front of some other books on one of my bookshelves. After maybe the hundredth time picking this book up and putting it back on the top of that pile I thought, maybe I should just read it instead of just picking it up ever couple of weeks. The particular edition I read was the third Dell printing, from May 1965. I don't know if the book had the same co [...]

    18. This is a tale of a man who kidnaps a girl by conning her into the back of his van. Then he keeps her in his basement. Oh, and he collects butterflies. And he's completely insane. Sound familiar?Why did everyone forget to mention this terrifying 1963 novel when they were praising Thomas Harris up and down? This time, though, you get the story from the Buffalo Bill-esque character's eyes AND from the Cathryn Martin-victim-boohoo perspective. Only the dude's not a tranny. Nor does he aspire to be. [...]

    19. An unforgetting read :)It's kind of impossible to explain the sensations you experience while reading this novel, because it's that kind of story that feels so wrong, and yet you can't stop reading it, be obsessed about it, love it, hate it, hunt every word with frenzy so you can find out what happens next I had one of the most complicated relations with Frederick a hate-love-hate kind of situation. I know, you will say "What can one possibly like at this character?". He is a psiho, a crazy man, [...]

    20. I wasn't a fan of this story. I was a fan of the writing but not of the story! And the main character needed a massive punch in the face! You can tell John Fowles is an incredible writer though, he has such a way with words that you are captivated by everything he says. I just found the plot so unjust and infuriating that I can't rate it higher.

    21. Büyücü'den sonra okuduğum, ikinci Fowles kitabı. Büyücü kadar başarılı olmasa da özellikle kitabın ikinci bölümünden -Miranda'nın günlüğü- çok keyif aldım. Sanata, resime dair yorumlar. Entellektüel azınlık, "Yeni Kitle" çatışmaları, toplumun sınıfsal farklılıkları, modern toplumun içine düştüğü çıkmaz gibi konuları paralelde irdelemesi.Oldukça akıcıydı; iki gün gibi kısa zamanda bitirdim. Özellikle son bölümden sonra bu kitabın filminin çok [...]

    22. This book first came to my attention randomly when I worked in a used book store, and it became one of those rare books I'll never let go of. It's the story of a rather dull, self-righteous, tedious British clerk whose only joys in life are collecting butterflies and keeping a close eye on a lovely art student he follows, yet has never met. When he wins the British equivalent of the lottery, he decides that he will add the girl (Miranda) to his collection. The book is divided into three parts, b [...]

    23. Okay, I finally got around to reviewing this book. But just a word about the rating: the three stars are entirely subjective. If you consider the writing (which is near-perfect), it is undoubtedly a five. But the themeFrederick Clegg, a reclusive and seriously sociopathic young man who collects butterflies as a hobby, becomes obsessed with Miranda Grey, a pretty art student so he kidnaps her. He does not do anything to her but keeps her absolute prisoner in the basement of his country home: just [...]

    24. Şununla başlayayım: Vay Arkadaş! Son sayfaları hayretler icerisinde okudum. Sasırtıcı, sürükleyici bir eserdi. Ekip okumaları kapsamında listeme almıştım. Iyi ki okumuşum, iyi ki ekip okumasına katılmışım. Eser roman kategorisinde olsa da insan psikolojisine oldukça derinden yaklaşmış. Temponun hiç düşmediği kurguları seviyorsanız mutlaka okuyun.

    25. The Collector is about a guy who kidnaps a young lady and keeps her imprisoned in his basement. The two main characters are well-drawn. The woman, Miranda, is intelligent and resourceful. She thinks clearly and unsentimentally about her predicament and she never gives up. She's a little bit awful and pretentious, and I'm not sure whether Fowles intends me to think that. (Probably.) The man - Frederick Clegg, whom she calls Caliban - is pathetic, more dangerous than he knows. The book, the first [...]

    26. I found this book very hard to put down. If I did not have to go to work I would have read it in 1 day, 2 at the most. It is a thriller. It is pathological. It is human. I am listening to synesthesia by porcupine tree. At first sight I did not like the ending, I was expecting something more. But I realized that this is not a romance or a love story, this is life. It is a perfect ending, it is like the end of a Hollywood movie in which the psychopath is out there and ready to find another victim. [...]

    27. A tough book to rate: it's an easy four-star except for the (very long) section two, in which a daring POV switch from collector to prisoner becomes demoralizing once you flip ahead and realize that section re-narrates the entirety of the book up to that point. This is a rather big mistake (see quote below), yet it begins so well that I was actually willing to read 150+ pages thinking "this is a mistake, this is all a mistake" to get to the last ten pages back with the original narrator. And the [...]

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