Be Happy: 170 Ways to Transform Your Day

Be Happy Ways to Transform Your Day Be Happy Patrick Lindsay reminds us that all power is in the present moment Even small changes today can have an immediate transformative impact on your life and you are the vehicle for this change B

  • Title: Be Happy: 170 Ways to Transform Your Day
  • Author: Patrick Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9781740669634
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Be Happy Patrick Lindsay reminds us that all power is in the present moment Even small changes today can have an immediate, transformative impact on your life and you are the vehicle for this change Be Happy draws together timeless wisdom and compassionate insights into the mysteries of human nature Full description

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    1. I really enjoyed this book because of the small pieces of advice to make everyday a happier and better day. The book is a way to spread positivity to those around you because the happier you are, the happier those will be around you. One of my favorite quotes/tidbit of advice is to find closure. It's a hard thing to do, but the results are much more rewarding than the struggle to take the first step. When I read that page, I found it extremely relatable to a personal experience, which promptly e [...]

    2. I love how the page on "Be the Best You Can" is repeated a few times throughout the book. I gave a copy of this to each of my children on Mother's Day this year & gave myself one as well. I think this is one of those books to pull out occasionally & reread- maybe needs to travel with me daily.

    3. I am determined that 2016 will be a happier year. :) I picked up this gem from the sale table at B&N. I flipped through the pages, and decided that this book needed to be purchased and added to my already overflowing bookshelves. It is a fast read-- Lindsay provides a title and a short inspirational paragraph. At the bottom of the page, he provides a popular but meaningful quote. It is nice to read this book in the morning, or after a challenging day. I recommend this book! :)

    4. I have a bunch of mantras and sayings taped various places that at one time or other struck a chord. They're pretty much all in here, either in name or in spirit, along with pithy and relevant quotes. Very convenient :) and about six bucks at B & N.

    5. Wow. I bought this book for someone else, and I had to go back and buy it for myself.Sometimes in life you just need some help with directionis gives the reader great ways to change your outlook on life and be happy!

    6. A cute light and fluffy read for when your time and brain are overtaxed. Mostly common sense, but some of the wisdom imparted in these pages make a difference in how you see the world. So I'll quote one: "No matter how far you travel or how long the trip---across the city, across the country, across the world or through your life---the journey matters more than the destination. Enjoy the Journey!"

    7. Nice book of quotes and thoughts on how to expand your life and "Be Happy." A wonderful daily read to work on life's little qualms one day at a time. Very uplifting!

    8. A nice little book with suggestions and encouragements to make your life one in which you can be happy. Every page is a new topic and a fitting quotation. It is probably best to read only a few pages a day and to contemplate over the statements. I did find a few contradictions like living for the present, not to worry about tomorrow or get bogged down in regrets while on another page is says to have goals, always plan ahead, and manage your time. However I did like the passages about feeling the [...]

    9. The shortest book Iv ever read but has a profound meaning. Obviously not a story so opening it to any page and reading it is perfectly fine. Has more of a goal like aim for each title, an explanation to understand the goal or aim and a small philosophical quote to summarize it. Including the author of the quote. This small guide to life should be read frequently just as a reminder to ones self. And read it from front to back not back to front. My first time was back to front and it would have ma [...]

    10. A cute little self improvement, "how to" book with plenty of quotations and "happy" suggestions. It's a quick, easy breezy read.Second read- Found it on a bargain table. Themes of resilience, perseverance, positivity, respect, dignity, tolerance, flexibility, and gratitude infused throughout the text from multiple sources and disciplines. You know what they say? "Good things can come in small packages."

    11. A little book full of a lot of wisdom about life, relationships, work, and passion. Be Happy: 170 Ways to Transform Your Day is a book of quotes and reminders about what is really important even when you can't change what is in other people's hearts. Makes the reader step back and contemplate how one's own actions are the impetus for fulfillment in life.

    12. This book inspired me and gave me a few things to think about. When feeling stuck, I think I'll always turn to this book for inspiration and a pick me up. This may have something to do with the fact that I love quotes. :)

    13. Great bedside book or book for work breaks. Short little quotes to make you think. Ways to make you happy.

    14. Nice little book, with words of wisdom on ways you can help make yourself feel more happy about your life.

    15. I found it very up lifting. There is something in it for every mood or stage in ones life. Words of wisdom's. Make you stop and think.

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